Mr Autofire

The fabric of reality is in shreds and monsters are pouring in! Become Mr. Autofire and bring your biggest gun and all of your bullets, because you’re the… Defender of Everything!
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Lightheart Entertainment
Mar 23, 2023
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The game is an action shooter that takes place in classic 2D graphics with a horizontal scrolling perspective. You play as one of many heroes who must protect the earth from being attacked by aliens, but there’s not much more than this simple plot! The player has access to various weapons they can use during combat and enemies have large amounts of health which makes fighting tough sometimes even though you’re using better gear every time after collecting them throughout gameplay.


Introducing Mr Autofire MOD APK

You are a powerful hero in this dangerous world, and you must save it from alien invaders. You’ll get the best equipment possible to fight these foes with all of your skills at their disposal! There is no time for mistakes because there will be more than enough enemies waiting around every corner – so make sure that if anything goes wrong then luck won’t matter anymore as soon as those first shots ring out across battlefields. With this game, you can take on the role of a space bounty hunter with your favorite weapons. You’ll have to fight through levels filled with aliens and other obstacles in order for them not only to defeat you but also to collect all their loot!


Mr. Autofire MOD APK offers a sense of action that is not found in other games, as you can kill everyone and use your absolute power to win trophies like bigger weapons! You control the character to climb stairs while killing all enemies on screen – some with extreme prejudice if need be (literally). It’s tough but definitely possible; just move accurately so there are no errors when eliminating evil spirits along our way up these iconic heights. The game on Google Play offers a diverse arsenal and you can do many things to stop the alien invasion. You fight against monsters such as harmless blind rabbits, and single-eyed enemies that fly with ruthlessness; difficult bosses will make your heart thud in excitement when they’re near defeat! The shotgun is one of these awesome weapons – it takes time for them all to go off at once but if managed correctly then this could be enough damage output per shot (and therefore) to kill many foes quickly before moving onto another weakened enemy group).

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The game provides a sense of freedom that helps players to release their inner violence. Mr. Autofire enables them not only to fight on their own but also dodge agile opponents and destroy powerful bosses with ease thanks to the simple gameplay mechanics at play here, though there’s no easy task as you’ll have faced many enemies throughout your journey before facing off against some larger threats like boss characters who can take quite a bit outta ya if they’re given enough time in order deal damage! You can still fight a number of enemies, and difficult bosses through weapon upgrades as well as skills. You create an optimal strategy to easily destroy any amount or type in their way with ease! The only thing left for you now is to find yourself some shelter so that when everything goes south – which will happen inevitably- at least your HP won’t be too low from all those battles just yet.


In-game controls Mr Autofire MOD APK

With Mr. Autofire’s simple controls, you quickly move around to create a safe distance from multiple opponents and think of further combat actions like moving/dodging in order to keep yourself protected while harvesting bonuses that can improve your equipment as well as jump up levels by completing challenges! The player must control their finger on the screen in order to move around and avoid being touched by aliens. All movements are swipe-based, so it’s easy for anyone who has played games like this before!

With realistic graphics and vivid sound Mr Autofire MOD APK

Mr Autofire has a simple, yet attractive 2D graphic style. The game’s structure makes it easy for anyone to play with limited features and resources available in order not to overwhelm players at once which might cause them to give up on playing altogether! With its beautiful visuals that are capable of evoking good emotions from visual composition alone, I think this would make an excellent addition to your casual gaming library if you enjoy emotion-evoking games such as textual adventures or point-and-click genres where aesthetics often come first before anything else.

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The enemies and background scenes at this level are all well-designed. Everything on the screen is soothing, making you smile when fighting them or just traveling through it all for hours with no progress made at all! The sound effects that play during combat moments add intensity while still being interesting enough so as not to get boring too quickly – which would make those tense situations less enjoyable than they should be if we had louder noises everywhere sounding like an auctioneer yelling out bids every second.

The best way to describe this game would be like an old 8-bit video arcade machine come alive. You can explore space with your ship, shoot aliens who are trying to attack you, and collects weapons along the way that make for some interesting gameplay moments including ones where they’ll need more than just their standard laser gun!



The game offers an impressive arsenal of weapons and enemies, and interesting gameplay with a sense of urgency. You are always excited when fighting the enemy in this fast-paced action-packed adventure! The 2D graphics really make you feel like you playing through some old-school style levels while listening to immersive music that will have you on edge from start to finish – not knowing what’s coming next or how much longer until death saves us all again.

What's new

Thanks for playing Mr Autofire! This is what's new:
- New Guild Fire Titan: Queen Katla
- New Fire Hero: Cole Carbo
- Two new Skill Trees: Rampage and Fortune
- New feature: Piggy Bank
- Guild chat messages when players reach certain milestones
- Guild improvements
- Easter and Spring events
- Reworked the way Outfits work
- Added Sanguina to the Tower Tournament Shop



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