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Fight to defend the Seven Kingdoms in this Game of Thrones squad-based action RPG mobile game. 48 years before the events of the TV show, Lord Commander Brynden vanished while ranging beyond the Wall. It is up to you to discover the mysteries surrounding his disappearance. Collect characters from the TV series, assemble your ultimate squads, defeat enemies by using different combat combinations, and enter a never-seen-before Game of Thrones story.
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Behaviour Interactive
Dec 13, 2022
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The Game of Thrones Beyond Mod APK is a thrilling video game from well-known Behaviour Interactive, and it’s now available for Android devices. Games of Thrones Beyond the Wall has already been recognized one of 2020’s most loved games thanks to its 3D visuals, intriguing plot, and user-friendly of thrones what is beyond the wall

Timeline of The Game of Thrones Beyond Mod APK

Game of Thrones Beyond Mod APK picks up where Game of Thrones Season 6 left off and explores the events that transpired many decades before the start of Game of Thrones. Bloodraven (also known as the Three-Eyed Crow or commander-in-chief), who was in command on the other side of the Wall, had vanished at this point. Then there was Viserion’s death, which resulted from Daenerys’ Night King’s subsequent fury and Jon, Daenerys, and her remaining dragons heading north to discover a way to end the conflict. When the dragon attacked the Great Hall on its own, it was destroyed. Even when engulfed in ice, Benjen Stark nearly failed to return. After returning to Eastwatch, Benjen Stark put his life on the line to defend his; he stayed behind alone to fight the White Walkers and returned. Daenerys vowed that the Night King would pay for his crimes. Her kings granted her deferment in exchange for compensating such a significant loss.

game of thrones beyond the wall mod apk
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Strategy-Driven Gameplay

The goal of Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is to destroy the Night King and his army White Walkers, which you must achieve as your first objective. The game includes instructions for you at its start, including how to call upon heroes from the night team who will combat enemies trying to breach The Wall at night. Gameplay takes place on a map consisting of hundreds of squares where battles rage. It’s just like any other strategy game – you pick a skill for each hero, then move them around on the many spots, and finally choose an adversary to battle. If readers are familiar with strategy games, this should be simple to understand because it utilizes turn-based gameplay. Also keep in mind that during fights you may only attack items/people etc., not buildings or heroes. The game is based on the original storyline of the sixth Game of Thrones series. To provide you with information, text descriptions of the storyline, NPC characters, and quest systems will appear as you go along. This way, you can capture what is happening and what needs to be done without getting overwhelmed.

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game of thrones beyond the wall mod apk

Global Exploration Is Essential to Personal Development

There are several areas to explore in Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall. When you complete a challenge in certain maps, new territories will be unlocked. The existence of East watch Keep is under threat from several new dangers. Weirwood Forays also has haunted woodlands where players must recover critical data by exploring. For example, you must extinguish threats before they invade your territory by leading the army to operate at night on the Milkwater River. Also, when exploring Expedition, players have to find a way around any obstacles in their path and show strength.

game of thrones beyond mod apk download

Formulating an Operational Plan

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall isn’t like other strategy games- players can’t just run free and end up winning. In this game, a higher number of soldiers does not always mean an automatic win. You have to use your brain power and carefully place your army if you want to be victorious. The units are divided into groups with distinct names. In which Archers can support the rear and attack opponents from a distance, while swordsmen line up in front of them, blocking enemy movement while also dealing significant damage to two adjacent fields. The developer added further information for each unit. See it for more information.


Wows players is something Behavior Interactive knows how to do. They constructed a beautiful visual architecture that was as true to the combats in The Wall as possible, from the tiniest elements to the stunning views of the snow forest and battlements. Everything has been meticulously planned, from little things such as buttons and prompts to spectacular vistas of the snow forest and battlefields.

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  • Choose a character and get ready to clash. Will you be playing as Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, or Jaime Lannister?
  • If you have the ability to see beyond what is happening in front of you, people will rely on you to protect them. Be prepared for anything that comes your way.

game of thrones beyond mod apk black

  • You are responsible for the Night’s Watch, and must call upon the 7 kingdoms to help defend the Wall against an impending attack by a massive zombie army.
  • Don’t forget the aid of three dragons in folklore.


Game of Thrones Beyond Mod APK is an immersive, beautifully-rendered game that will keep you on your toes. With with exciting gameplay and stunning graphics, it’s easy to get sucked into this world. Plus, the epic effects add an extra layer of immersion. If you’re looking for a new game to try out, definitely give Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall a shot! You can download it at the link below or check out some screenshots below. And if you have any questions after playing feel free to leave us a comment – we love hearing from our readers!

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What's new

• Expedition – Send a Night Watch Squad beyond the wall to fight against wildlings and obtaining a large number of rewards, even when you’re offline.
• Explore the North – You will lead a squad of Night's Watch Rangers to find their way out of the Misty Forests.
• The battle mechanics and the guide for Flash Events have been optimized.
• You can deploy separate offensive and defensive teams in Hero Arena.
• Several layout features in Castle Black have been adjusted.


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