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New Update: Discover dormer windows and over 600 new textures.
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Apr 18, 2023
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Home Design 3D is a fantastic app for both novice and design students. This program supports the use of 3D and 2D models. The program was created by Anuman and is available on many platforms including PC (such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android), as well as mobile devices ( iOS and Android). The goal of the application is to improve everyone’s experience. You may rapidly and simply design and renovate your home in 3D. Customers can use the app for interior design for free. Prepare to utilize the app for interior design, and you’ll get great results that you can be proud of.

Home design application for amateurs

You may use Home Design 3D to create your own house. You can use this program in either 2D or 3D mode, as you choose. To begin, you must first acquire the correct property. Then, using the software, you may construct rooms with walls. The program doesn’t confine itself to divisions; it provides a lot of creative freedom. You may customize the height and thickness of the walls if you like. After that, using the drawing as a guide, you build each wall’s corners. Finally, doors and windows are added, each with its own role in the design. Because each region has a distinct goal, you may modify it to your liking.

3D Home Design congratulates you on your excellent design skills. With the program, you may design and decorate the bed exterior of your house. There are a variety of applications accessible, allowing you to create almost any home of your dreams in a variety of styles. Over 1600 furniture pieces and attachments are available through the app. You have total creative freedom when it comes to using décor to express your own style (from traditional to contemporary, and even trendy). Furthermore, you may change the size, color, position, or height of any ornamental item on the wall. The app also includes a number of useful supporting functions. The handy copy/paste function allows you to repeat your favorites while keeping the excitement. At any moment, you may use the Undo/Redo button to return to the previous action. This is beneficial if you make a layout mistake just after finishing it. You can utilize the Eyedropper on any drawing to pick colors and apply them in whatever spot you like, which keeps the rest of the design coherent. Furthermore, pictures may be imported and used as textures on 3D models in any way you choose. This home design tool allows you to go wherever your imagination takes you.

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Many great features for quality 3D drawings

Home Design 3D’s integrated rendering capability not only allows you to broadcast your creation in real-time 3D, but it also provides a birds-ey view of your creativity. This enables you to have genuine-world experiences as if you were visiting a home in the future. It’s fascinating to observe how realistic 3D rendering works. You search every corner and cranny of your home, as well as the outside world (gardens, parking lots). Both day and nighttime images are supported. The light direction feature will help you determine the angle of sunlight at various times of the day. The more valuable your blueprint is if you can view everything in 3D, the better. An AR experience is also accessible with the most recent upgrade.

You may construct your own multi-story mansion with the GOLD PLUS edition (depending on the capabilities of your device) in Home Design 3D MOD APK. This will expand your creativeness by allowing you to create larger and more modern houses. Because of its simplicity of use and high quality, the software has gotten a lot of attention. The app has been downloaded by nearly 40 million individuals throughout the world, and hundreds of high-quality house drawings have been created as a result. The application has several useful features for planning a dream home, but there are some restrictions. You can’t, for example, create a basement or include major elements like a professional landscape design. Alternatively, you might look at “Planner 5D,” which is another popular home design program. This software is simple to use and allows you to create the right interior and external designs with ease. In addition, the app aids in planning and viewing your house in 2D and 3D.

PC-compatible home design software features

Residential Design

  • It’s simple to draw plans, rooms, separations, and so on in the 2D and 3D graphics environments.
  • Simply change the height and/or thickness of the wall, as well as its angle.
  • Door and window sizes may be modified without limit.

Home Design 3D

Furniture and decoration design

  • Design and decorate the house’s inside and outside.
  • Choose from over 1600 furniture items and accessories, then customize the décor to reflect your own personal style, ranging from traditional to modern.
  • You may change the size, color, position, and height of any object on the wall if you modify it.
  • The easy copy/paste function lets you repeat your favorite things.
  • If you want to return to a previous action, use the Undo/Redo option at any time.
  • Use the Eye dropper to discover the hue that is already on the drawing.
  • Use the SDK to generate textures and apply them anywhere.
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Home Design 3D apk

Drawings should be reviewed and visualized.

  • Home Design 3D’s photo-realistic drawing allows you to view and edit floor plans in vivid 3D.
  • Walk around the house and see what you discover. Take a look at the outside space and the neighborhood.
  • The compass mechanism aids in the accurate display of reflected light at particular times of the day.

Import/export and share

  • Drawings from other programs may be imported and displayed on the project’s background.
  • With cross-platform functionality, you may export and resume designs on various devices.
  • You may share videos, presentations, and other files across the internet using this tool.
  • Drawings may be uploaded to the Home Design 3D community on www.homedesign3d.net.

Home Design 3D mod apk techtodown

3D Home Design is a free app that allows you to design your own house. It’s possible to create the ideal home for yourself or your friends and family using this program. In use, this is an offline home design software that does not require an Internet connection. The program comes with video lessons and images to help you quickly get up to speed with the computer’s house design program!

The latest Home Design 3D upgrade

Home Design 3D

New feature

  • Users may now organize a variety of items in one step by utilizing the multi-selection feature! Users can select several objects and move them around, duplicating them into groups of the same object to quickly change positions.
  • The improved interface for simpler project management than before. You may now select several projects and store/share them at the same time.

Home Design 3D apk mod

Home Design 3D mod apk

  • Increased comfort and writing feedback.

Additional content

  • Change the look of your site: Modern and elegant.

Home Design 3D apk mod

  • The new Toolbar has been improved in several ways. You may utilize the Snap feature to simply decorate your house quickly by snapping from one item to another.
  • Many new staircase blueprints have been added! In the app, look for the new “flag.”
  • The experience of reality is combined with the virtual world.
  • Some Bug Fixes and Overall Optimization.


The Home Design 3D MOD APK is an excellent app for anybody interested in interior design. The interface is simple to use, and it includes 3D mode (which may be altered at various timeframes such as day/night). As a consequence, it’s easy to create and alter your home quickly and intuitively. This program can be used by anybody; all you have to do now is learn how to become a decent exterior designer one step at a time. In addition, this program is kept up to date and expanded on a regular basis. You may log in and view video instructions on how to use the program and communicate with home design fans (from novices to experts). Prepare to utilize the software to create high-quality, professional designs.



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