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Animate your photos on the go! Intuitive and ultralight 3D picture editor with filters for adding motion to your pictures and loads of other features!
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When it comes to animations, you might be thinking that there are only some pre-made ones in the app store. But if your photos need an update and more creativity is what gets them off their seats then this Lightricks Ltd mobile application could just do wonders! With Motionleap, Android users can now create motion and animations on their static images. This will deliver an enjoyable experience for everyone whenever they want with the different elements of these photos!


You can now make your static images come alive with the help of this app! You’ll find all sorts of fun features like powerful and customizable animations. Have some amazing photos that need an extra boost? This program has what you’re looking for, no matter how complicated or simple-looking they were originally in their original condition before editing them using these great tools available on our device today!

With Motionleap MOD APK, you can now enjoy another great way to stylize your images and experience the unique features with a photo editor that isn’t featured on any of today’s apps. Find out more about this awesome app in our complete review!

Introducing Motionleap by Lightricks

Motionleap is a site that allows you to create short videos from your photos. You can either use the app on an iOS or Android device and then upload them directly onto motion leap where they will be converted into HD 1080p files for sharing online! With the wide range of animated features in this photo editor app, you can add certain motions and movements. This allows users to enjoy creativity with their images by changing how they look or what’s happening inside them!


You can get started with video editing right away. The app also comes with standard features that are common and accessible, so you’ll find them useful for most people who want to make quick edits on their videos before moving on to more unique things like animated photos in Motionleap! You’ll be ready to get started with the app as soon as you have your Android phone read. Make sure it’s running on version 7 1 and up because that will allow for full compatibility with in-app features – That is all that’s needed!

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Explore the features of Motionleap by Lightricks

Your still images get added movement

Have you ever wanted to give your photos a more interesting and lively feel? Well, now is the time! With our new photo, editor app called Motionleap users can experience what it feels like for their images to have life. The “alive” effect in this program will make them seem as if they’re right there with all of those vibrant colors coming together on screen before us – just waiting patiently until we take notice.


Motionleap’s new feature, which can be accessed with just a few simple taps and selections is an innovative way of making photo movements. The direction in which you adjust it will dictate what type of rhythm each image has while also ensuring that there isn’t any unwanted stillness throughout your video!

We all know how important it is to make our movements in photos and videos, but what about when you’re working with a team? The Freeze Brush allows for customizing an image by selecting certain areas of the photo that will remain static. This way everyone can have their favorite moments captured without worrying about things moving around during editing time!

Simple edits to your moving photos

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your moving photos come alive, look no further than Motionleap. This amazing app provides plenty of tools and options so that even beginners can create beautiful images in seconds! You’ll be able to take advantage of their Picture Effect Editor or Animation effect wizard – it’s all waiting just within these pages.

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Cool sky effects for animations

Have you ever noticed how boring and lifeless your photos can be? It’s possible to make the sky more exciting in Motionleap. Change those old skies with a colorful sunset, which will breathe new life into an image! Motionleap’s automated skies are perfect for beginners because they provide an easy way to create beautiful videos without having expert knowledge of the program. With dozens of different options available, you can easily customize your shot and have something truly unique!

Overlays are added to your photos to create different impressions

With Motionleap’s variety of editing options, you can make your photos come alive in an instant with fun and powerful effects. Search through thousands to find exactly what suits the mood best! The app is full of amazing features that will keep you entertained. With weather overlays, sparkle effects, and vintage filters for your photos in Stories or the feed- it’s no wonder people are enjoying this new update!


Cool video effects for your photo editor

In the new update to our app, Motionleap has added in some cool features that will help you have an even more amazing time while editing your photos! You can now enjoy using animated effects and other interesting tools for all of those creative ideas. You can have a lot of fun with the amazing distortion effects, speed variations, and directions that will change your photos into something truly unique.

Create professional animations for your Android devices

The professional picture animator app will allow you to breathe life into your videos in just seconds. With its movements and directional effects, this easy-to-use software enables users with the ability customize their photo impressions for an unlimited number of different outcomes! With a simple, accessible design that’s easy for Android users to learn how to use in an instant, you’ll have more satisfied customers than ever before!



The Motionleap app is now available for free on all your Android devices! Just download it from the Google Play Store and start moving with ease. Motionleap’s photo-editing app is specially made for Android users to enjoy their amazing visual customizations. With a wide range of different motion effects and animated videos, it will make things even more interesting! But most importantly they’ll find the free unlocked version extremely exciting too – so go ahead and download it today from UpToMods.



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