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Are you interested in playing detective and solving crimes from the comfort of your home? If so, download Criminal Case MOD APK (Unlimited Energy/Hints/Point/Stars) now!
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Mar 2, 2022
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Criminal Case MOD APK offers you a variety of exciting cases to investigate and find the real culprit behind them. With this game, you’ll never be bored as there’s always a new case for you to solve.

Introduce about Criminal Case

Criminal Case is the perfect game for anyone aspiring to be a legendarily great policeman. You’ll never stop receiving complex cases as soon as you set foot in this world, which provides the opportunity to show off your skills at finding culprits- just like in criminal movies! We’ll take you through bloody scenes while searching high and low for extraordinary evidence, and once we findthe perpetrator, you getto interrogate them alongside other people involved.

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Mission in the grimsborough police team

The majority of the cases you will encounter are murder-related. You will take on the role of a police officer and work to solve these cases effectively. Please be aware that you will be joining the Grimsborough police team – one of the squads that should not be underestimated. Even criminals who have heard your name are startled. So, Criminal Case welcomes you to come in and show off your talents to those who have passed away. In addition, there are experienced seniors who will guide you actively throughout this process.

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Explore the professor’s

When you play Criminal Case, Scene First, you’ll be transported to the crime scene after receiving a report of somebody’s death. Each scene will tell adifferent story. In one example, the victim is a professor who was found dead in his bathtub still wearing his work clothes and glasses. The bathroom appears to be chaotic, as if there was a struggle. Now it’s up to the player to track down each clue and find out who is behind the murder.

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The miserable market appears before your eyes

Furthermore, you will visit an alley where a murder took place but no suspects were found. Once you arrive at the scene, it is in disarray with evidence strewn about. Trolleys or bicycles that are overturned and lying on the ground can be vital clues, as well as crushed watermelons. By examining each clue carefully, you may be able to discern if the murderer is still active.

Look for hard evidence to figure out who did it

After you’ve collected all the clues, it’s time to start analyzing them. Not everything you suspect will be helpful evidence, so this stage is critical. The better detective you are at this stage, the better your chances of success. Every piece of evidence you find or deduce becomes a part of your argument, so pay attention to detail and think things through carefully.

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Punishment for the offender awaits

After you find the evidence, you can bring the murderer to justice. They will be punished before the law for their crimes. However, this battle for justice will still have to pass a final stage in court. Players nervously observe, evaluate, and give advice and unexpected evidence to their lawyers as they hope for a favorable outcome. A city full of catastrophes is raging against those who break the law – waiting for you to catch them all.

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Epic graphics

Criminal Case’s animations are very smooth and fluid, although you can’t control any of the characters. This is more like a moving novel than a 3D game, but it’s still exciting!

Key features

  • Become an integral part of the Grimsborough police department specializing in solving unlimited murder cases.
  • In this barbaric scene, explore and look for unusual things to collect mysterious items.
  • The search for accurate evidence to bring criminals to light, ready to endure punishments from the law.
  • Get the suspects and question them to see who committed a crime.
  • See who among you and your friends can solve the case quickest to become the best private detective.

About Criminal Case MOD APK version

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Energy, Hints, Point, Stars

Download Criminal Case MOD APK Unlimited Energy, Hints, Point, Stars) for Android

Criminal Case MOD APK will show you exactly how a case is handled with a process. It also demonstrates the brutality of the perpetrators that committed barbaric murder. The pursuit of justice is in your hands, so make them pay for their crimes.

In conclusion, Pretty Simple should consider adding a more comprehensive case file to their proposal, which may be beneficial for students of criminal psychology.



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