Dangerous zombies are attacking the entire city! The city is in peril!
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Jun 16, 2023
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Become the city’s savior in MOD APK. The town is under assault by numerous zombies, and its safety is in your hands. You and many other survivors shoulder the responsibility of protecting the city from these dangerous creatures. Pick up arms and fight together to stop them from entering. The city needs brave individuals like you to confront this menace head-on. Face the dangers of zombies and find a way to live for yourself and the city alike. Destroy over one thousand monsters invading the town and prove your worth as a survivor. mod apk unlimited money

Introduce about

If you’re a fan of horror games, then Zombie Arena is the perfect card game for you. With a survival theme, this idle RPG will have you hooked for hours like Survival Defender.

Zombie annihilation! Vanquish the undead with this RPG game!

In, you’ll have to fight your way through hordes of zombies using a variety of skills and abilities. Level up your character as you go and defeat ever more challenging enemies! set in a post-apocalyptic world teeming with zombies, this game will test your mettle as you face down against over 1000 foes on one screen at once. Build up your characters and make them stronger so that future stages are easier to handle.

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Many enemies will be annihilated in this action battle

The character is given 15 minutes to complete the stage, and does so by defeating the boss at the end. To move the character and shoot zombies, trace your finger along the screen. Experience gems are dropped when zombies are killed, which will level up your character if you collect enough of them. Three skills will be displayed every time you level up; choose one to learn and work towards clearing the stage with a new build each time you play.

The archer legend system

The gameplay for this battle system is similar to that of Van Saba, but with a few archery-based tweaks. Each level should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. After a set amount of time has elapsed, bosses will appear. If you can survive until the end, then you’ll have successfully cleared the stage. Skill sets can be acquired throughout each level, and there’s also an opportunity to develop your character even further through things like status improvement and equipment/weapon enhancement back at base camp. Thanks to these features, the game feels easy enough to play while still providing plenty of content. mod apk uptomods

Train your character and face the stage

The permanent training menu will help you improve your skills and status as you play the game. You can use this menu to train your character, buy equipment, and evolve (synthesize) new gear. Each of these activities will raise the initial stats of your character permanently.

Game flow

The stamina that is recovers over time can be consumed to challenge the stage. To move your character across the battlefield, drag your finger accross the screen . Your characters will attack at set intervals. Beating an enemy causes experience gems to drop, and picking up a certain number of them allows your character to level up. There are three skills available for you choose from and 3 items that can be received by breaking open cardboard boxes onthe field; these include: a recovery item for physical strength or magnet which attracts experience gems.

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Here are some tips on how to win at

Around the character, you want to prioritize acquiring skills that involve attacking. particularly those with a range around the surface. By the end of the stage, more enemies will be surrounding the character, making it difficult to deal with them using only shot-type skills.However,shot-type skills are still essential for boss battles, so you want to make sure you acquire them in a well balanced manner.

Acquire synergistic skills!

After take a closer look at compatibility with support skills, I’d like to decide which level of attack skill works best with and benefits from particular support skills. Keep in mind that certain synergistic relationships exists between attack and support skills when attempting to learn these abilities during the stages ahead.

Download MOD APK (Defense Multiplier, XP Boost, No Reload) for Android

Join other survivors of the zombie outbreak and hunt them down in the city. It is now the responsibility of those remaining to find peace, as brutal zombies have destroyed everything in sight and killed all life forms they came across. Become a hero by taking up arms against these creatures and hunting them one by one. The return of peace is only possible if the zombies are defeated. Train your character with different weapons and skills, then put your training to the test by fighting against hordes of zombies in an extensive map. Take back the city and restore peace by downloading MOD APK today!

What's new

- Added Deepsea Pass.
- Added new Deepsea Survivor Event.
- Other exciting events in store
- Partial performance optimization for a smoother experience!
- Other bug fixes



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