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SkyFolio is an offline photo gallery and slideshow app for Microsoft OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. With its offline viewing, show photos even when you do not have an internet connection. Upload pictures to OneDrive. Select from a dozen slideshow animations and transitions to display beautiful slideshows.
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May 4, 2023
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SkyFolio is a modern and user-friendly tool that will help you achieve the results you are looking for. This comfortable application lets us view photos in the photo library quickly, easily, and flexibly. A modern slideshow feature is included in this application. Not only will the app cut down on posting time, but it will also include several features which can be customized to each individual user.SkyFolio free app mod

See our photos in a variety of methods.

The app centers around photography, making it easier to spot features close related to the image. The image library is presented in a way that is rich and diverse. You can make your gallery more unique than ever with features like a grid. These photos can be found in albums, scrolls, or new themes.SkyFolio free app android

A slideshow that is one-of-a-kind.

With this image slideshow, users will see how unique it is. In addition, the projection feature comes in handy when there’s no Internet or you’re in a dead zone. By selecting a series of images or albums, you can create a slide show that will either display the pictures normally or with special effects.SkyFolio free app

Pay close attention to the quality of your work.

This application contains several settings that relate to the quality and resolution of images. Depending on what the photo will be used for, users can change the quality to better suit their goals; for example, low quality for regular images and high quality for unique photos. Users will edit themselves to fit each Photo’s purpose.SkyFolio Mod Apk

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This software makes it easy to transfer your albums.

The application’s unique feature is its album transferability. All a user needs to do is select any number of photos from an album and pick the device they want to transfer them too. In just a short while,the app will have completed the conversion and maintain the photo order in questions.SkyFolio free app mod Android

Link to another device

The application allows you to connect with other devices for whichever purpose you need. You can remain connected to multiple devices simultaneously without interruption during the pairing process. Moreover, those who you share images with will receive them within a certain amount of time. Also, the quality of the image stays unaltered from its original state.

This is a special transmission.

The app has a great feature that makes the user experience more enjoyable. The application helps you connect to the TV and transfer images without losing any quality. You can also put images on top of social networking sites, like Gmail, without compromising their function. You can also upload the files by yourself, without an Internet connection or any converter software.

Security that is both safe and effective.

This application is not only secure, but efficient as well. A great feature it offers is the choice of different levels or types of security, depending on what the user prefers- whether that be a fingerprint sensor, lock code, or other unique forms.


  • The application contains a modern photography library that is always full of accompanying and unique artwork.
  • The app provides multiple modern photo slideshows for you to choose from.
  • Can effortlessly move or transfer albums from one device to another without an Internet connection.
  • Proof always allows us change the image quality in our album to keep it safe.
  • The security key feature in this application ensures that images and information are not compromised.
  • With this feature, you can quickly and easily select and upload a series of images all at once.
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What's new

Improved support for selecting a starting folder
Auto refresh folders in the background
New setting to auto start app on device start


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