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Musixmatch is the world’s largest collection of song lyrics used by millions of people to get instant time synced lyrics for Youtube, Spotify, Pandora and more.
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Feb 14, 2023
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Musixmatch Mod APK is an application that can help you format the lyrics for supported music applications. With this app, you’ll have access to an impressive amount of resources, including a lyrics search function and built-in song formatting. You can also easily experience this application on different platforms and share meaningful lyrics with other users.

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A Lyrics Aggregator That’s Actually Useful

Musixmatch Mod APK is a lyrics-finding machine that also comes equipped with tons of other features to help users search for their favorite songs. This application is valuable to many because it quickly provides the lyrics they need and organizes them in an easy-to-use format. With Musixmatch Mod APK, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of your songs again!

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The Floating Lyrics Feature

The name of innovative feature users will love is called floating lyric, and it works similarly to a ball appearing on another music streaming platform. The new feature will be included in an updated version of the music player, and when you play any song, you’ll need to tap the app’s ball icon. Immediately after tapping, you will see a background with muted colors along with displayed lyrics for that particular song. So you’ll be able to follow along with ease while still enjoying songs from multiple platforms!

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Support for Famous Music Streaming Platforms

Musixmatch Mod APK allows users to access a wide range of popular music streaming platforms like Spotify and Youtube. The app provides high-quality sound and accurate lyrics so that users can understand the song perfectly. Additionally, the app offers a translation feature so that users can sing along even if they don’t speak the language fluently.

Lyrics Formatting Anywhere

You can format any new songs you download to your music player so that the lyrics and song work side-by-side. This will come in handy if you’re ever out and about, suddenly hear a song playing, and want to identify it quickly. Once you identify the song, you can listen to it in its entirety, read the lyrics, and determine if it’s something you want to add to your playlist. Musixmatch Mod APK allows you to improve the lyrics if you find that the translation is incorrect. You can also contribute translations for other languages if you know them. Additionally, you can share your thoughts on each song by liking or commenting on it, and uploading images of your favorite lyrics.

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Extensions on The Lock Screen

In Musixmatch Mod APK, users go to the settings area and select which features they want on their lock screen. They can choose from modes that stop or just pause the music. In addition, they also have the option of setting lyrics to appear on the lock screen at either the top or bottom of the center area. This allows people to see song lyrics even when their phone is locked so they can sing karaoke wherever they are.

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Other App Settings

The app allows users to select a dark or light theme, as well as receive notifications when new songs that meet their interests are added. They can also view the main parts of a song’s chorus, verse, and bridge form. Additionally, they can manual choose the playlist sequence or shuffle the songs.

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Our App Is Compatible with Most Android Devices.

Musixmatch Mod APK makes it easier to enjoy your music on other platforms by being compatible with Android operating systems. You can use supported versions for Android Wear and play it from there onto a larger platform like Chromecast. This way, you’ll have an even more enjoyable experience listening to karaoke songs with accurate lyrics that are in sync high-quality audio.

Using Lyric Cards is Easy

The Musixmatch Mod APK has a great new feature called lyric cards, which allows users to share their favorite verses from songs with friends. With this feature, you can find pictures that correspond to and match the content you want to share. This will be a great feature for many users!


As you can see, there’s a lot that Musixmatch Mod APK has to offer users! Whether you’re looking for an easy way to format lyrics or want to share your favorite lyrics with others, this app has got you covered. Download Musixmatch MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) at UpToMods!!!

What's new

Hello Musixmatchers!
This release brings a lot of bug fixes and general improvements:
- Community update
- Adaptive Icon support
- Bugfixes and improvements


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