Tank Stars
Are you ready for an action-packed 2D tank warfare? Welcome to the Tank Stars, one of the best battle tank games that you can play with friends online & offline. Find the right shooting angle and unleash your iron force against your foe's war machines! Make the right shot quickly or you'll lose!
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Mar 22, 2023
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The tank battles in Tank Stars MOD APK are intense and exciting. Gamers can enjoy working with the angled shots, and unleash accurate attacks on enemies while feeling free to choose between a variety of different weapons that will allow them fun ways to play through various levels!


If you want to experience some of the best arcade mobile gameplay on your Android device, then download this game. With tons of different tanks and weapons available for purchase and an immersive graphics engine that offers eye-catching visual effects, we guarantee it will be impossible not to have fun!

Introducing Tank Stars

Android gamers will have their chance to enjoy the exciting gameplay of calculated arcade tank shooting, in which you’ll be able to take control an amazing tanks with incredible powers! With many levels available for play on each side-scrolling map and turn-based battles between players vying against one another as they attempt to fight back against opponents trying to steal gold coins from them; this game is perfect if you’re looking forward to something new or want some good old fashioned violence.

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Heat the battle with your favorite weapon and unleash a hail of bullets at every turn! Use strategic angles for canons, or use them as decoys if you want. Either way, it’s all about which strategy works best – there are no wrong answers here because this is simply excellent combat resolution where anything goes (and gets)!

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Some people just want to watch the game, but those who enjoy it can’t do so without having a variety of different weapons at their disposal. There are unlockable upgrades that give you access and full uses for all these tanks as well! The game offers a variety of gameplay styles for all types of players, with unique challenges and environments. The online matches make it easy to play against friends or other gamers from around the world – so you can enjoy your experience in whatever way suits you best!

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Explore the features of Introducing Tank Stars

Simple to play with intuitive touch controls

In a world of complex games with deep mechanics, Tank Stars manages to make itself accessible for those who want something more simple. With intuitive and easy-to-use controls you can get right into the action without any hassle! Take control of your tank, aim the cannons, and time perfect shots to take down opponents in this accessible game. The intuitive controls will make sure that you can quickly engage with all its features for a fun experience!

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Exciting levels with escalating gameplay

Android gamers can also enjoy its interesting in-game levels with escalating gameplay and unlockable features. Get ready to immerse yourself in the awesome maps that are filled with unique attributes like an intimidating opponent who gets more powerful as you progress through each level!

Versatile tank with unique abilities

Get ready for a new adventure in Tank Stars with many unique abilities and awesome looks. Feel free to choose any of your favorite war machines – they’re all waiting just over the horizon! Get diving into an amazing battle as you make good use of their strengths, like piercing storms or poison gas clouds. It’s time that we put our best foot forward: it’ll be worth every second if this turns out well (and who knows when there will next chance).

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Great weapons for you to work with

The Tank Stars is an awesome game with many incredible weapons. Each weapon offers its fighting mechanics and you can use them on any of your favorite tanks for perfect annihilations in Kick the Buddy or other arcade action games that we all know!

Upgrade to increase the power of your tank

To ensure a smooth journey through the game, gamers can purchase upgrades from their store with stars. These will provide access to special power-ups that help vehicles battle against enemies more effectively and gain other benefits as well! The game has a lot to offer, and you’ll feel free if choose upgrades that will help your character be more powerful. You can also get special weapons with unique attributes for each one so it’s really enjoyable!

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Addictive and fun with friends

You can now find other players to battle with in real-time wherever you are, no matter who else is playing! You’ll have access to an online community of gamers from all over the world. So don’t wait any longer and start your epic tank battles today – it’s free.


Ready to get into some awesome tanks? Then check out the new game Tank Stars, where gamers can have fun with their quick yet enjoyable tank matchups. Choose from many different types of battle-ready vehicles that will take you on an adventure through various worlds!

Join the battle and make your arsenal with these incredible power-ups! Enjoy playing against friends or online gamers in this free version of the game on Google Play. Unlock everything that comes out of its Chest for all to enjoy too- even if they haven’t bought their way into unlocking tiers yet (which lets them save money!)

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