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PC Creator 2 is an upgraded 2.0 version of a simulator game PC Creator. In this game, you can try yourself as a PC builder, an owner of the mining farm and a computer shop like a business tycoon at the same time. During the game process, you need to complete your service's client's orders. You provide almost all services, which refer to computer: build a PC from the ground up, install software or game, change computer, complete orders, become bitcoin miner or dogecoin miner and lots more.
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Apr 28, 2023
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PC Creator 2 MOD APK is a one of kind job simulation game where your goal is to become a famous PC designer. act as CEO, and complete many tasks such big orders, supplying PC software and designing new parts.

Introduce about PC Creator 2

In PC Creator 2, you will come back as the boss of a large commercial chain store that specializes in the sale and design of PC software. You will be tasked with completing numerous challenges within the game with the ultimate goal being wealth accumulation. If you want to own multiple farms or shops, then you must first focus on completing as many orders as possible. You are responsible for all PC services such including construction, design, installation of apps/games, and much more.

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Create your own computer with professional-quality parts

If you’re not content with the computers that already exist, join PC Creator 2 and build your own custom computer. With this program, you get to choose everything from the best computer parts to the operating system. Plus, you can also install apps or games while building your dream machine. You’ll have complete control over every aspect of its creation.

3000+ items to use for crafting projects

If you have ever played PC Creator and been amazed by its many unique parts, then you will be even more astonished to know that this new version gives you over 3000 items to use in order to construct computers. With so many options available at your disposal, the only limit is your imagination in terms of what kind of products/computers you can create.

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After you graduate, you can become a mining tycoon of virtual currencies

Join PC Creator 2 to become a mining tycoon and earn a fortune.Players can learn and take courses in the game, which is unique for bitcoin or dogecoin miners. With this seminar, you will learn how to find items that are both unique and in limited supply. Not only that, but you will also discover how to create the best products for customers and get your money back guarantees. With these skills, you can become rich and well-known in your industry.

Company conferences provide an opportunity to introduce new products

With this game, you will never miss an opportunity to learn and gain knowledge from others. This is why we have created many IT conferences that you can participate in. Here, you will be able to represent your company and introduce new products. You will also find potential customers along the way. But that’s not all! You will also need to participate in small challenges and win them in order to unlock other unique items.

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Create a streamlined online store for quicker order fulfillment

One element that you can’t ignore while playing PC Creator 2 is finding ways to improve your online store. You need to develop hubs and receive commissions from customers every time they refer them to a good product. After completing the fixed tasks, you will receive money as well as experience points which can be used to level up your character. Use the extra money from upgrading the hub to buy new equipment that will be able to better serve more customers.

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Trading platform that lets you connect with other gamers

It’s awesome that PC Creator 2 gives players the opportunity to learn about and identify computer parts. You can learn how to fix common problems like removing viruses while you’re playing. Plus, the game also features a huge trading floor where you can exchange PC items with other gamers. This is a great opportunity to find limited edition parts from merchants all over the world.

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Key features

  • Construct your own computer using top-of-the-line parts, upgrade the operating system and complete bitcoin or dogecoin transactions.
  • With more than 3000 updated components, you’ll be able to design many amazing computers.
  • Upgrading your equipment and buying new gear for your online store will help you to improve it overall as you gain coins and experience points.
  • Become a real bitcoin miner and learn how to improve your computer while you mine. This game offers a fun way to learn how to remove viruses and keep your PC running smoothly.
  • On this trading platform, you can trade computer items and components with players from all around the world.
  • This is your chance to participate in IT conferences and be the first to try out new items. Complete small in-game challenges for a chance to be selected.


PC Creator 2 MOD APK is an exciting and challenging game that allows you to design and build many amazing computers. It’s a great way to learn about PC maintenance, bitcoin mining, and trading in the world of technology. So, what are you waiting for? Download PC Creator 2 MOD APK today!

What's new

List of changes:
1. Fixed item duplication
2. Fixed item disappearing
3. Optimized game process
4. Fixed visual bugs
5. Fixed other minor bugs


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