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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the open world car simulator since 2014, thanks to its advanced real physics engine
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AxesInMotion Racing
Apr 18, 2023
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The most wanted cars in the world can be yours with this latest game from AxesInMotion Racing. You’ll have access to all of their amazing elements, and players will get chances behind the wheel for some truly extraordinary vehicles! Find out more about it here: our comprehensive reviews show that we’re impressed by what you find inside – don’t miss your chance at experiencing these incredible motors right away (and without risking too much money)!


Introducing Extreme Car Driving Simulator

What’s more fun than sitting in a car and driving around? The answer is almost anything. This game has different cars with realistic mechanics that will allow you to experience the feeling of being behind each wheel, as well as learn new things about your favorite vehicles!

If you are looking for the most realistic car driving experience, look no further than Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK. This game offers a huge open map with different cars to choose from and allows players not only to control their speed but also how they want it handled on wheels: whether that means drift racing or performing illegal stunts will determine which type of pursuing law enforcement official comes after your vehicle!

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Explore the features of the Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Simple controls but takes practice to master

The developers at Axes in Motion Racing have created a racing game that can be played by anyone. The controls are simple enough for beginners, but they also provide access to all of the different driving options like turning or changing gears without being obstructed by new gestures on your phone screen!

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There are so many different customizable controls that you can choose from! This means if the current setup doesn’t feel right for whatever reason, just switch over to another style and enjoy playing with some new options. You can rediscover your love of driving with this awesome racing game. It features easy controls that will have you tearing up the road in no time!

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Realistic physics experience

If you want to feel like a professional race car driver, this game will give it you all. With accurate physics and intuitive gameplay that’s perfect for any level of player – newbies or experts alike! You can perform incredible stunts with these powerful vehicles through lush green tracks at high speeds on the ground as well of them if need be; feeling every bump in the road while performing flawless avoidance actions saves lives during emergencies: we know because our developers have been there before (literally).

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Explore different game modes with your favorite cars

With Extreme Car Driving Simulator’s multiple game modes, it will offer you an experience like no other.

  • In this free mode, you have the opportunity to explore a massive city with no vehicles blocking your way. Travel around and look for hidden loots in different locations throughout cities; it will surprise how much content there is out on these streets!
  • The checkpoints are a great way to keep you motivated and challenge yourself in the game. You have time for one race, but can compete as many times as needed before your next checkpoint!
  • The Traffic mode – For those who want to experience the most realistic and authentic driving experiences, this setting provides streets filled with different vehicles as well as other traffic signals. Unless you follow these regulations properly (and quickly), law enforcement will be able to track your every move!

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Beat challenges and achievements to unlock new cars

The creators of the game have made sure that gamers will love playing it by including many vehicles in one spot. There is a wide variety to choose from, and you can even put different types in your garage for all sorts of adventures! The next time you’re driving around in your dream car, take the opportunity to experience it visually. Check out all of those cool details that make this beautiful machine such a prized possession for so many people-customizations are an important part!

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A huge and realistic open-world environment

The game world in Extreme Car Driving Simulator is so huge that you can go on an adventure as a taxi driver, bus captain, or police officer. You’ll have all sorts of adventures with different tasks like trying not to break any laws while exploring the map for hidden treasures!

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Interact with realistic elements

With Extreme Car Driving Simulator, you can experience the thrill of driving a car with authentic damage. To ensure that your journey continues for as long as possible try avoiding any impactful crashes in this interactive game! The surrounding elements in this race are extremely interactive. They react to any of your physical contacts, so you can send traffic signs flying off the ground or even crash with them while racing across town!

Switch between various cameras

The Extreme Car Driving Simulator lets you experience a new perspective when driving. Many camera settings will provide different perspectives, such as inside and outside views of the car; backward or forward viewings from your seat – just choose one!

Get valuable rewards by being active

The Extreme Car Driving Simulator features addictive gameplay with awesome rewards that you can collect by just being active. That being said, there are daily login bonuses as well! Plus the chance for special events and challenges to provide even more items–all at your fingertips in-game or through usernames on social media sites like Facebook etc., where we’ll post updates about what’s going down here (and thank/offer credits if anyone wants them).


The game is like no other. It takes you on an intense ride through beautiful scenery as your skillfully navigate traffic-filled streets and dangerous roads to ultimately reach the finish line first! But there are always obstacles along this journey that can cause accidents, so be prepared for anything at any time in Extreme Car Driving Simulation mod APK free download at UpToMods.Com or Google Play.

What's new

Want to make your car truly unique?

• Personalize your ride with new neons, smoke effects, callipers, tinted windows, and some new megaskins.

• We've also enhanced the interior customization by creating a unique and exclusive interior for each car, so you can feel right at home in your own virtual vehicle

Get ready to drive in a car tailored to your style!



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