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May 7, 2023
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SAKURA School Simulator MOD APK is a game that gives players the experience of an authentic Japanese high school. However, the humorous and unnatural details will make players feel happy.

Introduce about SAKURA School Simulator

Sakura School Simulator is the perfect game for those who love school-based games. In our current world, children and adolescents are obsessed with things that are beautiful and trendy, which is why simulation games based in a school setting are always so popular. If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing and fun game to play, look no further than Sakura School Simulator! We would love to have you.

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Join SAKURA School Simulator and players will get to experience the school life of a female student. With many different activities available, they’ll be able to join classes, buy food, chat with classmates and participate in extracurricular activities while learning new things along the way.

SAKURA School Simulator differs from other anime-centric roleplaying games in that, not only does it provide players with a wholesome school life experience, but they will also have to defend their students against rival schools alongside them.

SAKURA School Simulator gives you more than just schools to explore; it also includes many other places like houses, parks, and amusement parks. With hundreds of levels available, players will never get bored. And if one level is too difficult, there are always others to try. The developers clearly put a lot of effort into this game and it shows in the quality of the content.

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SAKURA School Simulator offers a comprehensive gameplay that weaves together school activities and those of an RPG. At times, you’ll need to beat up rival gangsters while other moments may require winning a race to the finish line. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

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In addition to simulating the high school experience, sometimes you’ll find yourself in battles against nefarious characters. You can control your on-screen avatar with hand and foot movements, or make use of provided weaponry.

SAKURA School Simulator comes complete with a wide variety of equipment and weapons to choose from- all designed to help protect your character damage. For example, the swan ballet dancer outfit can spew sparks, jetpacks help you move faster or sniper guns defeat enemies with one shot.

Fill your backpack with new gear by clicking on the equipment icon, then make the purchase. Build up an impressive inventory of powerful and unusual items!

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How to control

SAKURA School Simulator’s control system is designed for convenience and ease-of-use, especially for newcomers. The joystick button on the game controls the character in the left corner of the screen, while virtual keys on the right allow the character to punch, use weaponry or jump.

The top corner of the screen contains the status bar for your character, as well as shortcut buttons to access your inventory, shops and radars. SAKURA School Simulator also allows players to capture special moments and share them with friends easily.

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The game reduced the amount of violence

SAKURA School Simulator is a game that promotes non-violence, with students only becoming “stunned” or passing out instead of experiencing graphic violence or bloodshed. Additionally, death itself is not a concept in the game world. Even though it contains adult themes, the game does not promote 18+ content.

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Device requirements

Sakura School Simulator requires at least 3 GB of free RAM to develop its graphics and context. If your device doesn’t meet the specification, playing the game may result in it crashing. To avoid this, you can lower the resolution, reduce the number of people who appear on-screen, or reboot your device.

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SAKURA School Simulator’s meticulous graphic design sets it apart in the diverse and unique game market. The beautiful setting is like an anime animation, with a picturesque and colorful town.

I really enjoy the design of the main character; a girl who is both cute and able to fight off dozens of thugs bare-handed. Additionally, the sound effects in the game help make the visuals more attractive and exciting.

About SAKURA School Simulator MOD APK version

MOD feature

  • Unlocked All: In the game, everything- from costumes and hairstyles to glasses, masks, wings, eyes, faces and characters- is unlocked and ready to go as soon as you download it.
  • Mega Menu
  • Money

Download SAKURA School Simulator MOD APK (Mega Menu/Unlocked/Money) for Android

You can now download SAKURA School Simulator MOD APK onto your phone and join in on the intense school wars. If you’re enjoying this game, leave a comment below letting us know!

What's new

Bug fix
・The save slot is reset to number 0 when the save window is displayed after starting the game.



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