Wonder Planetes

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Nov 2, 2022
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Wonder Planetes Mod APK – An action game is coming! Around 30 beautiful operators in a pleasant environment!

Itroduce about Wonder Planetes

Wonder Planetes is a high-intensity mobile game with intense combat! Take part in a variety of battles, including the main mission, which has 60 distinct patterns, the defensive battle to protect the decoy, and the wargame to gather crystals. You’ll be able to obtain one-of-a-kind operator skins and modify your skill combinations as you complete objectives.

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It’s simple to play, but difficult to win

In Wonder Planetes, only fighting is required to progress through a stage. The character will have a weapon picked for him or her and will automatically attack any adjacent targets in a horizontal screen interface. The player must maneuver the crane on the left side to avoid attacks while maintaining a safe distance by moving continuously with the Quick Glide button. You may use the Quick Glide button to flee if necessary.

The enemies that appear in each stage will be numerous. In the final wave, players will face a huge, powerful boss. You’ll get gold coins, extra experience points, resources, and the option to unlock new characters after completing a level.

wonder planetes mod apk download


There are a plethora of different items, components, and equipment to collect! As the battle progresses, you’ll have the option to outfit and improve a variety of operators, battleships, and components. To fight against strong bosses from various genres at higher levels, both your operator and battleship must be leveled up.

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What a wonderful set of operator’s sketches! The alluring ladies are now waiting for your challenge. After each and every fight that you win, you will be able to collect attractive operator’s drawings! Who will be in command of the following operation?

That never stops

An Endless supply of goods is available thanks to the Infinite Knowledge interface. What a whirlwind! You may raise your fleet by using Expedition, which will provide you with more crucial supplies as well as the Essence Lab and Research Lab. You’ll need to play the game very carefully in order to obtain what you want. Do not overlook daily and weekly tasks that give you a large number of items.

wonder planetes apk

Fierce competition PvP, Arena!

The PVP Arena is a 3vs3, 1vs1, and 3v3 PVP Arena that operates on a seasonal basis. There are distinct insignia for each rank that correspond to your grade. Awards are handed out depending on how well you performed in the season of the Arena.

2D beautiful graphics, sexy girls

Despite the fact that this game only has 2D visuals, the creator was incredibly attentive and diligent in sculpting, finishing every aspect of the design process. As a result, assessing the sound in particular or overall player experience quality from the effects is difficult.

The overall structure of the game is based on the types of images that entice players – hot, attractive women. The longer you play, the more characters you have. Each of these characters has three distinct talents: Main Skill, Active Skill, and Passive Skill. Prior to each encounter, the player must pick one of them.

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Wonder Planetes Mod APK is a game that’s definitely worth trying. It’s got great graphics, interesting gameplay, and a lot of replay value. If you’re looking for a game to play on your downtime, this is definitely one to check out!

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