Do you like post apocalypse survival? In this game you will meet many interesting monsters and undead. Build houses and equip your base. Craft, mine resources, create tools and weapons. Shoot and kill unique zombies. Create your own open world.
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Dec 15, 2022
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TEGRA Mod APK – Post Apocalypse Survival is a first-person shooter game that will have you fighting for your life against creatures from another dimension. With exciting combat locations, you’ll get to shoot zombies with an arsenal of different weapons. The game also includes an intriguing narrative that will leave you wanting more. So pick up the fight and rise up to survive in this hazardous new world.

How to Create firearms in a Post-Apocalyptic World

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Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this game is mystical and unique, providing an opportunity for players to explore new creatures and Bosses. When the doorways opened, resulting in a cataclysmic event, zombies attacked humanity with full force in order to dominate the planet. You are one of the few who survived and have been given the responsibility of destroying those monsters so their plan does not come true. The setting takes place in an enormous forest that provides adventurous opportunities for all who play.

Sustaining Life & Locating Help

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You will need to possess excellent strength and durability if you want to make it through your quest in TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival. Not only will you have difficulty with the landscape and climate, but a severe lack of resources such as firearms and rations. If food and water aren’t available, your life energy will slowly deplete. You’ll also need to explore different areas of the forest for additional items that can be used to create weapons or other necessities. With a stomach full of food and a powerful set of weaponry, you’ll be able defend against monster attacks extend your time in the forest.

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Battle with The Boss

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The most serious issue you’ll encounter in TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival is fights with otherworldly creatures that emerge through a mystical portal. You will be engaged in these confrontations alone, so it’s critical that you learn to defend yourself and use effective strategies to destroy zombies. Furthermore, to win the boss fight finale, you must arm yourself with top weapons and develop strong attacking abilities.

Features TEGRA Mod APK

  • Many weapons are available to use against the risen.
  • Use weapons made with over 150 distinct crafting recipes to battle it out in the arena.
  • The greatest adventure game for survivors.

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  • Journey across the world to find resources and maintain your way of life.
  • Classic battles will be faced by players with numerous, one-of-a-kind game levels.

TEGRA MOD APK v1.4.34 (Free Purchases)

What's new

- Improved EXP balance
- Improved melee weapon attack
- Boxes with loot are now highlighted
- Fixed minor bugs with nline saves

If you have any questions about new saves, write to the support.



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