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May 12, 2023
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It’s tough to adjust to a new setting, so crafting your own world is no small feat. My Little Universe Mod Apk provides you with the means to do all sorts of diverse tasks. Solo, you’ll construct everything from scratch and it’ll take quite a while to finish. What’s more, you’ll be impeded by numerous factors, such as protozoa.

About My Little Universe Mod Apk

My Little Universe makes it easy to control the entire universe. Visit every planet, build modern civilizations, and spread life throughout the universe all while making exciting discoveries along the way. Being a creator is definitely not an easy task, but My Little Universe makes it possible.

SayGames is a popular game developer known for its simple but enjoyable games. One of their most successful products is My Little Universe, which allows players to explore and build their own worlds. Although the game world is small, you’ll be able to see your planet develop from the very beginning. Work hard to get the best results!

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Build a new planet

The primary tool you’ll use in My Little Universe is a pickaxe that gives you extra arm strength to help you mine resources from different areas. There are more than 15 types of resources, like stones, crystals, diamonds, gold, and silver, located in various places for you to explore. Use your pickaxe to gather as many resources as possible so you can build up your world.

You have all the resources you need to mine, craft, and fight against proto-living creatures to end your divine plan. In addition, you will garden to create a perfect planet there with a variety of resources.

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Exploitation of resources

There are ten different types of environments, each with its own unique colors and resources. These include the natural environment, rock environment, soil, etc… For example, the wood resources are mainly in the natural environment, while stone and gold resources will be found in the land environment. Other rare and precious resources can be found in the remaining environments.

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Your journey begins in the wilderness, but it doesn’t end there. You’ll unlock new locations as you explore and collect resources. When you’ve gathered enough resources from each area, a new plot of land will open up to show even more possibilities. With each new environment you explore, there will be different resources available for you to use to create unique things for your universe. Over time, as you collect more and more resources, you’ll eventually build an entire world of your own.

Use the tools in My Little Universe Mod Apk

Each god has its own weapon that makes them an irreplaceable symbol of power. You too have your gun, which is the pickaxe that creates life. It can help you complete an unbelievable amount of work at high speeds. However, to allow this thing to push its limits and increase productivity, you need to upgrade it regularly. Use the resources you have to perform this necessary operation. You will see its transformation after going through eight different levels. Become more agile and powerful to capture more significant volumes of resources. It also helps improve the speed at which new worlds are built.

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Different contexts

You will be able to explore and build on ten different types of planetary environments, from lava and water planets to those covered in ice or precious stones. As you build your space empire, be cautious of the monsters that threaten to destroy all you’ve worked for. These creatures can appear at any time and will stop at nothing to ruin everything you have created.

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After the planet’s level has increased, you can establish industrial facilities that process minerals or smelt metals. You can upgrade these factories to accelerate ingredient production. My Little Universe mod can help you build industrial parks and automate your work, so you don’t have to struggle as much. With this game, you can explore new solutions that are more efficient and allow you to shine easily.

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Fight with strange creatures

The main obstacle you will encounter while trying to extract resources is primitive creatures. They will show up without warning, and in great numbers, in many different places. They become violent when you try to mine resources, so it is best to be cautious. Aside from the common cold and strep throat, you will face creatures such as snowmen, alien mushrooms, swordsmen, giant ants, etc… Furthermore, you will come across gargantuan monsters that could quite literally crush you. Each time an enemy appears out of nowhere, you must fight in order to maintain your own survival.


My Little Universe Mod Apk is an interesting and challenging game that requires you to think strategically in order to survive and protect your world from destruction. With its unique gameplay, exciting graphics and diverse enemies, My Little Universe Mod Apk will keep you entertained for hours on end. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend time with friends or family, My Little Universe Mod Apk is the perfect choice! So download My Little Universe Mod Apk at now and start building your own universe today! Have fun!

What's new

- Fixed issue with resource indicator
- Fixed issue with Home planet portal
- Fixed issue with VIP Rush function
- Fixed softlock after the player used the "Get more" button
- And other smaller bug fixes



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