Real Cricket™ 22

Presenting Real Cricket™ 22 – The Go To Destination For Authentic Mobile Cricket Simulation Experience! The most complete and in depth cricket game experience on your mobile phones.
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Apr 3, 2023
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If you want the real deal, look no further than this Real Cricket APK for android. It has all of your favorite aspects and rules from cricket! You can even customize teams with different players so it’s like playing in an actual stadium match only better because these games don’t require any physical presence at the field Nor do they have pesky balls rolling around on the ground waiting to be lost forever (we’re not sure why people keep putting them there).


Introducing Real Cricket™ 22

The game offers 3D full stadiums with vibrant and realistic graphics. The motion-captured animations make the players look like they’re right in front of you, complete reality! Plus lighting effects add that extra something special for an even more immersive experience.

Real Cricket 22 is a fun and safe way to get your cricket on. The game has all of the authenticity that you could want from this sport without any risk because it’s designed for children as young as even at beginner levels! You can play various modes like Friendly Matches or tournaments within both domestic league cups (ICC) such International Championship runs alongside other international events like IPL Season 4 which takes place each year between April & May).

The point of Real Cricket 22 is that it offers an immersive commentary experience. The commentators will guide you through every match and provide insight into their analysis with tips for victory! The overall goal here was to make sure people knew what they were getting themselves into before playing; we think this game does just about everything right–from its competitive gameplay features all the way down t0t the witty upbeat tone used by each commentator during matches.


  • T20 Matches are short and fast-paced matches. The duration of the match is 20 overs, which means that it will take about 3 hours for a full game to be played!
  • The One Day International (ODI) is a type of match that lasts longer than T20s. These 50-over games have been around since soccer’s early days and are still popular today with many fans across the world!
  • This 5-day-long match is played with a pink ball and under the light. The duration of each game will be around 4 hours, which makes it perfect for those looking to play but who don’t have much time!
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Explore the game mode of Real Cricket™ 22

Battlezone is one of the most competitive games out there. You’ll need to bat and bowl well in order for your team (or yourself!) not only to win but also to claim victory as their own! Choose from different modes like “Stay Alive” where you can use power-ups strategically; variations include Humans vs Census Takers which requires quick thinking because enemy players will try to kill off all humans within an hour or two. There really isn’t any shortage when it comes down to deciding what type -or how many- Battlezone.


  • In a 1P vs 1P match, two teams face off and the first team to score more runs wins. You can play ranked or unranked in this mode so it’s not just about skill but also luck!
  • The Dream Team Challenge will be an intense 1-1 match between a team of legends and your average Joe. The goal for each player on the field is to make it through five matches before they’re eliminated, but there’s no time limit!
  • The Premier League is a team-based game mode where you will have to create your own 11-player roster and compete against other teams in this competition for the most runs scored during league play. The winning side gets their name branded on top of an impressive trophy!
  • The Pro Series will give you an opportunity to showcase your skills against some of the best teams in this world. You have no choice but to win, or at least come really close!
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Enjoy the features of Real Cricket™ 22

The game offers a tour mode that enables you to travel across different countries and play matches. You can use a variety of bowling styles, including off-spin or leg-spin moves with the ball while playing your shots from either front foot position as well or backfoot ones too!

  • Customize your player with a variety of different jersey and face customization options. You can also change his hairstyle, accessories, or bat to whatever you want!
  • With the graphics in this game, you will feel like a pro cricketer. You can play as many times as your heart desires without getting bored of how gorgeous everything looks!


  • This game will not require any advanced controls because of how simple they are. You’ll have no problem figuring out the mechanics or getting into a strategy with this title!
  • The sounds of cheering crowds and bats hitting balls will make you feel like you are in a real stadium.
  • More than 500 new batting shots are available in the game! The Platinum and Gold categories have been renovated with all-new options to make your experience more diverse.
  • The shot map is a great way to plan your next move. It will let you know where the ball goes after it’s hit so that no shots go wasted!
  • The game offers a variety of ways to win treasures and crucial points. You can use these rewards for all sorts of things like unlocking better features in-game!



The Real Cricket 22 APK is an exceptional game that includes several matches and tour modes. It also has various customization options, such as easy controls with simple batting styles for every player’s preference in the field or at home plate! You can use a variety of bowling techniques like beamer throws to take out your opponent quickly from anywhere on their screen – it really depends on what works best against whatever style they’re using currently.

What's new

3GB support
18 New bowling animations
5 New stadiums
Spectate mode
NEW Challengermode- Create your own and Join Tournaments
Brand new RCPL 23 with Squads, fixtures and jerseys
Season 3 – Multiplayer
Captain selection option & ODI & T20 jerseys available in tour mode
New evolved AI and enhanced gameplay
Critical bug fixes and stability improvement
Known Bug - ball is lying on the ground and the game gets stuck. Report details (field setup,shot, timing etc.) on support email / social media



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