Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Mod Apk

Hit, cut, blow up, burn and play the mini-games. You now have a virtually limitless arsenal: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, torture instruments… and even a nuclear bomb. We present to you Kick the Buddy: Second Kick – it’s more than just a game! Want more kicks?
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Mar 28, 2023
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Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Mod Apk is an amusing game in which you can take out all of your pent-up anger and frustration. If you’ve ever been criticized by a boss or had negative interactions with colleagues, this is the perfect outlet for you to let it all go. This game is designed to help you relax and de-stress, while also providing some fun new features. We’ve installed some new updates, like bug fixes and performance optimization. Plus, we’re always open to any reviews or feedback in order to keep improving the game experience for everyone.

Introduce Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Mod Apk

If you’re looking for an outlet to unleash your anger, come Kick the Buddy: Second Kick. You can take out all your frustrations on him in a variety of ways, and he’ll feel every bit of pain. Hundreds of different methods of execution are at your disposal. If you think you’re up for the challenge, put your skills to the test now.

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Unlike any other genre on the market, it is a completely new and bizarre way of playing that applies to everyone. The physical movements of the game are simulated in a very realistic way. This creates a feeling of authenticity to every detail and makes it more eye-catching when performing the actions yourself. Additionally, it helps eliminate stress for people who are often stressed out very well.

New version, new changes

Kick The Buddy: Second Kick is an upgrade from the original game in both graphics and gameplay. This “Remastered” version includes several new ways to relieve stress by kicking your stuffed friend, Buddy.

In this part, you get to open a box containing a stuffed doll named Buddy. You will then proceed to torture him in the most brutal and violent way possible with all of the items available at your disposal.

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In the beginning, you have only a few weak weapons at your disposal. However, in Part 2 of the game, your arsenal will increase dramatically with different types of weaponry falling into different categories. For example, you’ll be able to use man-eating plants as well as bombs and guns. In addition, there will be metal machines that can crush anything in their path and laser weapons that deal massive damage.

In this updated version, you can even combine two weapons to create combos that are extra torturous. This is when the feeling of stress relief reaches its peak. Buddy also has more looks and outfits in this version. Most of these customizable shapes are there primarily for player inspiration and they do not help Buddy at all in withstanding your tortures.

In this section, there is an especially impressive new sound effect: Buddy will have his own voice. This brings a lot of fun, as the sound of Buddy screaming and howling after being hit by different attacks from you will be different. This variety is very mind-stimulating and mood-clearing.

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Release your anger

In this harsh world, anger will be your most powerful asset. Your only goal is to destroy the obnoxious enemy. You’ll have access to a wide range of torture devices from ancient times to modern-day technology. Activate and control them with your own hands for maximum destruction! Burn or tear the figure to pieces to get money proportional to the amount of damage done. There are no limits on what you can do, so show that you’re the most dangerous man alive.

Various torture instruments

The most fascinating and necessary component of this game is the torture device. You will have tools from bygone eras such as guillotines, ropes, axes, and swords, … Some slightly more contemporary options will include rockets, bombs, chemicals guns, and crushers, … Each tool has its own unique way of being used effectively and you’ll need to figure out how to use it correctly. If you’re using outdated tools, the process will be complex and pricey. However, if you use modern tools, it’ll only take a few minutes but will also cost more than usual. With hundreds of specialty tools available, anyone can become a professional torturer.

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Methods of implementation

You must have a clear understanding of how a torture tool works to take full advantage of it. It is useless if you have good tools that you cannot use effectively. For example, with boats, you will need to be able to tie him down and crush him with the ropes if you want to save money. You will be challenged, and it’ll take more time to get things done. But if you don’t see the execution through, your earnings will drop. Be prepared to do some difficult things and carry them out effectively.

FAQ Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Mod Apk

Is Kick the Buddy free to play?

Yes, Kick the Buddy is free to play but there are some in-game purchases available for those who want extra items or rewards.

Can I customize my character in Kick the Buddy?

Yes! You can customize your character by changing their level of torture, selecting specific objects for them to use, etc. There are plenty of ways to make Kick the Buddy unique.

Does Kick the Buddy have any special features?

Kick the Buddy offers some great features such as daily rewards, weekly tournaments, leaderboards and more! Plus, there are new content updates regularly so you’ll never get bored with Kick the Buddy Mod Apk.


Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Mod Apk is a great game to help you relieve stress after working hours. The graphics and sound effects in this game are awesome, and you can use hundreds of tools to torture your buddy. Prepare yourself for some hard work and creativity, as it will take time to master each tool for effective results. Download Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Mod Apk at now and let out all your pent up frustrations!

What's new

We are ready to make your game experience even greater. Bugs are fixed and game performance is optimized. Enjoy.

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