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Apr 25, 2023
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The Phigros MOD APK unlocks all songs, so you can enjoy the best music experiences on Android. Simply download and install the game to get started.

About Phigros

Users have recently criticized Phigros for having a lengthy and unavoidable introduction. However, despite this shortcoming, the game offers an appealing experience for music lovers who are willing to invest some time into learning how to play it.Phigros free

Rhythm game brought to Android

Games such as Cytus II, Magic Tiles 3 and Piano Tiles 2 have become increasingly popular over the years. The objective for each game is to simply collect musical notes as they appear on screen. Phigros is a music-based game where you use one of four actions–touch, hold, slide, or flick to play the track. The notes continuously move from top to bottom on the screen. You win when the rhythm goes off and thenotes become sparse until the end.

However, the situation with Phigros is not so black and white. The goal of the game is to keep the line in the middle of the screen.

If you don’t collect some notes, the level can still progress, but these missed notes will make the line go down. If the line reaches the bottom of the screen, you lose and have to start over.

Phigros knows how to create a challenge that is both difficult and entertaining. The game starts off slow, giving you the false sense that it will be easy. However, as the song amps up for the chorus or hits a fast tempo, the notes come more quickly. If you don’t quicken your tapping pace, you’ll fall behind.

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Moreover, the line will constantly reverse or be tilted and rotated when affected by musical notes on either side. This is due to the wave-like nature of sound waves, which can cause interference patterns. Avoid this type of confusion by limiting these types of situations.

Furthermore, Phigros also catalogs a player’s skill rating with rating points. You can check your score after the game screen. We came to this conclusion by grading the ratio of notes played–excellent, good, or bad.Phigros free app

Enjoy every beat

There is no doubt that sound quality is the most important factor in the music industry. Players can only feel happy and relaxed when they can create sharp, high-quality sounds manually. Phigros not only creates a simulated sound system that is close to reality, but it also integrates deep music and songs. As you play Phigros, you will feel like a skilled pianist.

Phigros has 25 licensed and copyrighted songs from different genres and artists all over the world. In general, you will be happy and experience many emotions while listening to Phigros music.

What’s new in the Phigros update?

The development team at Phigros is continuing to work hard and has recently released two new singles for the game: Starduster and Paellel Retrogression. You can continue to get fresh content in the future.

The sound adjustment feature has also been added for your convenience. You can adjust the sound intensity, volume and some other effects to better suit your needs in the settings.

Vivid effects

Enjoy a feast for your eyes with the beautifully designed effects in Phigros. Our modern styles and block art are combined with great detail and care, bringing the melodies and notes to life.

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Not only does the game boast stunning graphics, but you will also unlock novels and images featuring beautiful anime characters – both boys and girls!

Phigros . MOD APK version

Features MOD

With the Phigros MOD version, you don’t have to pay anything to access all of the game’s content. Download it now and enjoy your favorite tunes!

Get the Phigros MOD APK for Android now.

Don’t miss out on Phigros, an exciting music game with high quality tunes from composers all over the world. With this game, you can forget about boredom and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind musical adventure!

What's new

1. Added Main Chapter VIII「Transit Tide」,Including Songs below :
•「The Chariot ~REVIIVAL~」by Attoclef
•「Luminescence」by 米虾Fomiki & 初云CLoudie
•「Crave Wave」by LandRoot
•「Retribution」by nm-y & Kry.exe
•「???」by ???
2. Added AT difficulty for 风屿
3. Part of UI updates


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