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Game inspired by the popular sandbox.
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Nov 27, 2022
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Melon Playground MOD APK is a ragdoll physics sandbox action game where you can put various living things and treat them any way you choose in an open area.

Introduce about Melon Playground

The inspiration for Melon Playground came from the legendary sandboxes that were popular in the gaming world for many years. This is a free world where players can move and build their characters into different shapes creatively. In addition, they can own unique weapons to take down random obstacles that are blocking their way. The map has been expanded unlimitedly to welcome new players.

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The character is created from the chain

The image in front of you is that of a stickman with a lime green hue. What makes this character special is its ability to be disassembled into many different shapes, each one corresponding to a different need or preference. In order for the player to progress, they must carefully study the road ahead and choose the correct strategy and arrangement.

Overcoming any and all obstacles, from being motionless to constantly moving

You will appear to have obstacles in your way, but their actual purpose is to prevent you from moving forward. These are the cases where the obstacle is stationary and not moving. Yet, as you progress to higher levels, you will come across enormous challenges when the obstacles can move. If faced with this circumstance, you must put together a player who uses weapons to attack and destroy all of the enemies without remorse.

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Melon Playground also offers other advantages when your opponent is an identical clone of yourself. While it may sound odd, it’s time to battle with your doppelganger. Players can use any weapon available and start controlling their character to defeat the enemy in front of them. If they are successful, the player can take control of that enemy and  improve themselves physically.

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The magic syringe is a quick way to get rid of pesky enemies

The syringe is one of the powerful weapons that Melon Playground offers players. With it, you can touch anyone, and if the enemy gets hit by your shot, they will soon melts into smoke and disappear. Additionally, we also bring you the most epic grenade launchers.

Transform your look with special costumes

Melon Playground not only focuses on making you powerful, but also giving you many options to choose from when it comes to your appearance. There is a wide range of clothes offered so that you can mix and match to create different styles. In addition, the freezing system makes it easy for you overcame moving enemies by stopping time in a specific area, allowing you to pass quickly.

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New staff will always be loyal to you

At Melon Playground, we constantly strive to bring players the newest and most unique experiences. Now, you will not be alone in your adventure of passing many eagles and challenging your creativity because we have brought you a unique staff system. They are the most obedient characters in the universe who always follow your orders without question, no matter how minor.

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Classic pixel graphics

The everything in Melon Playground is based on classic 2D pixel graphics. Most in-game items are inspired by real life, making them look reliable and grounded. Even though they have rougher lines than some games, players can still tell what each item is because of how unique they all appear. Moreover, the game operates with a classic sandbox interface that is as easy to maneuver around as graphic design software. The entire game has been simplified in order tosam inspire players’ creativity. While there isn’t any background music, players can still hear sound effectsfrom their actions. It’s actually quite intriguing.

Key features

  • The rigid moving stickman is a fascinating character that you can explore and learn more about through creativity and intelligence.
  • Change each part of the green to an impressive link.
  • By adding weapons, the player can upgrade their strength to travel further along the map.
  • You can overcome any obstacle that’s giving you trouble, whether it’s a knife strike or a bullet.
  • Use an adaptable strategy to get employees to follow your strict orders.


Melon Playground is the perfect game to help you de-stress and have some fun. It’s easy to learn how to play, and you can keep coming back to it again and again.

The Melon Playground MOD APK provides an immersive gaming experience with unlimited customization possibilities. You can play as four different characters, each with their own unique abilities.

What's new

Update 13.0!

- Weapon editor
- Sunglasses
- Bandana
- Tool gun
- Turret
- Resizable items
- Mechanical objects parameters changing option
- Layer changing option
- Kill option
- Rotting

- Some effects
- Icons of some items
- Camera movement
- Melee damage

- Medicine category

- Resizer
- Camera follow shake


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