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Free download Tap Tap Breaking Mod APK - See how hard you can hit it! From wood to diamonds,alien skulls, and things of the gods...How far can you break it?
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ODAAT studio
May 5, 2019
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You can upgrade your hero and make them stronger by downloading the Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version. Follow the link to the download page and install it on your device now.

Introduce about Tap Tap Breaking

Tap Tap Breaking has a unique gameplay, which will help you learn basic skills and improve your attention span. Mobile gaming enjoyment can’t be any simpler than this since you’ll be having fun with the engaging game of Tap Tap Breaking. Enjoy the easy and straightforward mobile game as you tap away on numerous objects, shattering them into halves in the process. On simple boards, chop chop your fingers to perform your chop chop on the small rocks, big rocks, mountains, or split the planets into halves.

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Surprisingly, you’ll find the game quite enjoyable. The gameplay is addicting and engaging, with plenty of interesting actions to take on. Take up the ultimate breaking challenge – attempt to split multiple objects in half! Train your characters and keep introducing them to new challenges. Break whatever is placed in front of you and enjoy tap tap to its fullest extent.

Learn more about the unique gameplay of Tap Tap Breaking by reading our thorough reviews.


Tap Tap Breaking is comparable to idle games like Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium or Idle Miner Tycoon in terms of gameplay and strategy. All you have to do in this game is repeatedly tap the screen to enable the character to smash things and improve his power and endurance.

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Every time he smashes something with his hands, he gains a number of coins related to the damage done. However, this also lowers his health. If his health reaches zero, then he has to stop because his arm is too hurt to keep going.

The Critical Power bar is located just below the health bar. When a character breaks an object, the point of the attack increases. Once that bar is full, the character becomes invincible and their destructive power multiplies significantly.

Many things to break

From the very beginning, you train yourself to break thin boards with Tap Tap Breaking. The more wood you break and the stronger you become,the more objects will be unlocked for play. These objects can include rocks, dragon balls, mountains or even planets and the sun! Just how far can you go using only your human arm?

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Upgrade your character

If players want to improve their experience in Tap Tap Breaking, they need to focus on achieving balance.

The upgrade section is where you can see the character’s attributes, including strength and health. They are closely related when it comes to breaking items. For example, if you only upgrade the power but forget the speed of health recovery, your experience will be interrupted. The character can only launch a few attacks before being severely injured and taking time to heal. And if you upgrading the speed of recovery without also upgrading health,

the character will fall into a similar situation quite quickly..

In addition toAlready take into accountCritical Power. The default number is x2 normal power, but it could be as high asx3 or evenx4 with upgrades.

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The default mode in Tap Tap Breaking is training. As I mentioned before, it’s an endless journey with different levels of difficulty. The Challenge mode, however, has shorter stages but each one only consists of one type of object to break. With each passing round, the number will gradually increase. If you’re able to make it through all 10 rounds, you’ll receive a reward and move on to the next level. Of course, instead of unlocking thin boards, solid objects will be replaced. Because this mode is limited by time, if you fail you’ll have to wait 1 minute before trying again. This stage

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requires more careful preparation than previous ones.

Last but not least, Golden Bar. This mode is activated during the time the character is in a state of Critical Power Time. Try to cut quickly, as each cut brings lots of bonuses.

tap tap breaking apk mod unlimited money


2D graphics with bright colors are used in the game Tap Tap Breaking. Despite its simplicity, the color and emotional impacts of the character are meticulously planned. In addition, you may listen to the amusing background music while watching as the figure attempts to break an item with their hands.

About Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK version

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You can upgrade the indicators of strength and health for your character without spending a dime with the money you have in this MOD APK version. He may smash harder things and go farther in the game to unlock additional ultimate items thanks to this.

Auto Breaking: With this mod, you can easily breeze past the hard levels!

No Ads: Ads will no longer distract you.

Download Tap Tap Breaking latest version for Android

The ODAAT studio gives players a different perspective on mobile gaming yet again. Instead of looking for games withRole-playing or 3D shooter graphics, try Tap Tap Breaking for an experience that might replace them entirely. With its simple and addictive gameplay, you will enjoy yourself in moments. Download Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK to break the most solid objects in the universe!


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