Planner 5D: Design Your Home

Create beautiful interior design for your room or house using more that 6723 decor elements available in Planner 5D floor plan creator app. Build you home with love, using tips and ideas from interior design layouts available in the app with the help of AR Room visualization or 3D room planner.
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Planner 5D
Jan 15, 2023
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During the process of designing your dream house, you will be able to utilize all sorts of features and interactive experiences that can help bring out every detail in design. From lighting up walls with different color paints or installing hardwood floors- there is no limit when it comes down how creative one might get!


The app that lets you build your dream house from scratch. You can use the awesome in-app features to change different household aspects, like furniture or color schemes for an even more personalized experience! With Planner 5D’s awesome app, you can freely make changes to any aspects of your dream house and find yourself enjoying an unlimited number design simulation. Learn more about this amazing mobile application by reading our reviews!

Introducing Planner 5D: Design Your Home

What’s even more interesting is that the app allows users to build up their houses from scratch with many customizable features and accessible options. You can actually experience realistic emotions while playing through this virtual world! Work on the interior of your house however you want, from a limited amount of land. You can also design landscapes for outside use and make it look like something great!

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In addition to being able see the entire house at once, Planner 5D also features an intuitive top down view that makes it easy for homeowners like yourself who are just starting out. And thanks 3D graphics this is totally possible with Android users having full immersion into all things awesome about these houses! Whether you’re an experienced designer or just getting started, this app has everything a creative needs. You’ll be able to create beautiful designs with ease and efficiency using all the tools available in one place! The latest version of Planner, with its easy-to use design and amazing 3D modeling features will help you create your ideas into realistic models in no time at all.

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Explore the features of Planner 5D: Design Your Home

Useful built-in editor with lots of cool features

Planner 5D offers an in-app editor that will allow Android users to customize their 3D environments. The top down view or first person perspective are available options for those who want more immersed experience when designing houses! With the right tools, you can be more creative and innovative with your design ideas. Virtual Reality is one such tool that will allow for an amazing experience in Planner 5D!

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Planner is the perfect tool for homeowners who want to take their creativity beyond what they can do on paper. Now you have access even more options with Planner 5D, including creating floor plans and setting up foundations all in one place! The in-app editor lets you customize your experience to the fullest. Try out different settings around the house and freely change interior decor with drag & drop control!

Countless realistic and interactive design materials

If you want to make your app stand out from the rest, we have tons of awesome in-app design materials available for download. You can check different catalogs that offer various features and use them as desired–it’s up to YOU what kind or style suits best! With the latest technology, you can now try out more than 3000 different items with realistic 3D models and in-app physics. This means that your ideas will be brought to life before ever entering development!

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Customize any chosen design material to your liking

With Planner 5D’s customizable items, you can make your household designing experiences a lot more enjoyable. Android users will be able to change the dimensions and colors of any selected item for further suitability in their themes – so that no matter what style is desired or already present at home there’ll always something perfect!

Capture vivid images of your designs

With the new features in Planner 5D, you can take pictures that are more than just a instant snapshot. With immersive visual experiences and architectural designs ready or even if all your needs are just to record an memorable moment – this is possible for Android users who use Google Docs on their phone! The 5D virtual reality view in Planner is an incredible way to explore the design of your future home before you buy it. You can also enjoy 3D visuals and details on this awesome app, which will make designing easier than ever!

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Discover great projects and images from other users

Planner 5D has an online gallery that provides tons of interesting projects and images from other users. Feel free to check out the Planner5d Gallery, which features brilliant designs for your home!
In this way you can get inspired by their amazing creativity – maybe even steal some ideas for future setups or remodels?

Use without Internet

The app is so great! I love being able to access my planner on the go without having an internet connection. It’s perfect for when you want something quick and easy, but don’t have time or patience with downloading things from websites.”

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Connect to online social networks with unlocked features

The Internet connection is back and you can now connect the app to any of your social networks or Planner 5D accounts for even more in-app experiences. You’ll also be able share designs with others, access them remotely through this connected account – which means that all data will sync quickly across many platforms!

Use any of your preferred languages

Planner 5D has released an app that allows you to use all of its features no matter what language is preferred. This means users can enjoy the planner in English, German or French with many different localizations for each option so they have access and usability whichever one suits them best!

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View your designs in Chromecast or Google Cardboard easily

Planner 5D takes your in-app editing and viewing experience to the next level with its immersive view inside of a house. So, if you have any large screen devices like Chromecast or TVs that can accommodate this feature then by all means connect them up for an even more enjoyable planing session!

Enjoy it for free and unlocked on our site

The fully unlocked application of Planner 5D can be found on our website. There, there will not be any ads or in-app purchases to bother you and all that’s left for you do download the app through a simple process!

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Those who are looking to design their dream house or play around with many interesting architectural ideas should download Planner 5D. The mobile application has tons of useful options that you can make use of. And at the same time, thanks to our free and unlocked version on the website UpToMods.Com or Google Play will find it even more enjoyable!

What's new

Using Planner 5D has never been easier before! Thanks to a newly updated interface, you can now explore even more design features at your fingertips. What’s more, our team has brought the built-in editor to a higher level letting users work in the portrait mode. It has become more stylish and convenient. Still have questions? Tap on the “Report a problem” button to contact our support team.



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