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Watch your head in gladiator car fights! In this game you knock your friend in the head with a stunt driving cars to score. We guarantee crazy casual and ranked multiplayer motor sports fun with friends.
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Apr 20, 2023
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Drive Ahead MOD APK is a racing game with a difference- the goal of the drivers isn’t to finish first, but to crush other drivers in 1v1 matches. So now I’m not sure if it’s more accurate to call this a racing game or fighting game. This game was released by Dodreams and is free on both Android and iOS.

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Introduce about Drive Ahead!

Drive Ahead is a gladiator game that uses custom vehicles to defeat your enemies. The platform concept is used to diversify the gameplay and make the control system simpler and more comfortable for some multiplayer styles. Its entertainment is always fresh, as new events, activities, and challenges are updated every week.

Crush your opponent

There is no story in this game. I’m a driver who participates in an arena and wants to outdo other drivers witnessed by tens of thousands of spectators on the stands, just like an Olympics. The enthusiasm and frenzy of the crowd, the lighting system and excellent sound of the arena are all reminiscent of an Olympics. Because this sport does not exist on Earth, it’s very probable that it’s a sport played on another planet.

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The game Drive Ahead! is easy to play. Use your right or left hand to touch the screen and control the vehicle. Swipe up when you want the car to jump. The aim of the game isto knock over your opponents by crashing into them with your own car, thereby gaining a point (or star). Whoever gets the most points first wins the game.

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To win Drive Ahead, you must learn how to master the automobile, the bounce, and the game’s tracks. In this game, speed is not crucial. having speed gives you an edge, but it does not guarantee victory. To make the gaming more difficult, certain courses are built with a lot of pitfalls, such as flames ready to burn your car or bombs ready to explode at any time. You could lose because to an overturning accident or due to entering the game’s traps. As a result of this , mastering the routes is critical for you avoid common errors.

Two modes for you to choose

Before beginning, you must first overcome the AI in Single Player mode. In Drive Ahead!, the AI is difficult to beat but not impossible with courage and skills. You will have to be brave, Defeat all opponents and complete missions to receive valuable rewards like coins. After each match ends, you are given a specific amount of coins which can be used later to unlock certain features or packages in the game such as upgrading vehicles

If you enjoy competing against and interacting with other gamers, PvP Arena is the game for you. You and any online player from all around the world will be matched together in a game. Or join friends over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to socialize and interact. The game is certain to provide you with the most entertaining entertainment experiences possible.

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Unlock new cars

You must first unlock the unique car (Common) by opening a box. You can acquire automobiles in the Store after you have sufficient funds. Each vehicle has its own aesthetic. You can unlock any automobile and add it to your garage based on your preferences. Size is an advantage for big vehicles, but smaller ones have acceleration and adaptability on their side. It all comes down to your control inputs. Some of the cars you may select include Monster Truck, Antique F1, Banana Car, Beast…

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Pixel graphics

Drive Ahead! is designed based on impressive pixel graphics. Although the image quality is not high, the game has many crazy effects and realistic physical movements. In addition, pixel graphics have somewhat reduced the violence of the game. Funny sounds and humor are key to helping the game increase its appeal.

About Drive Ahead MOD APK version

MOD Feature

Menu, Dumb Enemy, God Mode, Damage


Car racing games are the best mood changers and can make us feel better even at our worst times. However, imagine if you had a fantastic pixel graphic car crashing game with infinite money and all vehicles unlocked. You would start falling in love with it! If this sounds like something that would make you happy, click the link above to download Drive Ahead MOD APK. This modified version is everything you need to brighten up your dull moments!

What's new


Racing season
High-speed Racing tracks and missions!
Race your enemies to reach the finish line!

New car boxes
New themed car boxes come in three rarities, each with increasingly higher rarity contents



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