Merge Duck 2: Idle RPG

Collect an adorable army of mighty ducks! Choose the best strategy to create a unique super duck team!
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OneMore Game Studio
Apr 21, 2023
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Merge Duck 2 MOD APK has reverted to the original gameplay with many modifications when compared to the first version. Your mission in this game is still to gather a strong army of ducks and win every war you participate in. To better understand this game, read this article first.

merge duck 2 apk

Introduce about Merge Duck 2

The duck realm is under attack, and the evil ducks from hell are rapidly transforming everything into a more desolate world. This is the time when you must gather a huge army of ducks to defend the peace of the duck realm. Your primary responsibility is to recruit several uncommon duck fighters and lead them in fierce combats.

Merge Duck 2 allows players to command an army of strong ducks and devise battle tactics for each encounter. The duck warrior may be summoned and the team prepared to begin by all game members coming together to form a team. Each player may have more than 60 alternative battle locations, but you must pay for them. During your participation in the conflicts, you may accumulate achievements and skills that will help you on your trip to conquer the treasure chest.

To give you unique experiences, the developer OneMore Game Studio has added hundreds of exciting tasks to this game. Merge Duck 2 has more than 100,000 installations on Google Play. Prepare yourself for a duck commander career highlight by downloading this app and playing it.

merge duck 2 apk mod

To enhance combat power, merge ducks

Merge Duck 2 is a standard merge game. You’ll discover strategies for combining the same duck soldiers to create a stronger warrior in this edition of Merge Duck. Duck warriors have several options for improving their combat abilities. As a result, you must select the most effective growth path possible. The higher your opponent’s level, the more superior your duck warrior’s stats will be compared to yours. As a result, you must build an army of ducks with even strength in order to defeat all other opponents in each fight.

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Duck warriors in Merge Duck 2 have varied responsibilities in each battle. Some ducks are strong attackers, while others aid in the best defense. To devise the most successful strategy for each conflict, you must carefully study the information about each species. Furthermore, even if you’re offline, the duck fighters in the game may fight automatically. This implies that you can make money without having to log into the game on a daily basis.

merge duck 2 idle rpg mod apk

There are many ducks with distinct skills

Merge Duck 2 has more than 80 distinct duck species, each with its own set of abilities to be discovered. Of course, before they can become exceptional duck fighters with strong stats, all the ducks in the game need time to mature. Ninja duck, dragon duck, stickman duck, mage duck, warrior duck, and many other types of ducks may be seen. All are descendants of ordinary ducks that you have evolved; you control which path they take. In general, you must balance the capabilities of your duck warriors in accordance on your squad’s needs.

Explore dangerous dungeons

Having a powerful squad of ducks, players are now ready to engage in dangerous cave expedition fights. All fights in the game will be turn-based with exciting RPG features. In each match, Duck warriors will fight automatically without requiring player involvement. Your only job is to build a strong squad of duck fighters to enhance your chance of winning. Furthermore, by vanquishing strong Bosses in the cave, you have the option of collecting a large number Of valuable riches.

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merge duck 2 mod apk unlimited money

Unlock the greatest milestones.

Merge Duck 2’s achievement system is well-designed and allows players to freely explore many stages. To unlock fantastic achievements, you’ll take turns to face problems from easy to complicated. This game has hundreds of levels with increasing degrees of difficulty and Legendary challenges that you may tackle. Will your duck legion be able to dominate the world?

Brilliantly colorful visuals

Merge Duck 2 features lovely cartoon graphics that are among the game’s highlights. The duck characters are characterized as kind and humorous, with a distinct approach to demonstrate skills. From your first encounter, you’ll be drawn to them. Furthermore, the fights provide for a more vivid and realistic experience. As a result, you may easily observe everything and make tactical adjustments. Overall, the visual quality of this game is excellent, with a smooth and steady transition effect.

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Key features

  • Players compete to be the first to complete the map’s only prize, which is accomplished with other players.
  • You’ll also get a new makeover and your own personal army of duck soldiers, as well as tailored information.
  • You have more options as you continue to add teams and upgrade weapons and individual abilities.
  • Earned achievements will be recorded and assessed on the worldwide leaderboard.
  • The fights will allow players to develop their combat abilities and win the only chest on the map in a hurry.

Download Merge Duck 2 MOD APK latest version for Android

Merge Duck 2 MOD APK is prepared to provide you with unique experiences through its available content. This game has a simple but challenging gameplay. It takes a long time for the duck army to develop strength. So be attentive to the upgrade and make sure that things continue to improve over time.

What's new

New Hero
• Wa

New Skins
• Strike Captain
• Dusk Valkyrie

New Events
• Genesis Apocalypse
• Monthly Challenge
• Traveling Merchant Duck (monthly limited)
• Hero rate UP
• 100 draws

New Features
• Dark Tournament Store
• Leaderboards for new records


Bug fixes and optimizations

130 (1.22.0)


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