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Jul 12, 2022
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About Vivamax Mod APK

Filipinos enjoy watching movies and shows, whether local or foreign. Because of this, you’ll discover a variety of original films and series on many channels throughout the country streaming nationally. It’s an exciting business in which lots of people aspire to become artists and creative individuals. This implies that plenty of others may see original Filipino films and series on TV. If you’re seeking for a location to view all genuine Philippine content, Vivamax Mod APK is the app for you.

Vivamax Mod APK is a free mobile app available on the Android and iOS platforms. It’s like Netflix for Philippine cinema and television, all in one app that you can enjoy no matter where you are in the world. And since Filipinos are all around the world, this is the greatest app to download so they may reminisce about and appreciate Filipino culture. You may also watch films and shows whether you’re not Filipino!


Filipino Content You’ll Find It Here

When it comes to hobbies, the average Filipino spends most of their leisure time watching TV shows or playing with friends. Even if your home is large or modest, there is almost always at least one television. As a result, over the years many creative films and series have been produced that you may view today. There are several of these original movies and programs available in Vivamax Mod APK!

Today, you can watch a lot of movies and shows on Kodi. Unified, Pakboys, Sana All, Paglaki ko, and many more recently released films are among them. You may view a wide range of original works from the firm with outstanding artists in the country. Films featuring Nadine Lustre, Vhong Navarro , Sarah Geronimo , and many other top-notch performers are available to stream right now! In addition, you can watch all of them without being interrupted by commercials or anything else.

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You can find another Movie App at Google Play!

You may also save them to your computer and view them whenever you choose when you’re not connected. All of the films and programs in this section are available for download.

Vivamax Mod APK Features

There are a lot of entertaining films and series all around the world. However, the finest ones are produced in their own countries. In Vivamax Mod APK, you may now enjoy thousands of Filipino movies and series.

Go Live and Enjoy – Kicking it back at the weekends and binge-watching movies or shows is the most relaxing thing there is. Filpino people all around the world like to watch and forget their problems for a while. However, streaming platforms today offer nothing that compares to what was available previously. Vivamax Mod APK is one of the greatest providers of Filipino programming, with many unique films and series to enjoy right now. Today’s offerings include high-quality entertainment that allows you to watch fantastic television programs and movies.


You can watch movies and shows like Unified, The Great Unknown, Sid & Aya, Kickboxer, and many more at AnimePuki. These films and series have received excellent reviews from critics and fans alike. There are several great movies and series you may watch right now in a few clicks. Furthermore, by downloading them for offline viewing, you may save money on data charges.

Filipino Films and Shows – The Philippines is home to a variety of channels and production companies. However, one of the most significant ones is Vivamax Mod APK, which currently has a lot of movies and shows available. These films and shows may now be streamed at any time on any device! They work like streaming services, allowing you to enjoy them all in one app!

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Add titles to Watchlist – You may add any number of tags to your watchlist so that you don’t have to search for them every time. Aside from their titles, you’ll be able to view the trailer and read additional information about the films and shows. You can add a lot of movies and TV shows to your watchlist right now. To enjoy them later, go through them all.

Download for Watching Offline – You may also save money on mobile data by downloading all of the films and series to watch offline. Today, thanks to this feature, you can save a lot of money on your mobile bill. You can download and watch videos on the app that you want now so you can watch them later. It allows you to store and watch videos from the app, which is great for streaming.

Uninterrupted HD quality – Vivamax Mod APK also offers a wealth of video content in various resolutions, from VGA to HD. You may now watch without being interrupted thanks to the lack of advertising.

Download Vivamax Mod APK – Premium account!

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