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"REAL GUITAR" is all you need to learn guitar on your mobile/tablet. Now you can strum any song anywhere! Feel your fingers transform into picks. Excellent for anyone who is passionate about the instrument and music!
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May 9, 2023
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Real Guitar uses information from professional guitarists to develop a virtual instructor that is suitable for everyone. The app is a good choice for anyone who wants to start playing the guitar, as it contains useful tutorials, lessons, and other information. It also integrates many advanced features to improve the performance of tutorials and help users master guitar basics or above.Real Guitar mod

At VARIOUS LEVELS, we have NEW GUITAR LESSONS for people of all skill levels!

Real Guitar’s main purpose is to speed up the process of learning how to use a guitar by teaching users essential techniques. Furthermore, it will commence with easy content and eventually progress into more complicated methods to improve the quality of lessons overtime. By customizing their guitar lessons to fit their needs, beginners can start learning at their own pace and discover the many joys of playing guitar.Real Guitar free apk mod

This instruction is fascinating, concise, and easy to follow. You will be guided step-by-step with tips along the way.

Our app’s tutorials have been Checked and double-checked to make sure they provide lots of valuable information for anyone new to playing the guitar. Its layout is easy to use and unique, so you can be sure that every button or chord will be pressed correctly no matter what position you’re in. There’s a lot of in-depth content available if someone wants to quickly learn how to play chords and get the best results.Real Guitar mod apk

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Different guitars to play and explore their sound and capabilities.

If you’re bored of the same old guitars, Real Guitar offers new modes and styles for users to explore. The beauty of playing guitar is that each type has its own individual lessons, sound and usage. The helpful tutorials allow users to customize lessons to their specific preferences,so that they can learn more effectively.

With over thousands of chords available, you can play any song easily.

With over 1500 chords available to discover, the app is perfect for users who want to build a comprehensive song. This allows everyone’s imagination to run wild as each cord produces its own unique sound. This makes it possible to write new songs without following any rules. With this app, not only can users record their musical creations, but they can also edit and perfect them over time by adding more chords to their library.Real Guitar free mod apk

Why not try something new and challenging by learning to play guitar songs at different levels?

Real Guitar is perfect for users who want to be continually challenged and engaged in the learning process. The great thing about these songs is that learners can personalize them to satisfy their current learning level by changing the tempo, difficulty, speed, and more. A lot of accompanying content is also helpful to add to the process, ensuring the performance or use of the lessons or tutorials are up and running.

Please share your original songs, or provide more information for the voiceover project.

After users have learned how to play the guitar, they can begin to record their playing and create custom songs. Interestingly, the system is able to recognize and record notes that people have played themselves- whether those recordings are saved or done directly in the app. Adding voiceovers to songs makes them more comprehensive and delightful than simply playing guitar sounds, regardless of the type.

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Real Guitar is a reliable and popular application that helps people master songs quickly. The system comes with plenty of features, tools, and other things to improve your guitar-playing skills and performance.Real Guitar free apk mod android


This guitar app is fascinating and helps users master their songs quickly. The in-depth and meticulous instructions make learning the instrument easy and effective.
The app contains a library of songs with detailed segments that users can follow along to, and the songs are divided into different levels of difficulty so that users can learn effectively.
With our guitar, you can explore new sounds with 1500 random chords and create songs or learn to play the guitar like a pro.
Different options for users to custumize songs, so they can challenge themselves and even learn harder songs while training their guitar skills.
songs can be easily shared, or voiceovers for custom songs imported, to create new and fascinating results out of randomness.



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