Stick Fight: The Game Mobile
Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is an official stick-fighting game on mobile. Join the hilarious brawler, Stick Fight: The Game Mobile, which is a physics-based couch/online fighting game where you battle it out as the iconic stick figures from the golden age of the internet.
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NetEase Games
Jan 30, 2023
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Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is a basic game that doesn’t invest much in visuals, so it’s not surprising that it’s similar to Sticky Games. Despite the fact that there are no breathtaking visuals, what compensates for it is a lovely and engaging way to play. Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is the ideal choice when you want a multiplayer game that is both fun and wasting time. Friends can fight each other to see who will be the last one standing. Use the weirdest and most funny weapons you can find. Stickman characters with bright colors have special powers that make them invincible. Compete in a massive and dynamic environment that is filled with strategies.

It is not necessary for a game to have excellent graphics. Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is an excellent illustration of the old adage. Every player in the world may participate. The game places you in a 4-player arena, and all must strive to survive. That, of course, necessitates us attacking one another. Make use of a variety of amusing weapons with creative strategies. You can practice combat abilities while watching how the personality moves. It’s also feasible to learn how to kill an opponent in a matter of seconds.

There are four virtual keys on the screen that players can use to control their character in each match. These include a joystick for movement, a basic attack button, a jump button, and a special skill button. Combined, these create countless possibilities for unique gameplay. Find the quickest method to demolish your opponents and take control. You may punch, kick, and use any weapon you can find, as well as cast skills to deal damage. Stick Fight: The Game Mobile’s battleground will be extremely chaotic and amusing. All must fight to the death until only one person survives. Can you show that you’re a winner?

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The unique range of weapons

Each game round is more hectic thanks to the weapon system. There are a variety of genres and themes, such as guns, cannons, bombs, and occasionally strange things like a gun that shoots snakes… The battle was transformed into non-fiction by the concept of the limitless weapon. Pick your favorite category. You will have 100 different options of artillery to employ in every game. Construct the most humorous and bizarre fatalities in the warzone. Play with high-powered firearms with your friends and have a fantastic time. You will create a killing raucous but comical gathering. Be the best version of yourself and leave your competition in the dust.

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Diverse game screen terrain

Another indication of the developer’s attention to detail is the game screen. We don’t have to fight on a dull airplane anymore. The islands in the sky, the arena is made up of towering columns, and the Warehouse is packed with interactive items… Each level contains its own strategy. Apply your knowledge of the terrain and objects at that level to your advantage. Create a perfect strategy before you begin playing. You can defend by climbing up tall pillars, but be wary because your enemies may topple them. To impede opponents from reaching an area, use objects to build a barrier. There are an infinite number of possibilities open to you.

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Constantly changing appearance

At the Avatar store, you can find never-seen-before colors to make your character stand out among other players. You and your friends can pick a color that you all like, then go to the store together and change the color of each of your characters. Without the different colors of the character, it is difficult to recognize who is and the enemy. Sometimes unique colors also give you an indirect advantage. For example, red or orange colors are easy to confuse with the explosion effect. Create your advantage from the simple mechanics of the game; using strategy instead of chance in order to always hold victory in hand.

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile modification may appear to be easy, but it will provide you and your pals with the most feelings. It’s terrific to have a product that can satisfy the needs of a large number of players at the same time. Fight in an enormous area. There aren’t many situations where using a variety of unusual weapons with strategies is usual. Compete in a thrilling tournament to be the last person standing and victory. After winning, there will mostly be cheers and enthusiasm.

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Authentic Stick Fight game from NetEase Games

Although there are already several stickman games on the Uptomods, none of them have the level of detail and exciting gameplay that Stick Fight has. That’s because it is the official version of the famous game developer NetEase Games. Consequently, you’ll observe many notable differences between this game and other third-party games.

Simple control and realistic mechanics

The game is easy to control–you merely move your character around the screen to avoid enemies’ attacks while fighting back using your weapons. It may be a stick fight game, but it still has realistic mechanics that make each fight look very captivating. The graphics, sound effects (which we’ll discuss in future articles), and authentic gameplay come together to make Stick Fight: The Game an essential title for any Android user’s library.

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Frenzy brawls with friends

If you’re getting bored of fighting the computer-generated enemies in-game, there’s still a lot of fun to be had with the local multiplayer mode. You can connect with up to three friends and play co-op missions or have an all-out brawl against each other. Tons of frenzy and hilarious moments are awaiting.

Dozens of discoverable features

Following your mission to destroy your foes, you’ll be able to access a huge mission system with dozens of distinctive stages and over 100 maps to discover. Each map has its own set of obstacles that must be overcome swiftly using your set of abilities.

In addition, the game provides a large number of accessible weapons to use against your opponents to deal substantial damage. Secondly, these aren’t typical weapons; they’re “funny” weapons. While this won’t make your firepower stronger, it’s still hilarious to watch them operate. For example, you can find guns that shoot out snakes or useless bombs for killing yourself. As they always said, sacrificing could also be an option.

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Built-in level editor

To make your experiences even better, you’ll also be able to use our unique level design feature to construct levels however you want. You may build your own maps with custom designs, creatures, and obstacles to play a friendly game with your pals or put your talents to the test against swarms of incoming foes. That being said, the only limit is your own creativity.

Customize your stick figures

If you’re not a master of drawing fantastic concept art characters, you might want to give customizing your Stick heroes a try. With the exciting character customization tools, you may freely customize your stick man in any way you choose to make them more appealing, adding new colors or a new avatar for example. It’s entirely up to you to make the adjustments.

Compete with players from all around the world

combatting the AI or your friends can get old quickly, so NetEase Games also allows you to go up against players from all corners of the globe in online battles. Bring your best skills and strategies to defeat the enemy and make your nation proud. You can also compare yourself against other top players to see if you have what it takes to be crowned Champion.

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The game has a cartoonish, juvenile appearance with stick people of all sizes and shapes. The visuals are very friendly because there is no bloodshed. Even when your enemies are blown up by the fire, they would turn black, almost as if they had been painted with coal, Special effects that do not include blood or gore are permitted. Therefore, people of all ages will find the game fun and easy to play. You can let your kids enjoy the game or share it with the whole family. In addition, since to the basic visuals and visual effects, the game is extremely lightweight, allowing even older systems to run it. You’ll enjoy smooth gameplay throughout the day.

What's new

New Update:
1. Added customization options to the map editor to freely adjust object size and angle.
2. Added conveyor belt, ice platform, and other new items to the map editor.
3. Added 12 new skills; improved skill effects.
4. Improved Genetic Modification gameplay.
5. More bug fixes and additional improvements.



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