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Join the ultimate online 3D horror game and save mini astronauts from the deadly Impostor in various game modes, solo or online multiplayer, with up to 10 players!
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Jun 17, 2023
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This game is inspired by the viral puzzle game Among Us. Imposter 3D  Mod Apk can be called the 3D version of the original. In this game, you will still be either a crew member or an impostor. Participate in work tasks on board the space station, or try to kill everyone else onboard! With realistic horror 3D graphics, the drama has been pushed to new heights. Getting killed by an impostor won’t be as fun and straightforward as it was in the original version.

Introduce Imposter 3D Mod Apk

Imposter 3D is a challenge that tests your ability to protect space station 12 from impostors. Currently, something has gone wrong and all the members of the space station are experiencing terrible events. Join them to see if you can help solve the problems on the space station. But beware the creature that pretends to be one of your own. An impostor has infiltrated your ranks and is disguised as a member of the crew. You must finish all the work while avoiding danger from this fake. A horror game with a breathtakingly dramatic situation awaits you.

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Join a team of astronauts on a rescue mission as you try to save your fellow teammates in this space conquest game. With exciting and dramatic gameplay, Imposter 3D will have you hooked for hours as you explore different areas looking for clues. You and a friend must work together carefully to determine the right direction and catch up with any urgent announcements so that you can complete the challenge quickly and efficiently.

Bloody attacks

The game rules are similar to the original Among Us, but of course, not exactly the same. We’ve made changes to better suit this creepy 3D version. For example, how objects and the environment on the space station influence the atmosphere of the game screen. Sometimes, one small mistake is all it takes for an impostor to brutally kill you. Although the goals of each faction are the same, their methods for achieving those goals couldn’t be more different. The crew is tasked with missions that keep the space station running smoothly, while the impostor’s goal is to kill everyone on board.

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imposter 3d mod apk Dumb Enemy

The game promotes teamwork by incorporating puzzles that players will need to solve together. You can opt to join a random room or set up a room with friends in order to maximize fun. Additionally, the game offers a 3D view as opposed to the original’s top-down perspective, keeping players on their toes and not knowing what surprises may lie ahead.

Complete the quests

We need to prioritize detecting ID addresses that are changing gradually, so we can figure out which way they’re going. Although this will be very time consuming and inefficient, it is necessary at this time. Players need to use what they have to create a large chain of events that rescue their own teammates. You’ll need to coordinate with all your friends so you can come up with the smartest solutions.

Imposter 3D will be with you at all times to help protect you from potential threats. Signs of imposters can be easy to miss, but it is important to always be vigilant in order to detect them before they put your friends and data in danger. If you suspect someone is an imposter, act quickly to destroy them before they escape with crucial information.

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Difficult challenges

The challenges in Imposter 3D will help you unlock clues to finding your missing crew. They are essential milestones that will provide critical information for you and your team. You’ll also need to coordinate with any visible crew members nearby to establish contact.

Your control system is malfunctioning and needs immediate repairs to prevent significant losses. With our help, you can look at specific examples and find information that will allow you deduce what unique cases apply to your situation. You also have to watch the astronauts closely and get rid of them when necessary. They’re very dangerous and could easily kill you, so it’s important that you coordinate with your brothers well.

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Realistic interaction

The most significant change in this game, when compared to the original version is that players will now interact with objects as they would in real life. For example, use a flashlight to see better in dark areas or be aware that opening a rusty door will make quite a bit of noise. If you are playing with others, this sudden loud noise could be an indication that one of the impostors is nearby. If you’re a fraud, you’ll be able to find your target more easily when they’re by themselves. Use the sensor to find them on the space station map. All of these methods have pros and cons for both sides that lead to a constant struggle for balance.

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Tips for playing Imposter 3D Mod Apk

You have all the information you need to get started. Being a crew member or impostor each comes with its own responsibilities. If you’re a crew member, pay attention to and follow orders from your commanding officers. In order to win, you must be calculating and stoic waiting for the right moment to strike. When a murder takes place on board the space station, there will be a lot of discussion amongst the members. Use your best debating skills to divert attention away from yourself and towards others. The faction that is left standing at the end is usually the one with more skill and luck combined.

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FAQ Imposter 3D Mod Apk

What is Imposter 3D Mod Apk?

Imposter 3D Mod Apk is an action game where you play the role of a rescuer searching for the missing crew. It has exciting and difficult levels as you progress in your mission.

What are my responsibilities if I choose to be a crew member?

As a crew member, it is important to follow orders from commanding officers. Also, use your best debating skills to divert attention away from yourself and towards others which can give you an advantage in-game.

How do I win the game?

The faction with the most crew members who correctly identify Imposter in each game wins. Imposter 3D Mod Apk requires a combination of skill and luck to win, so make sure to use your best strategies and decision-making skills and you could be victorious!

Play Imposter 3D Mod Apk now for an exciting adventure as you search for lost crew members using all your wits and cunning. See if you have what it takes to outsmart Imposters and save the day! Good luck!

Good luck fellow adventurers! Imposter 3D Mod Apk is a thrilling action game with difficult levels waiting for you as you progress in this mission. Your goal is to rescue the lost crew by using your wits, skills and luck. Download Imposter 3D Mod Apk at UpToMods now!

What's new

Finally, meet the tasks! They are only available online. Complete the various tasks to win. Also:
- ui update
- new skins
- last baby is now shown through walls
- changed the map City-16
- increased speed on all maps
- new achievs and stats
- autostart for full server
- bug fixes


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