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You became a boss of the factory that can make anything.
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May 18, 2022
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Have you ever been curious as to what goes on inside a factory? Eager to learn more about the production chains and what tasks you’ll have as a manager? In this fascinating game from Cheetah Games, you can find out everything there is to know. Dive into the simple yet addicting gameplay in Factory Inc as you take control of an entire manufacturing facility. Increase your production efficiency, select the right products to produce, and earn enough money to expand your infrastructure. Discover more about addictive gameplay with our reviews of Factory Inc MOD APK.

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About Factory Inc

Cheetah Games is a mobile game creation subsidiary of Cheetah Mobile, which has been producing games and apps since 2014. It is the “father” of numerous distinct and appealing mobile games. Piano Tiles 2, Rolling Sky are just two examples that have more than 100 million downloads on Google Play.

Cheetah’s newest “point and click” game, Factory Inc., is its most popular. The game follows the name by allowing you to learn, manufacture, and construct a factory that produces everything you want. You can expand your business and transform it into the world’s largest chain of factories as your brand grows in popularity.

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Become a boss

Factory Inc has a more challenging beginning when compared to other simulation games. To operate the factory, you must understand the functioning principles of thousands of devices that you have never seen before. More than 20 distinct types of machines are available, each with its own set of applications. Furthermore, each kind of machine is only capable of producing specific items, thus choosing the right machinery is essential. The machines must run in line and be automated in order to function at their best efficiency levels for mass production.

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When the machines are running smoothly, the product manufacturing process will begin. Then you may create thousands of vital goods in your life. There are more than 90 distinct types of items that may be consumed, including appliances, mobile phones, toys, and even automobiles and motorcycles. The equipment is ready; all you have to do now is choose a product and trade effectively to earn high profits and construct a large factory.

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Earn money

To become rich in Factory Inc, your factory must sell as many items as feasible. The greatest approach to retain clients and be profitable is to increase product quality. Furthermore, running the facility is a new and challenging business. Knowing certain business strategies from other factories is an efficient method to enhance earnings while minimizing danger.

Some tips & tricks

Here are some helpful hints for dealing with Factory Inc:

  • Operating equipment efficiently: This enables the efficient production of a large amount of items while ensuring high quality. To minimize disruptions in production, maintain your machinery up to date and repaired. Purchase new machines to expand your operations and unlock new products.
  • Hiring managers: It’s difficult to do everything yourself for the large number of automated machines and production lines. As a result, you need managers with various skills to assist you. Then all you have to do is make money.
  • Use boosters: The Speed Booster and Money Booster symbols are in the lower-right corner of the screen. They will aid you in increasing profits and lowering production time. To use them, you must view one 15-30 second advertisement.
  • Orders priority: You’ll see purchase orders on the left side of the screen. These are items that need high-quality and quantity, as well as a specific timetable, and thus must be completed first.
  • Get free money: There are unmanned planes that appear to pay you money. To obtain cash, click on it.
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Achievement collection

The achievement collection is the set of tasks you must accomplish in Factory Inc to earn your rewards. There are many incentives available, but diamonds are among the most valuable. This is a high-end currency that can only be earned by competing in leaderboards. You may use them to acquire high-end equipment and access costly goods.

You may also take part in an interesting special event, “Tap The Gold, Get Money”, which consists of a race to fulfill certain conditions. This is a difficult challenge. In the time this game lasts, you must earn a specific amount of money. You will receive prestigious medals as compensation.

Build your factory

When you’ve made a lot of money, you may increase your firm and construct a bigger factory. In Factory Inc, scaling up the facility entails selling it! It does sound silly, but it’s true. Once you get used to a new factory, restarting with a new one isn’t tough. Furthermore, when you sell the facility, you’ll receive a multiplier that can be used to improve all aspects of your business. As a result, in just a few months, you’ll have established yourself an extremely strong factory many times larger than before.

Download Factory Inc MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, Factory Inc MOD APK is a fun game. However, if you want to succeed in this game, it will take some time. This game is also an excellent choice for testing your own business and factory management.


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