Smiling-X: Horror & Scary game

Imagine waking up in a creepy, dark studio after shutting down your computer, only to find your teammates hypnotized by dangerous software. Can you help them and escape this nightmare? Get ready for a scary adventure with this free horror game!
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IndieFist Horror Games
Mar 29, 2023
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Are you brave enough to enter the horrific hallways of Smiling-X Corp MOD APK? An adventure game like no other, “Devil Inside the Studio Smiling-X: Scary Game” throws players into a desperate situation. You’ll have to help your teammate escape from an intense and shocking horror studio – but can you survive long enough for both of you to make it out alive? Put on your bravest face, because this is one challenge that will really test your mettle! Take part in Smiling X now and see if courage beats fear.


Introducing Smiling-X Corp MOD APK

Put your horror gaming skills to the test with Smiling-X Corp, the latest spine-chilling game developed by IndieFist Horror Games in Valencia! With a mix of jumpscares and creepy stories, you can experience all thrills on both Android mobile devices via Google Play – as well as supported tablets like iPad. Download free now for an exhilarating single-player challenge!


Be prepared for a truly immersive experience with Smiling-X Corps. Feel your pulse quicken as 3D graphics bring this virtual world to life, and set up the light effect to make things even more exciting! The sinister office is outfitted in all its horrifying glory, from demonic characters sporting bloodshot eyes and sharp teeth – while you’ll be able to control sound levels so that no one else has any idea what kind of terrifying adventure awaits you at every turn. Apprehensive footsteps will echo through your headset if movement occurs onscreen, but just don’t forget about the spine-chilling background music – it could drive anyone mad!

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Enjoy the game modes in Smiling-X Corp MOD APK

Escape the studio in Smiling-X Corp

Waking up in a mysterious studio, you must use your wits to rescue the people around you and free yourself from its treacherous clutches. You’ll need to listen closely as tutorials fill your head with helpful tips while navigating through puzzles that could mean success or failure – close curtains when trying not to be discovered, find coins for coffee if possible. As an extra cautionary measure, don’t let those smiling faces topple over into hypnotic submission! Can you survive this thrilling quest?

Conquer the boss’s sinister plan by arming yourself with special weapons! Outwit multiple adversaries like security guards, and secretaries capable of detecting your movements and even attacking you. Get ready to face relentless enemies each equipped with its own unique capabilities; from tracking down your location to launching surprise assaults. Stay vigilant at all times as every character’s action will present a challenge for you – failure could mean forfeiting any chance of escape into freedom!


Some features that you will find

Smiling-X Corp is making a splash with their latest additions! Players can now enlist two powerful figures – Erich Sann and The Hunter. With Erich on your side, you’ll be able to purchase the collectible figure in-game for taking down bosses more effectively than ever before. And if it’s invisibility you’re after? Look no further: The Hunter grants 30 seconds of cloaked play every five minutes for when discretion truly matters most. But money does make the world go round – players are advised to proceed cautiously when investing real currency into these decorative characters!

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With the exciting addition of “Remove Ads” in Smiling-X Corp, players can now enjoy an uninterrupted game experience – no need to wait for ads! International gamers, they’ll also be able to understand how better to play and complete missions with up 15 different languages available. English is set as the default language but you have the option of selecting any other preferred one under Settings > Language. So join us today at Smiling-X Corp – where global gaming meets universal understanding!



Welcome to Smiling-X Corp, the spooky adventure playground for 1 million thrill-seekers and puzzle enthusiasts! Here you can play two enthralling game modes: Story Mode and Missions. Each mode offers 4 levels of difficulty with their own benefits and challenges – from Ghost level which is creepily easy but still enjoyable all the way up to Extreme level where clever thinking will be your only escape route. See if you’ve got what it takes!

Take on Smiling-X Corp and immerse yourself in a thrilling espionage experience that can be tailored to your playstyle! Choose between the Ghost, Normal, or Mission Modes – each including its own unique objectives. Can you elude detection from both the boss and secretary? Utilize curtains for extra cover while playing without needing an internet connection; it’s available whenever you want! Download now for hours of exciting gameplay.

What's new

Fixed code text for parent mission
Updated library ads
Fixed interface in devices with notch



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