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Shoujo City 3D MOD APK is an open-world dating simulator where players can interact with and date girls they are attracted to. They will take them on different adventures and deepen their relationship as they go. However, players will need to be mindful of the girls’ interests and make a good impression if they want things to progress further. Of course, money will play a role in this too – you’ll need it to buy gifts, etc.

Introduce Shoujo City 3D MOD APK

Shoujo City 3D was released on Steam in May 2020 and is now available on Android and iOS. The game, developed by Shoujo City, features beautiful 3D graphics and cute anime characters. If you’re a true Otaku, you won’t want to miss this game!

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Highligt features of Shoujo City 3D MOD APK

New Items Can Be Found In Shinto Shrine

In Shoujo City 3D, players can explore a fully rendered Shinto Shrine, which is characteristic of Japanese culture. In the new version of the game, not only are old elements still present that players can interact with but new items and food stalls have been added to this location as well. This ultimately attracts more players who come here with their friends to explore and makes the game world worth experiencing.

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Experience The Big City With Cute Girls

In Shoujo City 3D, you’ll be transported to a huge open world where you can interact with any and all elements. You’ll notice that there aren’t many characters running around; just the essential ones that you need in order to avoid feeling alone in the game. The women you date and subsequently conquered will take the time to read this and use the experience to complete it.

The first order of business is to create a female avatar with desirable physical appearance traits. This game falls under the yuri genre, meaning you’ll be in charge of your character and pursue relationships with other girls. You start off in your apartment after creating your character; you have some money to spend, but it’s not much. As you get to know the girl/s you like, you’ll find out their hobbies and interests.

Opening the door to communication and choosing the right places to take your date are important skills. Also, when you get close to her, please read the information about hobbies to choose the food you can give after knowing the exact place to buy it. If you want to use the outfit in a specific location, you’ll need to change it. And of course, if you have money, the experience in the game will be more stable. Obviously, you’ll have to find a way to pay for it.

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Earn Money To Buy More Items You Like

In Shoujo City 3D, many different opportunities exist to make money and travel with the girl you like. Every job is entirely unique, as well as its corresponding pay and location, which you can view through the game’s bulletin board. You will find objects such as squirrels and pinecones in certain locations. By exchanging them for money, you can profit from their changing value.

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The next place you can earn money is to become a part-time Miko and help sweep the leaves in the yard to make the Shrine more beautiful. While you’re at it, you’ll need to change your outfit to look like a Miko. Some other potentially interesting jobs include part-time work.

In an open-world game, players can explore and have experiences such as:

  • You will have the opportunity to meet girls from all over, get to know them, and date if you so desire.
  • This game takes you to lots of different places, and each one has important clues you need to solve the mystery.
  • The money you have will enable you to purchase items that girls prefer, and thereby increase their level of affection for you.
  • There are many different items you can purchase in the game, allowing you to make money through a variety of activities.
  • There are some new items in the Shinto Shrine area of the game that you won’t be able to miss.

shoujo city 3d apk mod premium

Download Shoujo City 3D MOD APK for Android

Don’t wait any longer, download this game to your phone and play a romantic love story. Are you brave enough to conquer your “waifu”?

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