Hunter Assassin

"Step into the thrilling world of Hunter Assassin” - a fast-paced mobile game for stealthy and strategic players that takes you on a wild adventure as a hunter with a deadly knife. With multiple enemies to kill, challenging missions to complete and rewards to collect, this game will test your skills and keep you on the edge of your seat.
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Ruby Game Studio
Jun 16, 2023
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The pro-in-game world of your choice awaits! Get ready to explore and have fun with little requirements or preparation on our end. You’ll be able complete these exciting activities whenever you want, wherever it is that suits you best for just a few minutes at most per day if not all week long – sometimes even more than one hour every single session because who doesn’t like playing games over again?


Hunter Assassin MOD APK offers a variety of levels with unique gameplay and elements that you will find entertaining. In these challenging worlds, there are various obstacles for players to overcome as they progress through the game’s story mode or compete against each other in multiplayer competitions! What’s more fun than a lightweight, easy-to-play game that you can enjoy anytime? Find out what the fuss is all about with our review of this interesting mobile RPG from Ruby Game Studio.

Introducing Hunter Assassin

The game is set in an abandoned mine where you play as a skilled assassin tasked with stealing diamonds from your enemies. They won’t expect to become the hunted, though you’d go too far and slowly eliminate each guard one by one while collecting their fallen foes’ gems for yourself!

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The flashlight-inducing gameplay is simple, yet extremely addictive. You only need to get close enough for an easy kill with this tactic – just make sure not to let them see you coming! The levels will become more difficult as well so there’s no time like now to step up your game and try out these new ways of playing already available on our beta platform today!

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The game will provide new challenges to keep you on your toes. More alerted enemies and difficult map setups make for an intense experience that is sure not to be bored with what’s in store!

Explore the features of Hunter Assassin

Simple action game and intuitive interface

Hunter Assassin is an intense and fast-paced shooting game that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. While it may seem simple at first, there are many different strategies one must employ for them to succeed like approaching enemies behind or next to the side so as not to be seen while remaining hidden until the perfect moment strikes!

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You can easily navigate and direct your characters to avoid enemies’ detections with convenient touch controls. Tap on the screen, select where you want move-to quickly execute a guard that will take care of business! It’s easy enough for new gamers who are just getting started in games like these – they don’t need any more guidance than what is offered here at their fingertips.

A series of exciting levels with escalating difficulties

You can play the game in any mode you want and enjoy it for hours upon the end fun. There are hundreds of levels, each with its own unique map settings that will require different puzzles for gamers to solve before getting on to new ones! The game is so much fun, you’ll be playing for hours! The intensity builds with each new challenge and there are plenty of ways to win. It’s always important that before engaging in battle-you decide which enemy will attack first; then plan your next moves carefully because this guarantees total victory.

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Your assassin character is perfectly upgraded

The game offers an extensive character upgrade system that will empower your heroes with new abilities and skills as you dive into the immersive world. The diamonds you find in the game can be used to make your character run faster, deal more damage with their attacks, and have an increased health bar. If possible try out new characters that possess better weapons or agility skills for when it comes time to take on higher-level enemies!

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Various challenges and achievements to complete

The game’s adventure and action stages have been carefully designed to provide you with unlimited fun. With many different levels, gamers can explore their multifaceted world at will! Some achievements require specific tasks such as defeating certain amounts or types of foes without being detected – just imagine how difficult it would be if these requirements were given only in one set location. The list goes on forever so get ready for an unforgettable time playing this incredible new release from GameOne studios today!

Incredible bonus levels with amazing rewards

Collecting diamonds is easy when you have this game. You can enjoy slaughtering enemies without getting killed in return, and it’s even better because there are bonus levels that will let your diamond supply grow indefinitely!

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Enjoy the game online and offline

While offline gaming is becoming increasingly popular, there are still some gamers that want the freedom of playing their favorite game any time they please. For these players, Hunter Assassin offers an unlimited number of levels without having to worry about running out and using up your data connection while outside on vacation or at work!


The gameplay in Hunter Assassin is so simple and undemanding that even if you don’t have much time for gaming, this casual offline game will be your favorite. We know you’ll love this game and we want to make sure that it’s accessible for everyone. The free version of the app has all unlockable features, so there are no worries about paying money!

What's new

- New graphics and audio effects.
- 10 new enemy types.
- Explosive and Freeze traps.
- 3 different doorways; normal, glass and timed.
- Spotlight areas that trigger missile attacks.
- All new user interface design.


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