Solar Smash

Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator, it allows the player to use a variety of different weapons to destroy the planet. These include nuclear missiles, lasers, and asteroids.
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Paradyme Games
Apr 27, 2023
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Solar Smash Mod APK introduces a variety of weapons and animals that can wreak havoc on planets. You may also discover celestial bodies to discover new dimensions and achieve goals.

Introduce about Solar Smash

Players in Solar Smash will decide the fate of a planet in space by utilizing destructive weapons. Each weapon is classified into five categories, and there are many alternatives to pick from. So you’ll know how to destroy a planet in a matter of seconds, and alien beings will also assist you with this task. At the same time, don’t overlook the planets that you may visit and unlock.

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The Paradyme Games’s revolutionary idea: destroy the planet

Simulation games occasionally have big surprises for players, not because of the gameplay or compelling narrative, but due to the insane concept behind the simulations. Solar Smash is an example. When I first heard my name, I assumed it was a vintage game from when the Nintendo was released. I intend to fire some spherical balls that resemble asteroids. And since childhood curiosity piqued my interest, I downloaded it and gasped… The notion is truly strange.

The developer of Solar Smash is obsessed with galaxies, universes, planets, and black holes. The main idea of the game is: find a way to destroy the planet. Doing this simple but exciting thing makes you feel like an omnipotent being with the right to kill everything in this universe – no matter how big or small.

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Planet-destroying weapons

In Solar Smash, your goal is to destroy an entire planet – not just the small bosses like in other popular games. To do this, you will have a hundred powerful weapons at your disposal that are much stronger than Thanos and Thor put together!

Some weapons that may come to mind include: giant nuclear missiles, powerful laser weapons, and even tiny asteroids in your hand. Though this is the most innovative weapon I’ve seen thus far. Imagine playing a ball game where you have to drop and avoid big balls; however, instead of only using traditionalweapons, you can use a series including small balls all at once.

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These weapons are easy to use. Players launch nuclear missiles to destroy the planet, then sit back and enjoy the destruction. The colors in this game are excellent; the designers did a great job incorporating detail and making everything appear sharp. The planet’s explosion is gradual, so players can fully appreciate being “the destroyer.”

If you use strong lasers, you can also burn the planet; however, the type of burning will be different than if nuclear missiles were used. The regions that are scorched by lasers have less damage on the surface but more diffuse deep inside the planet.

Finally, the best part is that you can throw an asteroid at the planet’s surface and watch it wreak havoc on a whole host of planets. How massive it is! We may sometimes produce witty masterpieces like this by hand during sabotage.

The sense of being a supreme God of the world

Of course, you have the freedom to select any planet as your objective. There are hundreds of planets to choose from, each with its own set of characteristics. This is what adds to the game’s appeal.

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The universe is a simulator with realistic 3D graphics

Another thing I appreciate is that Solar Smash’s planetary simulation isn’t just on one side; it’s actually an animated 3D picture. You may see how the planet rotates without the blast, as well as how it exudes beauty from the superstructure itself. Each planet will have its own distinct beauty, some of which you won’t want to destroy.

All of that beauty is thanks to the game’s stunning visuals. From lines, hues, perspectives, color schemes, and documentary allusions, they all emerge from the first shot of Solar Smash when your eye falls on the planet. It’s tough not to be enamored by Solar Smash’s planets mysterious and futuristic appearance.

It’s a decent title that has both fantastic graphics and catchy music. The sound emanating from weapons-planet encounters is particularly sharp, neat, and exciting. These two dishes are simply meant to make the player smile.

In the end, it’s hard not to commend the game’s superb animations. The planet’s journey from complete to devastated, hit, and burned can make you emotional. When I witness a magnificent work of nature slowly fade away, turn to ashes or descend into a black hole with no hope of escape, my feelings sometimes fluctuate between intrigued, surprise, and elation before culminating in a little beaten.

Download Solar Smash MOD APK latest version for Android

In just a few short minutes, the world you know will be gone. How does that make you feel? It gives me a lot to think about, not just playing the game and then quitting: everything can perish, everything will be ruined, the world will only remember you in your youth.

What's new

Beta bug fixes
- 4 new planets - Trappist-1D, Trappist-1E, Trappist-1F, Europa
- Custom texture planets
- 1 weapon - Space shiba
- 5 variants - Mecha worm, Cheems bonk, Large shield ship, SpaceY rocket, Large blackhole
- Rings update
- Moons added to Earth and Jupiter
- Orbital moon weapons orbit planets
- Camera variations - orbital, free camera
- Star customisation

- 2 weapons - Wormhole, Gravity generator
- 2 systems - Trappist-1, Tau Ceti
- Improved speed controls



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