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Pirates Outlaws is an indie roguelike card game in which you navigate dangerous seas and challenge their masters. Your expedition will be full of ambushes and will not be easy.
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Feb 13, 2023
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Pirates Outlaws MOD APK is an adventure game where you play as a pirate searching for treasure. The unique ice sculptures in the ocean will stay with you long after you leave.

Introduce Pirates Outlaws MOD APK

Card games, such as Pirates Outlaws, are known for their ability to provide players with exciting and sometimes strange entertainment experiences. In this game, you can team up with powerful heroes and explore dangerous lands while destroying enemies that stand in your way.

Highlight features of Pirates Outlaws MOD APK

The game’s second-anniversary celebration

Join us in celebrating the game’s 2nd anniversary where we have added many new features, including new packs, hero quests, and the Kraken curse event. The idea behind our new 2nd Anniversary Pack is to include cards and relics collected from players all over the world. If you haven’t played yet, now’s your chance to discover everything this fantastic game has offered as well as the unique features mentioned above.

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Join forces with famous characters to get new cards, defeat rivals, and explore fresh terrain.

In Pirates Outlaws, you’ll take on the role of a pirate sailing the dangerous seas in search of adventure and treasure. This exciting indie roguelike card game challenges you to utilize strategy and deception to defeat your enemies. This journey will be full of challenges, but it will also be engaging and rewarding.

With fifteen unique heroes to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes time to battle. Each hero boasts a range of abilities, as well as pre-made decks designed specifically for them. Furthermore, there are 500 cards and 160 relics dotted throughout the journey waiting to be collected. This journey won’t be easy, as you have a ton of enemies who are champing at the bit to take you on. You’ll face more than 100 outlaws and over 500 bosses; they’re all waiting for you to come and fight them.

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Download Pirates Outlaws mod

New tavern brawl mode with bar missions!

Players of Pirates Outlaws can choose from three game modes: Navigate, Arena, and Tavern Brawl. You can tailor your gameplay by choosing from different modes, each with its own tasks and features. Your objective is to collect cards and destroy enemies. Please choose the game mode that best suits you so that you can enjoy this game to its fullest potential!

In Tavern Brawl mode, you will receive complex tasks at the tavern related to your in-game progress. You’ll have to see how far you can get after a few drinks at this pub. Arrgghh, matey! Get ready to walk the plank and join intense battles on the high seas. Pre-made packages will help ye get yer bearings before entering into battle. After two brawls, it’ll be time to take down the big boss: The Tavern Keeper.

The average way to navigate

The Navigate mode is one of the most popular modes in this game. In it, you can unlock up to six maps. The difficulty of these maps ranges, and each has to own its secrets you’ll need to find. Your objective is to safely navigate your ship across the treacherous seas to foreign lands inhabited by dangerous pirates and outlaws. Take care to explore the places you dock and be prepared for combat. Your enemies are the ones that stand in your way; you must get rid of them to keep going on the journey.

You will increase your reputation points by completing certain tasks. Once you reach 9999 reputation points, Hard Mode will be unlocked. In this mode, you will face stronger enemies in a harsher environment. This isn’t going to be easy; you’ll need clever strategies and resolute determination to come out on top. In Hard Mode, each chapter comes with its own challenges that will test your heroes.

The arena mode is a dirty and dangerous place.

The final mode is the Arena. Here, you take on missions set in an arena full of dust. Every ten battles, you’ll come up against a powerful Champion. If you want to be the best player, you need to collect cards and relics from all six chapters. This arena also has plenty of other features and attractions too numerous to list here! So go ahead and download the game now and give it a try!

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Pirates Outlaws is an aesthetically pleasing game with interesting graphics and fun effects. But not only does it provide entertainment, but it’s also visually stimulating- something you don’t see very often in games these days. A critical aspect of any game that hopes to succeed is its attractive gameplay.

Pirates Outlaws is an excellent choice for you if you’re looking for a game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Proving your invincibility is only one aspect of this game–you can also use it as an escape from the reality of fatigue and stress. In other words, this game is a great way to relax.

Pirates Outlaws mod


The story of Pirates Outlaws is one of talent and adventure, as you take on the role of a pirate captain looking to build a crew. Each character you recruit will have its own unique ability, giving you more options in battle and exploration. The primary objective of the group is to voyage around the seas in search of rare treasures and precious items. By making your pirate crew famous, you have the potential to become a young, wealthy pirate ruler of the sea.

A never-ending quest for treasure.

The “generation” of pirates in Pirates Outlaws is pretty weird. They aren’t just people, they can be any animal – or even monsters. What do these things have in common? They’re all irregular, always on the move through different oceans looking for riches.

To accomplish the goal of traveling across different oceans, you must have a map and know your designated stop at each level. You’ll need to spend some money upfront to buy a good ship, but it will be worth it once you get there. You’ll start by fighting enemies and then following the treasure hunt process mentioned above.

In each battle, you can freely combine cards to form the most beneficial combos for you. The key is to comprehend the advantages that each card provides and how to best utilize them in order to create maximum surprise value. This new tactic would leave the enemy guessing, and they wouldn’t be able to anticipate your next move. In the meantime, you must take control of the hand you’ve been dealt and come out on top in the next battle.

What's new

Fixed bugs:
1. Explorers don't have the original relics to choose.
2. Curse Captain's infinite card draw bug.
3. Select a hero to play the tutorial again, will appear the cards that only for the chosen hero.
4. Relic "sushi" did not cause damage to the enemy with Cursed Captain's healing passive
5. Two Bounties appeared while doing Captain Unknown Quest.
6. Fixed some abnormal UIs.
7. Fixed some known issues.



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