10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool

Fire GFX is a sensitivity tool app for One Tap gamers because when you use it you can see there is no lag in game. In this application we are generate a best sensitivity for gaming, we provide Macro Sensi with aim crosshair tool and perfect custom HUD and DPI for Raistar, White444 and Ruok.
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Oct 3, 2022
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10X Fire’s AI technology is a game-changer for those who want to maximize their performance and enjoy an unmatched experience. With 10xfire, you can change the parameters of your favorite games in ways that were never possible before! There are a lot of different ways to customize your lifestyle. You can change some things without creating an imbalance, and at the same time have advantages over others!


Introducing 10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool

The Fire GFX Tool is a free app that lets you change the game quality on your phone. It’s available for both Android and IOS users, so download it now if high-quality gaming excites you! The best shooting game for all lovers of this genre! With the Shootee app, you can adjust various settings to make your experience better. It’s like having an additional control panel that allows you more precision and selects different types of weapons with just one touch on screen – it saves time when in combat mode since we’re used to doing so anyway thanks I’m pretty certain they gave us guns instead mice at some point during childhood but whatever.

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Explore the features of the 10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool

The 10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool APK allows you to customize the quality and actions of your game on mobile. You can change sensitivity, aim icon size, or position an output device’s DPI (dots per inch). This application also offers options for customizing other settings such as HUD visibility & centering it over certain areas when zooming out so that players know exactly where they need their shot before firing!

Easily check phone configuration

To get started with customizing game parameters, it’s important to check your device and know what metrics are available on the phone or tablet. For example, if you have an API level of 10 then chances are good that there won’t be any games worth playing since this means minimal resources will go into making graphics bright enough for viewing!

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You might want to try adjusting settings such as brightness before giving up hope altogether- adjust everything possible because who knows when something new comes along? With the launch of this new game, all information is displayed visually on a screen. There’s no need for any third-party software or application to check phone parameters–the next step in customizing your experience would be making changes at will!

Precise DPI and sensitivity changes

The game offers two versions, including the traditional FF version for those who want to experience everything in one go or if they have limited time. Additionally, there’s a Max Mode where players can choose between different scopes and gun types so that every player has an opportunity at their gameplay style!

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Gaming is all about customizing your experience and Free Fire lets you do just that. You can change the sensitivity of Red Dot, 2x Scope, or 4 x scope to suit whatever type suits best for each game but if in addition, they increase their DPI index so many more accurate shots will be taken with any firearm!

With these statistics in mind, you can see why the Free Fire controller was designed with a similar format. Furthermore, each game is automatically suggested to have corresponding customized assets which will make your experience easier and more fun!

Adjusting Aimbot and HUD

The 10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool offers a variety of options to customize your Aimbot. You can choose from circular or square icon styles, as well as the size and color preference for both the icons themselves on the screen respectively – all with just one quick touch!

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With a more beautiful and professional interface design, the game will inspire gamers to play for hours on end. The app will provide a premium entertainment experience with its customizable HUD patterns. Users can choose from various templates to make the game more interesting and fun!

Simple and easy-to-use interface

With so many features and customization options, this application is easy to use. Clicking on each tab displays detailed information about how you can install or personalize it for your specific needs – there’s nothing more that needs to be done!

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The dark background of the application interface makes it easy to find and use. The icons are also quite lovely, suitable for many gamers who want an attractive smartphone app with simple operations that they can navigate quickly without having difficulty understanding what is going on or making mistakes while using it!

Enjoy the extra features of the 10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool

  • This enhances your accuracy and makes you more effective in various situations or shooter games.
  • The recoil on the weapons should be lessened to give players better control when shooting at any distance without losing accuracy, even if they are using one of those more powerful guns.
  • The crosshairs on your screen can be a very important tool in determining how you play and what experience await. Be sure to change them out for different sizes or colors if needed, so that way they’re customized just right!
  • The new HUD for professionalism is a must-have! It will enhance your experience and even optimize the screen to make sure you have an easy time interacting with it.
  • The custom features of this aimbot will help you become more accurate, and it’s easy to use.

Install 10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool APK

  1. If you have another version of the 10x fire gfx sensitivity tool installed on your phone, please uninstall it before proceeding with step one.
  2. Click the link in this article to download and install a MOD APK file.
  3. The installation will be complete shortly. Please wait a few moments for the process to finish and enjoy using your new app!
  4. Check out this amazing new app! It has everything you need and more.


The 10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool is the perfect solution for any gamer who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on their gaming device. This program offers great features that allow users with less-than-$50 devices to play games just as well, if not better than those using high-end smartphones!

This app is the perfect solution for gamers who want to take their gaming experience up a notch. Simply customize parameters like sensitivity, display quality, and more without having any difficulties with settings because they’re all readily accessible in an intuitive interface that only takes minutes of your time! Furthermore, this program comes completely free if you download our APK file – so what are waiting for? Get it now from Google Play Store before there’s no one left playing games anymore!

What's new

- Headshot Tool Enhanced
- Sensitivity Level Increased
- Perfect DPI Settings Added
- Bugs Fixed


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