Rope Hero: Vice Town

If you like superhero gaming apps - try to play our best action game, with the blue super hero. He has a rope with limitless super powers.
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Spend your time playing games and indulge yourself in the awesome hero avatars you create. The world needs more people who are willing to put themselves first, even if it’s just for a virtual second! With the new game from Naxeex, Android gamers will have their chance to fight criminals in a city that’s being threatened by them. The story is interesting and fun with characters you can’t help but fall for!


Help the rope man save Vice Town from a corrupt police force and dangerous criminals that have taken over this urban landscape. Use your unique powers to fly around using ropes, and jump between buildings gaps safely with ease using these skills! The game is full of interesting content that will keep you hooked. You can play it at your own pace and explore the city as much or little relevant information has been provided in reviews so far, giving players control over how engaged they want to be with this awesome mobile app!

Introducing the story of the game Rope Hero: Vice Town

Use your rope to climb up and get away from the police in this new Android game. You can fire ropes whenever you want, so attach them to any target that is close enough for an attack! As a Superhero in this gameplay, you have many powers that can be used to attack your enemies and unlock new areas. The rope shots will make flying around the city easy for players while they explore all landmarks!

The world of Android is a chaotic, violent place where crime reigns supreme and peace has yet to enter. In this story, you will take on the role of one who tries their best in order to save the town from any more destruction by Traveling through different areas fighting enemies along the way until finally coming face-to-face with those responsible for all these troubles!


Guide your hero through an epic quest to save the world from evil. Unlock new powers and weapons that will make you more capable in battles with enemies, and explore a huge city full of open-world gameplay where there are always things happening!

Explore the features of Rope Hero: Vice Town

Realistic action sequences in the game

With its intuitive and liberated touch controls, Android gamers can immediately engage themselves in the straightforward but exciting gameplay of Rope Hero: Vice Town. The buttons are placed conveniently on the screen for quick access so you don’t have to worry about any complicated input methods! This game is all about fighting your enemies and using some cool weapons. You can play it with a friend in coop mode, or go alone if you want to be the FPS hero!

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Free the city from crime by being a hero

Have you ever dreamed of being a superhero? The opportunity to save the world from criminal gangs and make extraordinary use of your powers is now available. Gain access for free to Vice Town’s most anticipated game, where every decision will have consequences on how things go in this open-world environment! You’ll be hooked from the start as you battle against evil in this unconventional heist game. Your goal is to protect people and save the town, all while advancing through levels on your quest for prestige!


Leverage your transcendent powers and unlock new powers

The game is more than just gathering resources and building a settlement to survive. You can use ropes powers with many applications, and experiment with them freely for your character to become stronger while facing increasing challenges that will come their way! With the press of a button, you can jump miles ahead and freely travel in any direction without worrying about enemies. Unlock incredible landings that will send shockwaves toward nearby foes while also making multiple upgrades to your powers!

Make use of a variety of weapons with different powers

The weapons in this game are so cool! They all have unique properties that make them worth using. There’s the regular shotgun you can find anywhere, but if I were to recommend one weapon for beginners it would be assault rifles because they’re easier than sniping or bazooka battles and cost less money too (although there is an option where players who want more powerful guns pay).


Do you want to know what the most interesting thing about this game is? The fact that it features an extensive range of weapons with many different kinds and styles for players. Not only will these make your actions more exciting, but they can also be used in all sorts of situations! Plus there’s always something new coming out every day – how could anyone not love playing a shooter like ours?!

Imagine the possibilities if you had a freezer gun that could freeze any opponent, including robots and cars. You might try out some of our awesome flamethrower guns to set anything on fire with just one blast! The grav handgun will attract all nearby enemies towards it while also causing them to dance in delight at your skillful aim- what’s not to love about this?!

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A fun way to roam the city

The Android game has many different vehicles that you can use to explore the city, and each offers its own unique experience. For example, there’s an SUV for when it is time to go on a road trip or race around town in style! The epic tanks might be perfect if fighting off enemies seems too much like work – they’ll make short work of them with their huge guns (and big hearts). The helicopter will always be available for you to discover the city from above. This is comparable with like Vegas Crime Simulator, and sometimes even better!


Unique gadgets to work with

The game Rope Hero: Vice Town offers something new and exciting for Android gamers. The player can explore many interesting gadgets that will make their hero works a lot more convenient at the same time! The skateboard is the perfect vehicle for any maneuver, especially when it comes to tight corners. The glider will allow you to fly easily and instantly so feel free to use this one! The selfie stick is a nice touch that you don’t see on any other games. It makes taking great photos in-game easy and fun!

Explore the city in your way

The game’s unlock system is great, because it gives you access to all of the adventures without having them hidden or requiring hours’ worth of leveling up. You don’t need any more missions; instead, players can explore Vice Town as they please! Play through various stages and find all available items to unlock new vehicles. Test your skills with unique ramps to pull off spectacular stunts, or simply walk around shooting enemies if you’re getting tired of being a hero!



Rope Hero: Vice Town is now available for download on Google Play Store. There’s no payment required and ads can be ignored, but since this game follows the freemium model there are some in-app purchases that might bother you a little bit more than others may want to deal with!

We know that not everyone can play games without any ads, so we’ve made an optional version of Rope Hero: Vice Town available for free on our website. There you can enjoy all in-game purchases and unlock everything right away! There are three simple steps to get started. Download the Rope Hero: Vice Town Mod APK on our website, follow the instructions provided to unlock unlimited coins, and level up fast!

With captivating stories and exciting in-game elements, Rope Hero: Vice Town will make sure that you can always have absolute fun with your actions and adventures. Become a true superhero as we join our rope hero on his quests to defeat the evil Dr. Tonny Warmonger who has taken over this vice town!

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