Left to Survive: state of dead

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Zombie Apocalypse has arrived! Play epic zombie shooter online and fight for your survival!
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May 3, 2023
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Left to Survive MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo, No Reload) is a mobile survival shooting game that combines elements of a survival game, a shooter game, and social interactions with other players in order to achieve the goal of being the last man standing.

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Introduce about Left to Survive

Left to Survive: State of the Dead is a zombie apocalypse game that drops you into an epic new world where you must fight for humanity’s survival. This violent conflict with zombies is out to destroy the human globe. We provide you the option of utilizing weapons, including some of the most modern guns, as well as helicopters in order to attack and destroy enemy bases.

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In 2024, when they were on their way to the rescue and came upon a sea of zombies on the streets, they destroyed everything in sight. Your goal is to survive before the destructive zombies using any weapon at your disposal, such as a rifle, pistol, grenade, etc. You must shoot the zombies who appear all around you and attack you in order to survive. After you destroy all of the undead creatures in each level, you will be rewarded with useful things and may buy additional contemporary characters or weapons that will quickly kill additional zombies elsewhere.

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Build your own base

In addition to the characters and kinds of guns, you may also use your cash to expand, customize your own base, and defend it from zombie attacks and opposing forces. To construct a secure location, build your base at will. Left to Survive’s gameplay is comparable to Dead Target.

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You may also attack the opponent’s facility by helicopter, and fly straight to the base to release a bullet storm down its center that will smash and loot its resources. In most cases, in the game, you may buy practically everything with virtual currency; however, there are a few things that require real money.

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Attractive PvP mode

In addition to killing zombies, you can engage in PvP mode with other players to see how long you can survive. It’s preferable to have both of you join a solo game to demonstrate your abilities or form a team to destroy the opposing team if you and your friends are gun enthusiasts. This is also an entertaining way for individuals with no prior experience playing online games together.

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Graphics and music effects

Left to Survive is a 3D game with characters and zombies that are well-designed. The weapons and gear are meticulously simulated. In general, the mobile game platform allows the developer to make the interface as simple and user-friendly as possible while also keeping it up to date. There have been numerous updates, improved interfaces, and bug fixes in order for the game to be more fun rather than dull. The sound of bombs exploding, bullets firing, and zombie screams were effectively created.

You may also enjoy the Sensible music, which will alter to fit the current situation and provide strong vibes as you play. Everything in the game is of excellent quality, and that’s why it has such a large following among millions of players.

About Left to Survive MOD APK

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Ammo.
  • No Reload: Reloading is a waste of time and irksome. Even while you’re playing the official mode of Left To Survive, you’ll have to wait more than 10 seconds between reloads, and no one can bare that. That’s why we created the Left To Survive MOD APK without a reload function. It will ensure that you do not have to load your weapon throughout the game. Isn’t it neat? Go ahead and click on the following link to get this exciting game!!!
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Why you should use Left to Survive MOD APK

The Left to Survive MOD APK variant that Uptomods provides will make stage progression less difficult. You can fire without having to worry about the amount of bullets you have thanks to the limitless ammo option.

Key features

  • In this survival game, you must fight swarms of zombies.
  • If the world ends, you’ll have a plethora of choices for protection!
  • In this video game, bring them all together!
  • In the event of a zombie outbreak, engines are tested and prepared to attack settlements.
  • Compete against other players in PVP matches.
  • To guarantee your survival, build a stronghold!


Left to survive is one of the best zombie games ever made. The game’s visuals, sound, character, and interface are all top-notch quality. It also has a captivating narrative that will keep you interested for hours.

Furthermore, to enhance your adventure and enjoyment, we are also giving you the Left To Survive MOD APK with all of the aforementioned features. It’s time to launch the campaign and start a brave fight in a post-apocalyptic world!

What's new

Server functionality improvements, bug fixes



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