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3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator App is both a 3D car configurator tool and a game at the same time. 3D tuning App gives you the possibility to customize hundreds of cars, trucks and bikes in unprecedented photorealistic quality and detail. With our huge range of car parts, customization features and design options, you will easily create THE build that perfectly fits your style.
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Jun 16, 2023
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3DTuning Mod Apk is an application that a lot of people care about and trust since it is versatile and modern. Users will be shocked to learn and enjoy stunning, well-known vehicles. It lets users to sample over 1,000 high-quality automobile models. You may utilize it in your professional or motor vehicle design and construction projects thanks to this program.


Android gamers who use 3DTuning will be able to work with the unique 3D car configurator, which provides a variety of models for you to select and customize. Feel free to look at the huge number of cars, bikes, and trucks from the mobile game as you learn more about their specifications and mechanics.

There are a lot of cars to choose from, and your objective is to establish exactly what sort of vehicle you want. The game has been optimized for smartphones and tablets, so it’s easy to pick up and play using either device. You’ll be able to customize any car that you can acquire in the game by adding more functions, improving performance, or changing appearance however you prefer. The gameplay will also let you explore the insides of the vehicles you select thoroughly, with realistic automobile interiors and interactive altering possibilities. Discover numerous components inside your automobiles and learn what may be added or removed. Also, have fun customizing your automobile’s appearance as much as you like since it’s a totally free process!

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With 3DTuning, gamers will be able to join the thriving online community. You may meet up with like-minded gamers in your own automobile network here. Take on various fascinating online gameplay by competing against one another and allowing others to vote for the winners, or simply create and share your fantastic car modifications whenever you want.

There are many car options for you

You can build and create a high-quality product in this program simply because you will be completely free to select a vehicle with the newest designs while also changing and improving the outer shell to look attractive. In addition, each person will have their own perspective on things as well as a creative level, so everyone will be free and comfortable to construct a car picture that reflects their own preferences. You’ll develop and produce a good product due to new imaginations and some of your prior automotive design expertise.

Many new car models

Users will be able to access and view the 20th and 21st century’s newest automobiles, as well as notable and fine automobile lines. This has aided many individuals in expanding their knowledge and understanding of vehicle design or the functions they perform. You may also find a variety of vehicles here with bright and vibrant colors that are particularly designed and sketched by the manufacturer in the most realistic manner possible, providing the user with an excellent appearance and quality feel.

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Choose your favorite car color

Depending on your choice and method of changing, each vehicle will have a distinct paint color. You are free to choose a suitable paint color for your car in this application. Furthermore, you may improve the headlights, taillights, mirrors, or other parts of your automobile to make it more appealing and attract additional consumers. You can also learn some out-of-the-box know-how about automobiles as well as enhance your design abilities and talents.

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3D graphics

The sophisticated 3D graphics of 3DTuning enrapture players. Each vehicle has 360-degree spectacular intricacy. The details are polished, presented from many camera angles, and capable of zooming in and out, providing a hands-on experience with car tuning. Shadows, lighting, depth, and reflection are all effectively done. Shiny automobiles and stocky metal components look really real and active.

Despite the stunning visuals, 3DTuning works surprisingly well and smoothly, even when there are a lot of changes occurring at the same time. Along with the visuals comes excellent sound quality. You can hear the start of the car, loud acceleration, or even little noises like as wiper blades turning over in great clarity.

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Your car design skills

You can also have a lot of fun with it, outside of car modification. You may test your vehicle design abilities by competing against other players. You may also build your own garage to keep all of your completed projects.

When you have a vehicle that you like, you may share it on your Timeline to receive a slew of likes from friends and car enthusiasts. Even the video of the car modification process is captured and uploaded to social media.

Download 3DTuning Mod Apk

3DTuning is a game/app that every car lover will enjoy. Thousands of things to play with, discover, modify, and create. You may make all of your ideal automobiles using just one program. What are you waiting for without downloading 3DTuning to try it out right now?

What's new

Hi everyone!
1. Brand new updates in almost all vehicle groups;
2. Minor bug fixes and UI optimizations;
3. And of course, new Season 2 Tuning Challenges every 3 hours.

Hope you will enjoy this update!



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