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Create and save complete multi-track music projects on your Phone, Tablet or Chromebook. Record, sequence, edit, mix and render complete songs.
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Apr 18, 2023
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FL Studio Mobile Mod APK is a versatile mobile program that you may use to finish your amazing pieces of singing or mixtape. Image-Line’s excellent app will complete your fantastic music creation collection with the popular Voloco and Groovepad. Android users can now enjoy their thrilling music experiences fully as they immerse themselves in the apps vast library of audio editing and production tools. FL Studio Mobile Mod APK‘s simple and easy-to-use music app is ideal for listening to while you enjoy the innovative in-app capabilities. It may be used to alter and polish any portion of your recorded audio or singing. FL Studio Mobile’s helpful and successful features will make it simple for you to bring your vision to reality with great results. Feel free to have fun with the amazing musical experiences as you go along. Read our comprehensive reviews to learn more about the fantastic music app.


What does FL Studio Mobile Mod APK do?

FL Studio Mobile Mod APK makes it easy for anybody interested in making music to get their recordings and wonderfully edited audio properly exported. The program would function similarly to a mobile music studio, allowing users to utilize its unique capabilities to create stunning works. Learn how to make music with your Android device using the amazing mobile music-making experiences that are available. At the same time, learn to become a competent audio manager with all of the essential talents and features that will be provided to you via its easy tutorials. Always be immersed in the realm of incredible musical possibilities in FL Studio Mobile Mod APK.

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To use the app, you just need an Android smartphone with Android 4.1 or higher installed. You can have it up and running whenever you want to. It’s also encouraged that you utilize a high-end phone for the final editing since the procedure will need a powerful hardware specification. In general, you’ll find it simple and beneficial, allowing you to create polish pieces of music using your FL Studio Mobile app.

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FL Studio Mobile Mod APK features

Variable and accessible interfaces with adjustable settings

FL Studio Mobile Mod APK users will be able to discover a few of the basic and user-friendly interfaces right away. You may simply enjoy the entertaining app and all of its features here. In addition, the program will also provide easy-to-understand screen layouts that will automatically adjust to your device’s screen sizes. As a result, you’ll be able to use it on both tablets and smartphones with ease. Choose and make use of any in-app functions as you turn FL Studio Mobile into your favorite music making software.

Make your own music with a variety of instruments

You may also use the plugin to create some great sounds for your video. And as you delve into the amazing audio world in FL Studio Mobile Mod APK, the software will enable you to utilize a variety of virtual instruments. Feel free to utilize your top-notch synths, drum kits, piano keyboard, sliced-loop beat, and other distinctive components to put together a good mix. It’s entirely feasible for you to incorporate pleasant and intriguing noises into your songs with these tools.

Use the effects supplied by the program

FL Studio Mobile Mod APK is a powerful tool for both music makers and audio professionals. The software has all of the most popular audio effects, as well as some unique ones that are not available anywhere else. As you speed up the percussion programming, explore the step sequencer. Change the virtual instrumental parameters and customize how they’re displayed.

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MIDI controller support

To make the software more accessible, especially for professional composers, Android users may also connect to their MIDI controller and have a great time making music. Feel free to play any instruments you want and effectively compose music with your MIDI controller. Furthermore, with the convenient MIDI file import and export choices, you can directly transfer single-track or multi-track raw audio from your device to your Android phone and edit them there.

Record sound on your phone and modify it there

FL Studio Mobile Mod APK also includes the option to record your singing in addition to providing you the opportunity to do so with raw records. With six distinct settings for various environments and situations, the program will assist you in creating fantastic songs utilizing all that you have.

The mixer is intuitive and simple to use

The program’s easy-to-use editor and mixer will make the entire editing and mixing processes more convenient, with an intuitive mixer with a lot of appealing features. You may modify specific songs using a variety of fascinating effects. Alternatively, turn on the piano roll editor to edit recorded performances with perfect nots and chords.

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May import and export audio in a variety of formats

FL Studio Mobile Mod APK allows you to access all of the great music experiences that are available. FL Studio Mobile Mod APK supports a number of popular audio formats, including WAV, MP3, and FLAC. As a result, you may simply import audio from various sources and have your mixes and edits properly exported to these formats.

Enable audio editing on multiple platforms

FL Studio Mobile Mod APK has a lot of features, but its cross-platform capabilities are one of the most noteworthy. You can edit FL Studios on your PC or other platforms using the app (there’s also a version for Mac). With this in mind, you may use the internet connection to share your work and have it properly edited in any device that you’re more interested in.

Using our mod, you may have it unlocked and free.

Android users may find it difficult to enjoy their great music-making moments with the app now being offered as a paid edition on Google Play. That said, if you can’t or don’t want to pay for it, go for our unblocked version of the software. Just go to our website and download the FL Studio Mobile Mod APK, then follow the instructions provided. You should be set to go after that. The unlocked and modified FL Studio Mobile Mod APK has a lot of interesting features that would otherwise need your payment. You can utilize your app to its full potential and immerse yourself in the world of music creation for free with this program.

fl studio mobile mod apk


For your records, you’ll need a decent microphone.

There aren’t any significant flaws with the app, even if it has quite a few useful functions. But if we had to pick one, it’d be the record features. It’s not because they provide low-quality recordings; you’ll need a good mic to convert raw singing from your devices if you want to preserve quality. Otherwise, the overall sounds would be rather bad, especially on low-end phones with cheap hardware. The app works smoothly, which is great news for users. The record features, on the other hand, are a potential problem. It’s not because they provide low-quality records; you’ll need a decent microphone to import raw singing from your gadgets if you want high-quality results. Otherwise, the entire sounds will sound poorly recorded, particularly on phones with cheap components.


For those of you who love music and want to mix it, FL Studio Mobile Mod APK is an excellent mobile software for you to use. That said, with its unique features and cross-platform applications, you can quickly construct your incredible mixtapes and songs using little effort. You’ll also discover it simple to have fun with your fantastic music experiences because the app is unlocked and free on our phones.

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What's new

- fix a bug where graph editor in drum sequencer can draw graphs not aligned with notes
- fix loading factory presets in MiniSynth
- fix a bug in import where files are placed in the wrong folder



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