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If you are in the market for a horror-themed game that will provide plenty of challenges, look no further than Granny MOD APK (MENU/Frozen Enemies). Download now!
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Nov 23, 2022
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Granny MOD APK (MENU/Frozen Enemies) – For the first day, you will need to hide and close all doors in the dangerous granny’s house so she does not notice you. Be careful with everything you do as any noise may attract her attention. You only have five days to survive in this treacherous environment, so tread cautiously.

Introduce about Granny

If you’re a fan of horror, then look no further than Granny. It is one of the most popular horror games on the market today that boasts unique gameplay from a first-person perspective. You play as someone who must find clues in an abandoned house while evading a ghost grandmother armed with only a wooden stick. The added element of not knowing where she’s hiding makes this game all the more terrifying and exhilarating.

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Games with terrible storylines

As one of the most terror-inducing games, Granny leaves a deep impression on players from the Dive into a house with an angry ghost granny stalking around. In one example, youFind yourself in a dark room and get hit by a headache so severe it feels like you were just punched in the head. Right now, you’re locked in this dungeon of a haunted house and need to find an escape. A flashlight placed on a table in emits a sole lightbulb in one of the rooms. With no key to unlock the outside, you’re force to explore solo and find your way out while surrounded by potential dangers. The only noise you make loudly resounds; as soon as it does, the grandmother’s figure will appear and come running to hit you.

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Come explore the haunted house

This haunted house is full of secrets waiting to be discovered, but only brave explorers will last the 5 days it takes. With every corner hiding something new and horrifying, this game is not for weak-hearted individuals who scare easily. Featuring many graphic and disturbing scenes mixed with eerie sounds, anyone looking for a thrill should try their luck at uncovering the mysteries in this dark mansion. A dark and dreary atmosphere engulfs the ghost grandmother’s home. To escape, players must find tools hidden throughout the house. However, they must do so quickly and carefully – if the ghost grandmother catches them, it’ll be game over. Players will come across various valuable items during their search that can help speed up their efforts to rid the house of its hauntings.

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Haunted house battle tricks

There are plenty of ways to fight the ghostly old woman and escape from the haunted house. In the first scene, you’re shown in a room of the house, looking for a key on the table or in drawers. If you find it placed there, quickly take it and make your escape! However, if your grandmother discovers you before you can get away, don’t foolishly run but instead try to hide discreetly until she goes away again. As you know, this grandma is quite strong, and she can run much faster than you. In addition to other strategies, Granny also makes players solve complex puzzles. If the player loses at that level, a bear trap will be set off at the place where they were knocked out and prevent them from progressing to the next level.

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You must escape the haunted ivory tower by Thursday

Your primary objective is to scour the haunted house for any hidden items that may help you escape before Thursday. Underneath the house is an old garage with one car available to help you get out, but you’ll have to seize the opportunity quickly. Besides, Granny has also scattered different types of objects around for players to find. You can arm yourself with some weapons located around the house if needed. Although the items only grant you a temporary hold over the elder ghosts, you still believe that they’re useful. To escape this house of terror, the player must possess a key or use tools such as pliers and hammers to break through the door’s barrier. Keep in mind however, that many layers of protection have been put into place by her so time is quickly ticking away.

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Graphics and sound

The game’s graphics arecreepy and realistic, which is only amplified by the first-person perspective. Even though the gameis designed with zombie monsters in mind, it’s not scary because of sudden appearancesof this ghost grandmother. The gameplay focus means thatthe graphics really only highlight two simple color arrays butthe sound makes up foritby using background music to give us goosebumps during dramatic scenes. If she doesn’t escape the haunted house, she will die a horrible death.


Granny MOD APK is an intense horror game that mixes great graphics and soundwith a unique story. Granny needs to escape this haunted house before her evil Granny catches up with her, but there are monsters and puzzles standing in the way. Players need to help Granny find a way out of this nightmare and save her life by utilizing stealth tactics, puzzle-solving skills,and quick reflexes. Granny MOD APK provides hours of entertainment for players who enjoy horror games with a twist. Have fun playing Granny MOD APK! Good luck!


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