My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero

The action packed anime RPG of My Hero Academia is now available at your fingertips! Be the hero you always wanted to be from the hit anime, take powerful Quirks into battle and fight against villains alongside other players in this RPG multiplayer game! Earn rewards and immerse yourself in an exciting strategy fighting game with PVP battles & strategic missions.
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Sep 26, 2022
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My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Battle for All is now available on your phone! In this RPG multiplayer game, be the hero you always wanted to be from the smash hit anime and use potent Quirks in fights against evil villains alongside other players! Earn rewards and immerse yourself in an exciting strategy combat game with PVP battles & strategic objectives.

Players can explore the city of Honei and interact with its many citizens, heroes in training, pro heroes and scheming villains. This open world RPG offers players the opportunity to take a stroll through the streets, greet citizens and fight villains threatening the safety of the world. Players can collect their favorite anime characters from MHA to create a squad for patrol duty!

Create your own My Hero Academia characters and act out their stories! This RPG game gives you complete reign over anime figures, allowing you to train them hard, upgrade their abilities, outfit them with gear, and even feed them in order to reach the top of the Hero Rankings! Create your favorite heroes (or villains!) from My Hero Academia and roleplay as them! This RPG adventure allows you to fully control anime characters. Train hard, improve their skills, equip equipment on them, and even feed them in order to achieve the top of the Hero Rankings!

Assemble your team of heroes and take on the mightiest villains in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero! Download the game today and become the number one hero!

My Hero Academia Features:

Anime Action RPG:

– Join the cast of My Hero Academia to help protect Honei! Relive your favorite moments from the show and take on exciting new challenges as you play through the story.

– Epic battles, regular tasks, login bonuses, special stages, large boss fights, and new character debuts are all common.

– In-game recreations of iconic moments and events from the original series allow you to play through them.

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– Strategy is required as you take on a variety of tasks, from protecting individuals and capturing criminals to rescuing cats!

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Battle Strategy & Abilities:

– Use Quirks from MHA: Explosions! Anti-Gravity! Sound Blasts! Detroit SMASH!

– Become the greatest hero and execute your signature move in a spectacular conclusion.

– Combatants take on the role of fan-favorite characters, bringing to life exciting Quirks with beautiful animations.

– In one-on-one anime battle duels, punch, kick, and style opponents.

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Anime Character World:

– Manage the likes of All Might, Bakugo, Todoroki, and other prominent characters in high-intensity combat!

– Research and learn everything about your favorite character to ensure victory!

– Characters from Hero Killer Stain and other villain groups are available for you to take.

– In this action-packed roleplaying game, heroes and villains are eager to engage!

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Multiplayer RPG:

– You can fight with other players in this sandbox game!

– Create new friends and have fun on the internet by roleplaying. Send emotes, start conversations, and meet people while roleplaying.

– Create your own hero agency by joining Hero Unions, and make the Heights Alliance dorms look just like they do on the show!

Surprising facts about the game MY HERO ACADEMIA THE STRONGEST HERO

Exciting action adventure

Horikoshi Kōhei’s This is a well-known Japanese superhero manga series. Izuku Midoriya is the main character, a boy born without superpowers. We may refer to these people as Quirks since they have unusual abilities. But he has always desired to be a superhero. Fortunately, All Might chose the phrase.

The most illustrious hero of Japan selects Midoriya as his successor. After his potential was discovered, Midoriya was given a Quirk. He enrolled at a renowned U.A. high school not long after that. A school where students specialize in training heroes abounds.

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Incredible graphics and beautifully crafted visuals

The graphics in this game are phenomenal and will certainly capture your attention. The character movements are fluid and the visuals are stunning. You will love the unique mechanics of the characters and the handcrafted visuals.

Live PVP Arena

Being skilled in hand-to-hand combat gives you an advantage in the PVP arena. Use your punches and kicks to become a powerful character, but also be aware of when your combo ends so that you don’t waste any time or effort.

Build your temporary hero agency

In the game, you don’t have to go through it alone. When you discover other players in the world, it may broaden out. You can also start a conversation, convey emojis, and establish friendships with other players. Also, to form your temporary hero agency, you should join the union.

Experience the power of the villain

There are characters like Hero Killer Stain and others who have the chance to become the most frightening character of anime. You’ll be cast as the villain and given a new sensation. Do you want to be a scoundrel for once?


Exciting quests and attractive rewards

Your task will get more difficult with each passing day. Your prize may be obtained as a new character after each phase of combat against huge bosses and unique challenges. This allows you to gain additional experience to begin your next adventure.

Icons from the original series

The game features scenes from the show, all of which are taken from the excellent series. It’s even done by your favorite voice actors. Try it once and for all!

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Why should you need the modified version of this game?

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is an action-RPG game with a lot of content and great gameplay. Your experience with My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero will be more enjoyable if you play the MOD version. You may acquire all of the dragons you’ll need to combat. More than 100 million players have played it. It’s no coincidence that it’s called “My Hero.” Do you have a theory as to why they play so much? The solution is rather basic. When playing, everyone wants to be the best. However, it isn’t simple. Unless you’ve spent resources and money on your business. Then the MOD version is appropriate for you because you’ll get:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Premium Game modes
  • Safe to install on Android devices
  • No-root required
  • Unlimited Gems/coins
  • Unlocked All features
  • Free download to play
  • Anti-ban feature

Quick install instructions of this game

If you want to play this game on your Android gadget, follow the steps below to install it:

  • Step 1: You must uninstall the old version of this game before downloading it to your device.
  • Step 2: Use the web browser on your device to discover out what the crucial “My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero MOD APK” is.
  • Step 3: To do this, open your phone’s Settings, click on Security, and select Unknown Sources. (You may be prompted.)
  • Step 4: You may install the APK file on your phone.
  • Step 5: Please wait until the process completes.
  • Step 6: Download and try out this awesome game today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the publication date of My Hero Academia the Strongest Hero?

This is a fun action role-playing game created by KOMOE Game Corporation, a company based in China. This game was only launched in China and Japan in December 2020.

How do I enter the gift code in the game My Hero Academia the Strongest Hero?

You may modify the visual’s quality, language, pass, and even fit the notch in the settings to acquire the most powerful weapon outlaw from the first load. You can also tinker with this game’s Mods engine, gift codes, and discounts that are yours alone.

Who is the main character in the game My Hero Academia the Strongest Hero?

The following are the names of anime heroes: Endeavor Eraser (My Hero Academia). Eri (My Hero Academia) F. Fat Gum. Fumikage Tokoyami. H. Hanta Sero. Eagle If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an anime hero, that dream is now within reach! So what are you waiting for? Download the latest and most exciting game version today!

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Anime MOD APK

For a new and unique experience with your gadget. Remember to share your thoughts while playing this game!

What's new

- Cool Characters for a Limited Time!
- EX Cards arrive for a Limited Time!
- New events and fun content!
- Bug Fixes



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