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Build a world of powerful dragons. Play “Dragon Village” to raise, feed and breed your own lovable, friendly, adorable dragons.
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The game of strategy and management is back with an all-new take on PC gaming! Welcome to Dragon Village, where you can create your village filled not only with magical creatures but also powerful ones. Gather resources like wood or ore to make buildings that will help grow their army – if they’re willing to fight by yours too? Introduce yourself to various activities within the world such as crafting items at The Smithy; Fishing spots along riverbanks while waiting out storms (and much more!).


The player is allowed to create their ultimate dragon roster by choosing from many different mighty creatures, each with its unique powers and abilities. gamers will be able freely to build various habitats for the dragons in this village they have founded; it’s up to you whether or not there should even exist any sort of law/restriction against building outside oone’swalls!

Discover the many benefits of breeding with this interesting game. Unlock rare dragons and make your village great again in style! Learn more about what it has to offer by reading our reviews below, including tips for getting started as well if you’re just coming out from under those rocks where people say ‘it’s not like Minecraft.

Introducing DRAGON VILLAGE – city sim mania

The world of Dragon Village MOD APK is a magical place where you can explore the unknown and fascinating dragon continent. There, gamers will have their chance to become an aspiring wizard who lives in this amazing landscape with all its unique creatures! The power of the dragons is something that cannot be matched. They are so strong but they need someone to take care of them in order not to arm anyone or anything around themselves with their great forcefulness!


Hatching dragon eggs is the first step in creating your oword-wielding, magic-casting bad boy. With these babies at hand, it’s time to start training them up and making sure they’re as strong or powerful for combat situations that ever need to arise! Breeding new dragons to unlock exciting species with better powers is tons of fun! Take your army into many an adventure where you can earn lots more interesting rewards and get even bigger than ever before.

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Use the wide variety of available buildings in this game to create your dragon village. Unlock interesting dragons with different powers and combine their abilities for an even more powerful roster! Breed rare breeds if you want specific ones that are hard or impossible to find on solo mode – it’s worth doing because these can help build up a strong team before taking on those tough opponents one-on-one The more challenges you take on, the better your chances of unlocking new powers for yourself and even some awesome rewards. So jump right in there with us!

Explore the features of DRAGON VILLAGE – city sim mania

Build your own Dragon Village empire

The best way to enjoy your time in Dragon Village is by building an amazing village and designing it however you want. Feel free to see different buildings each having their unique effects on the lands; find out which ones work well together for habitat creation or battle strategies! Unlock the buildings that will help you breed, hatch or earn resources for your dragons. Make use of available expanding options so it’s easy to expand and generate more income from breeding adults! unlock upgrades in these structures which improve their effectiveness too.


Feel free to interact with dragon mascots

The best part about playing as a dragon is that you get access to all these cool abilities and powers. Make sure not only do they have fun names, but also personalities that will help bring them alive on the screen! Your dragon residents are more than happy to work on different buildings, especially if you assign them jobs that offer rewards. This will help speed up the process and earn you some game resources!

Build your strong squad to fight other dragons

With the new update, Android gamers can now choose from multiple dragon types and build their ultimate roster of powerful beings to battle it out against other players. Utilize each one’s unique traits or powers to create an unbeatable team! The game has exciting and ever-escalating gameplay, which will always keep you hooked. In addition to this, multiple maps can be discovered throughout your journey so no matter where in the world players find themselves they won’t run out of things to do!

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Various dragons with unique abilities

The imagination is the limit to this village. You can explore a huge collection of dragons, each having its unique looks and abilities! With the new dragon species, players will have even more options when it comes to evolving their dragons and building dream teams. Not only that but with all of these evolutions you can create different forms for each one so they’re unique in battle!

Breed many dragon species to get rare species

The breeding option is an interesting way to get new dragons. You can either purchase eggs from the shop or loot them as rewards in-game and then let them on your display for a few days before hatching them into healthy little guys! The breeding options in Dragon Village allow you to create a whole new species of da ragon with your very own eggs. With the crossbreed option, it’s now possible for two different types or breeds to all hopelessly in love and mate producing an adorable baby that neither could have created alone!


Complete quests for achievements and great rewards

Android gamers will be rewarded with a variety of different prizes throughout the game. Depending on their levels, your rewards also increase in value and significance as you play through them Engage yourself for some great loot by playing actively – don’t forget to enjoy these amazing things that are just waiting around every corner!

Receive attractive gifts every day

The gifts are out there for the taking. All you have to do is log into your game and pick up some! Get a daily reward just by being active in-game, then stack them together by returning every day – that’s all it takes before huge prizes await weekly winners who will be announced at random on Friday nights during gameplay periods designated “weekly rewards.



They say that the best things in life are free, but if you’re looking to get your hands on some awesome dragon-raising action then look no further than Dragon Village. Collect and train different breeds of dragons all while building up an army for battle!

To make the game more accessible, Tap Pocket also included offline gameplay in Dragon Village so Android gamers can enjoy playing it even without an Internet connection. As a result of this addition to their already amazing app-providing service and customer support team work with you through any problems or issues that arise while using your device’s functions on our app!

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