Tap Tap Titan – Idle Evil Clicker

After becoming a filthy rich tap tap trillionaire, life got boring. What else is there to do? Build an evil empire and go on a quest for world domination – duh!
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Oct 26, 2022
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Train Your Team Well, and Ingrain Loyalty from The Start

In Tap Tap Titan, players will collect minions to help them complete various objectives. Each character has a unique set of talents and abilities that can be used to assist in gameplay. Characters may also train their minions to become more powerful and upgrade them regularly so as to improve their trading success rate, crawl rate, and combat skills. If a player’s actions are deemed unsatisfactory, they may be dismissed from the game entirely.

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Investing and Doing Business Sensibly in the Black Market

If you’re a business mogul, increase your street cred by taking part in non-profit work. At Tap Tap Titan, players invest their money in businesses and resources that are illegal to turn their deeds into profit. All you need to do is monitor the investment chart and collect the payouts – your underlings will take care of everything else.

Build a Large and Splendid Headquarters

With your increased wealth, you can upgrade and expand your headquarters. Tap Tap Titan enables you to move your base to a volcano, secret fortress, or Santa’s workshop, among other places. With the increasing number of minions under your employ, it makes sense to increase the size of the dungeon as well.

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Decorate Your Office with Very Interesting Villain Content

You may build a bigger workplace, upgrade the technology, and add high-end workstations, modern computers, shutters, stolen works, and cutting-edge equipment to your facility. Players must improve their base in order to make it more contemporary and attractive. You may also decorate your room in the manner you choose or keep up with current trends to increase productivity and wealth.

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Protect Your Dungeon from Enemies

Given that the enemy will target your stronghold, you must fortify it and be vigilant for the adversary’s methods and invasions. They might assault your dungeon unexpectedly, so your minions need to get ready to repel them. Each of their assaults could have a number of consequences for your base.

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Complete the assigned tasks to earn fantastic bonuses!

With Tap Tap Titans Mod APK, players will have access to hundreds of different objectives, each with varying levels of difficulty. Upon completion of these tasks and demonstrating outstanding skills, players will be rewarded handsomely with both in-game money as well as honors and awards.

Tap Tap Titan Mod APK Features

  • The aim of this Android game is to find, recruit and prepare a group of minions so they will be powerful. You must also get rid of the disloyal and ineffective minions.
  • To be successful on the black market and make wise and sensible investments, you must first understand and research things thoroughly before recording.
  • By adding personal and professional touches to your office, you can not only make it feel more like home, but also increase your own productivity.
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  • You can bolster the security of your headquarters by upgrading it, moving it to a safer location, or rebuilding a more expansive and modern dungeon.
  • Create your own fun world in which to collect money and have fun with the game area’s exciting attractions and dramatic events.

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