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Hurricane Outbreak Mod Apk is a simulation game and you will create the strongest storms that destroy everything in the city you want. Download now!
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Nov 12, 2022
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In Hurricane Outbreak Mod Apk, grow your storm by navigating warm waters and gaining skills and abilities. Drive destruction and death in cities along the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, South China Sea Ban areas of the United States. There are over 1000 simulated cities with 20 unique upgrades and realistic storm behavior that will make every playthrough different. See how much destruction you can cause!

Introduce Hurricane Outbreak Mod Apk

You are in control of the majority of game-play actions in Hurricane Outbreak Mod APK unlimited points. And, you get to decide which countries to target and cause harm too. Plus, with other games there’s always an element of chance – but not with storms. Storms only come down to two things: planning and talent.

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You will experience a scenario modeled after reality when you start playing for the first time.strength is needed to progress, with more difficult levels requiring more strength. Also, these high-level storms will take longer to create and maintain. Do not think that the game is over once you have cleared all five levels of Storm; rather, understand that you have completed just one set of quests.

The only way the game can get any better is if you unlock the free-play mode after you have completed all of the Hurricane Outbreak Mod APK unlimited everything situations. You will come to realize that what happened before was just a practice run. The rules are more relaxed in the Freeplay scenario, but you’ll be playing against other people instead of the computer. These other players are called “strikers”.

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The quest requirements will become more difficult as you advance to different levels. If you think you can handle it, aim for Category 5 status. That means causing catastrophic flooding, destroying more than 3,000 buildings, and triggering landslides in at least five countries.

Realistic game

Every level in the game begins with your hurricane starting in the middle of the ocean, just as they do irl. You then have a chance to make your wind speed stronger by coasting through water or draining vapor clouds. The faster your wind moves, the longer you can stay on land and cause more destruction just like real hurricanes!

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With every new level, the quest requirements become more difficult. For example, can you handle a category 5 hurricane? Cause widespread flooding, damage over 3,000 structures, and make landfall in at least 5 countries. In addition to providing entertainment and helping you pass the time, this game is educational as it teaches you about the technical aspects of hurricanes. With this knowledge, you can be more prepared for if/when a real one hits.

Control the storms in Hurricane Outbreak Mod Apk

With Hurricane Outbreak, you’re not limited to only the main attributes of an outbreak. You can also upgrade your hurricane’s capacity, ability, and strength. With this game, your imagination will be the only thing limiting how destructive your hurricanes can be.

Upgrading your hurricane’s capacity will make it stronger and faster when traveling through water, as well as more resilient on land. Purchasing upgrades in strength will give your hurricane a boost in causing more flood, death, and structural damage.

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Making it even more powerful, upgrade the Abilities of your hurricane as well. This will prevent restoration attempts by locals and allow you to cause maximum damage. Just as you wouldn’t want others interfering with your own progress, neither would a hurricane!

Most games merely allude to the player’s skill, but this game Hurricane Outbreak ensures that only your strategy and skill set allows you to complete the quest. In other games, players may get lucky but not here. Feel confident in taking control of a hurricane, choosing its path and which countries it destroys?

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Although the graphics in this game are not as complex or advanced as other games, it does not interfere with gameplay. In fact, it makes the game more realistic by providing a bird’s eye view of the area, similar to how weather forecasts are presented.


This game is perfect for those who enjoy a challenge and the feeling of being in control. The gameplay is simple yet allows for complex strategies, and the player always feels like their decisions matter. If you’re looking for a new game to sink your teeth into, give Hurricane Outbreak Mod Apk a try! Download Hurricane Outbreak Mod Apk at


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