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Build and upgrade an unbeatable force by downloading Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK. Experience the most realistic battle simulator available on mobile!
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Sep 14, 2022
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Create the ideal army and become a victorious commander with Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK! Gather heroes to lead your troops into battle, select from multiple game modes, adjust combat time limits, and refine strategies for defeating enemies. Let your soldiers fight hard on the battlefield – unleash their capabilities in true tactical fashion!

About Epic Battle Simulator 2

Epic Battle Simulator 2 is here and better than ever, featuring stunning visuals and an expansive army of warriors. With strategic tactics at the core, you’ll be able to craft a formidable force that’s ready for any conflict ahead. You’re in complete control over your deployment; plan out every detail from unit placement to attack timing so you can guarantee victory on the battlefield!

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Features of Epic Battle Simulator 2


When it comes to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2, the gameplay is similar to that of its predecessor. You’ll fill one side with thousands of troops and launch them into battle against their counterparts on the other end of the battlefield-that’s what makes up most of your game experience!

Before entering a dramatic fight, it is essential to get yourself accustomed with the game’s mechanisms and gain experience. Level – the main mode of this Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 provides you just that! You can start with small battles and as your number increases, new warriors have been made available for unlocking within higher limits; making this an intense yet thrilling gaming experience. I will give you an overview of its gameplay but be rest assured that during its course, you’ll pick up some fascinating tricks on your own!

Control your Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 troops with ease! Simply select the unit you’d like to play in the menu at the top of your screen and tap anywhere on the battlefield to place them. Need to rearrange? Tap on any units again and they’ll move where you want them. Once you have set up all your soldiers, hit that arrow button – it’s time for battle!

As the fight continues, you have no choice but to traverse around the battlefield with only your virtual D-Pad button. With a third-person perspective camera view, you’re free to move in any direction – far away, close up and even down or up for additional insight into how military units are performing. This feature has been incredibly useful for me when I’m looking to learn from experiences and become a better player.

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Tactics are the top factor

Not only is Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 a strategic game, but it also offers an enjoyable sandbox experience when you control the characters. If you want to come out victorious from this epic battle simulator, though, then you need to craft shrewd strategies and tactics. The developer has upped their game in this respect by allowing players to construct their own campaigns – however, success relies on having knowledge of the units’ characteristics.

When you’re up against an army of infantry, artillery, and catapults, the sheer strength of their forces can be intimidating. However, these units move slowly and need to get close to your opponent in order to attack. In comparison, a combined force of archers with cavalry may just be the edge you need for victory!

Strategic placement of your forces is essential to victory. To maximize effectiveness, you should place the more agile units who can move rapidly and attack from a distance in the rear while stationing those with slower movement or limited close-range combat capabilities closer to the frontlines between both parties.

This strategy is quite a perplexing idea, so it’s hard for me to specify when and how certain units should be used. It really depends on your intuition; you’ll know in the moment what to do when you are faced with challenging circumstances. With a sharp mind and keen observation of the battlefield, success will follow!

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Hundreds of options for you to strategize and shift your approach!

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 offers an incredibly diverse selection – with six categories of units available: Melee, Ranged, Cavalry, Heavy, Special and Epic. Each group is accompanied by dozens of potential units that you can use to your advantage!

With every unit comes a list of stats like attack, attack speed, movement speed, accuracy, health and teamwork ability. To get an in-depth look at these characteristics just double tap on the name to see them up close.

To call upon troops, you will need to pay a fee. When entering battle, the system grants you coins which can then be used to recruit your army. Guard cost 100 per unit and 10 can be purchased for 1000 coins; Berserker costs 120, Cannon 300, Archer 60 and Camel 120 respectively. Utilize these funds wisely in order to assemble an invincible force!

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Lastly, there is the upgrade option. This feature helps you boost your existing units’ stats and make them battle-ready. You can easily view the cost of upgrades and available troops in the Upgrade Troops section on your main screen. With this feature, you will be able to maximize every unit’s potential for engaging in combat successfully!

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Thrilling multiplayer and other exciting modes await!

If you’re looking for an even more immersive experience, try playing Epic Levels mode or Online PvP. To use this mode and to match up with friends, you’ll need to create a unique account including your nickname, username and password so the system can detect your identity. Additionally, when reaching certain achievement milestones in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2, you will be rewarded with exclusive bonuses!

Upon conquering level 50, you can access Epic Levels mode – the most challenging of them all. Here, only a select few have been able to stand undefeated against legendary forces and overpowering odds. If your skills aren’t up to par or if you don’t have an effective battle strategy in place, expect defeat with no room for error.

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Participate in huge-scale battles

Epic Battle Simulator 2 can be a real spectacle, with up to 1.3 million characters going head-to-head in spectacular fashion. I’m often left wondering if my device could handle such an explosive experience without crashing or lagging – fortunately, the developers have optimized it well and the game plays smoothly! Plus, they’ve added thrilling new elements like elephants, dragons and dinosaurs into the mix – making part two much more diverse than before. It’s no wonder why this is one of the craziest numbers I’ve heard!

Impressive 3D graphics

Through my review, I discovered that Epic Battle Simulator 2 is not the most visually impressive game on the market. Nonetheless, it is well optimized for mid-range Android devices and has more rendered effects than its predecessors along with improved motion processing. The character designs are polished along with an intuitive user interface so you can play without any bugs or glitches!

About Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK version

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK will give you unlimited money that you can use to purchase powerful weapons, armor and other accessories for your troops.
  • Mega Menu: Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK also features a new ‘Mega Menu’ that allows you to manage your troops, weapons, and game settings in an easy-to-understand layout.


Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK is a great way to get an upper hand in the game as it gives you unlimited money and access to powerful weapons, armor and other upgrades. The intuitive menu makes managing your troops easy while the improved motion processing allows for smoother gameplay. So what are you waiting for? Download Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK now and gain the edge over your opponents!


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