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With over 100 million members, happn is the dating app that lets you find everyone you have crossed paths with; the people destiny has decided you should meet. Like the profiles that catch your eye, get a Crush and most importantly, get together!
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Jun 15, 2023
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The premium version of Happn is called Happn Premium. It was launched in February 2014 and places a strong emphasis on proximity, displaying members and potential matches from a list of individuals you’ve already met in person. Although other apps, such as Tinder, enable you to search for matches from thousands of kilometers away, the range of Happn’s search radius may be increased up to 250 miles. This is mostly done if you reside in a sparsely populated region where the proximity feature won’t help much because no one else is using the app.

Finding a partner who “just happens” to cross your path (hence the name) is the goal. I like it! Happn is similar to Tinder in that you’ll be given profiles near you based on your search criteria, which you can either like or dislike (there’s no swiping here; instead, you use the “Y” or “x” buttons). When they’ve liked yours, too, there’s an extra step… After that, voila! It’s a romance.

App Overview Happn

Happn is a straightforward, if not the simplest, signup procedure. You’ll be ready to use it in a few minutes once you’ve completed the process. If you don’t want to provide any personal information, you don’t have to; however, you must have a valid Facebook account in order to join Happn. All relevant information from your current Facebook profile will be copied over and imported into your new one. If you don’t already have a Facebook account, there is no other choice but to register. This may deter some users who do not want to reveal their Facebook profiles. The app will remind you to turn on your smartphone’s location services after you’ve completed the registration process because it is one of the app’s necessary conditions for proper functioning.

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It’s simple to join Happn. You have two options for signing up: you may use your Apple ID or your Facebook account. This is only for verification and isn’t connected to your Facebook profile in any way. You must fill out your first name, birth date, gender, and the gender you will not communicate with, as well as at least one profile picture. After that comes selecting what you’re looking for: a relationship, nothing serious, or an “I’ll know it when I find it” option for people on the fence.

Then, intriguingly enough, after describing your height and exercise routines, you’ll be asked to evaluate your culinary talents. It felt odd, but hey, anything to get the conversation going, right? The final four steps are to select your ideal vacation (hike and backpack, deck chair and sunscreen, or museum and postcards), your nightlife choices (in bed by midnight, party in moderation or I’m a night owl), smoking (you smoke rather than being anti-smoking), and whether or not you want children. On Happn, you may also decide if certain people are deal breakers immediately.

Features of the Happn Premium APK


Sharing photos of yourself will always produce the best results on dating sites and apps, as I discussed previously. Nothing annoys me more than profiles that are either blank or feature impersonal online images… or worse, phony ones. It also necessitates taking multiple photographs! Happn isn’t the exception… If you want your matches to be viable, you should submit a few photos of yourself in your natural environment to support your profile description and what you’re looking for (usually between 2 and 6 photos, however, one is acceptable). Check out my top 10 tips for excellent profile pictures.

You may also “certify” your profile… When you turn on your camera and perform head gestures as instructed, your biometric data will be compared to your profile pictures. A blue badge will appear on your profile, letting other people know that you’re not a phony. If you alter your photos, you risk losing your blue certification badge and having to repeat the verification procedure. That makes sense to me…

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You may adjust your options at any time, even after they have been set during setup. They’ll choose your matches for you, so if you get used to the program, you might want to change it a bit. You can select your preferred gender (men or women), age range, and other variables like height, smoking habits if you want children, and so on… Other intriguing characteristics (some are free but the majority require a paid subscription…) include… If you need a break from people or don’t want to cross paths with anyone, you may turn off geo-location for a set number of hours or days of the week with specified invisibility settings.

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The “share my crossing cluster”… which enables you to see where you’ve crossed paths with other users (as opposed to just traveling through rather than your regular route) is a welcome addition. This feature may be used to locate other Happn users on a map. To share more photographs or playlists, connect your Instagram and Spotify accounts (ideal for potential matches). You can also set up notifications in this area (get alerts whenever you have a crush, get messages, etc…). With some additional privacy settings, you may alter your age, online/offline presence, and distance.

Matching Is Proximity

When another Happn member with similar interests comes within a certain distance of you, their profile appears in your timeline. This radius can be expanded up to 90 kilometers (about 55 miles). The individuals who are closest to you appear first. On the Happn map, you may see how many times you’ve crossed paths and the time and place of your most recent chance encounter. If their biography says “NOW,” then you’re in range of each other right now. Due to privacy reasons, the actual distance between you will not be displayed on the Happn app.

You might be shown a list of all the people you’ve recently interacted with, arranged chronologically and by the amount of time you’ve spent together. But don’t worry if you haven’t met any Happn users yet; you can still view their profiles. The app will generate profiles for individuals in your neighborhood that match one or more of your criteria. You’ll see a notation that reads “Unless I am already familiar,” implying they have not yet crossed paths with you.

You can “Heart” someone’s profile if you’re interested. If a user “Hearts” you, you’ve acquired a “Crush.” You have the option of sending messages to any of your crushes using the Happn app. The “Audio Call” feature in Happn allows you to make calls right from the application. There is also a video chat feature, but each crush is only allowed one free 5-minute video call. To phone your match, tap the camera or phone button in the upper right-hand corner of the discussion screen. Check out these video chatting guidelines first to ensure that your first impression is as good as possible!

The Happn Map

This is a map of your timeline, just as it appears. The map shows all of the significant places you’ve connected with other people in the previous seven days. To reveal more detail on the map, tap on it to make it bigger. Each “crossing” is assigned a number, and zooming in allows you to see all of the unique locations on the map. When you select a number, a preview screen will display, showing all of the people you’ve crossed paths with at that location. For example, you may discover that an intriguing connection frequents your favorite coffee shop or pizza parlor; pickup lines will practically write themselves as a result.

For security reasons, the Happn Map does not show anyone’s precise position in real-time, including yours. If you don’t want to appear on anybody’s Happn Map, follow these steps: uncheck the box for “Share my crossing locations” under “Preferences” in “My Account.” Other people’s timelines will still include your profile, but it won’t appear on their interactive maps.

Crush Time on Happn

Happn also includes a “Crush Time” function, which is a mini-game that users may play within the app in an effort to start up a relationship. At random, one of four Happn individuals you crossed paths with liked your profile. Then you try to figure out who it was. If you guess correctly, you’ll get a fast “Crush.” Even if you guess incorrectly, you can still like that person’s profile, so they’ll have no choice but to reciprocate and give you the “Crush” as thanks.

Getting in touch

There is a problem with Happn’s matching system. Because of the proximity idea, the program lacks a search function. Only people you’ve encountered in person or who the app’s algorithms believe would be a good match for you are displayed to you. In other words, until the software runs out of individuals to show you, it will only offer matches; as a result, its long-term use will be limited as you won’t receive any fresh match suggestions unless new users join up for the site. Happn has implemented reciprocity, which means you can only communicate with individuals who have also been matched. This is due to the proximity notion, which some people may find frightening when it comes to privacy.

You can send them a “Hi” to let them know you’re interested in them, but you won’t be able to contact them again until they like you back and respond with a “Hi.” Only if both people are interested in each other may they interact. Sending a “Hi,” on the other hand, costs one coin and is limited to ten free coins upon signing up. As a result, if you run out of them, you’ll be locked out until you replenish your stock; therefore, the chat feature will effectively be non-free.

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How Does It Work?

After you’ve finished your profile, you’ll begin to see other people’s profiles who have recently crossed paths with you. Obviously, how many app users are in your proximity or around you while you go about your everyday routine will impact this. The application runs in the background (you don’t have to have it open) as long as your device’s geolocation capabilities are enabled. You may also “boost” your profile for a period of 24 hours to guarantee that you appear at the top of the list for any potential matches. This is a premium service.

What Is Happn Messaging and How Does It Work?

Communication with other Happn members is very easy on this platform. There must be an interpersonal connection… To put it another way, liking someone or being loved by someone isn’t enough. In order to begin a conversation, you must both like each other. However, there’s another option… You may send them a “FlashNote” rather than treating them as a person. You may get 10 free FlashNotes every day if you subscribe for a Premium membership; it’s the best method to set yourself apart from the competition. This function will come in handy if someone has caught your attention… You may send them a FlashNote and see if you can talk with them instead of waiting till there is a mutual crush. You never know what might happen.

The Happn Algorithm in Action

Users’ continual geolocation is used by Happn’s technology(s). It’s straightforward and extremely useful to meet people in locations you frequent or have traveled through. The algorithm isn’t based on common interests or anything; rather, it focuses on physical proximity, which should make meeting up easier (if you’re lucky enough to have crushes on each other).

In Action, the Premium Membership Model of ‘Happn’

The free Happn membership will only show you who you’ve crossed paths with. A premium subscription is necessary to start a discussion. With the premium membership, you’ll be able to send 10 FlashNotes per day and use the app without being harassed by advertisements. It also lets you check out who has liked your profile, schedule “Invisible” mode, hide personal information (known as a “Mystery” function), rewind when you speed through a person’s profile and utilize the Video call tool up to 5 times for upon hour.

Reviews Happn

• This program offers you all of the tools you need without requiring you to spend a dime. I’ve yet to come across any spam web camera individuals after two weeks of utilizing the software. It’s simple to utilize and doesn’t contain too many advertisements. My one and only complaint are that it relies too much on Facebook as a means of identification. This single drawback prevents me from upgrading my membership level. As of Jan 3 2019, you can now sign in using your cellphone number instead of Facebook. This is by far the most effective app currently available!

• The dating pool is a numbers game, so you have to swing for the fences. That is the silver lining of using dating apps. The fact that you’re meeting someone new for the first time makes it all the more special! It’s destiny in the first case and destiny in the second! The Confirmation Test is reading others: don’t allow yourself to be trapped. They passed both the Physical Attraction Test and the Confirmation Test on Happn, whereas on Tinder you meet strangers without knowing who they are. Was he preoccupied with something or was he rushing? On Happn, they passed the Physical Attention Test, whereas, on Tinder, you hook up with individuals you’ve never met before. Was he in a hurry? Building confidence by approaching more men or women will help you overcome your fear of rejection and find love again online via happn.

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What Device Is Required for the Happn Premium APK?

First and foremost, make sure to remove any previous versions of this game from your device. Then go to settings and select security, then enable Allow Installations From Unknown Sources (just in case the installation does not start).

This game’s mod APK file is quite easy to install. Here are the steps for installing this app on Android devices.

  1. To obtain a free trial, click on the download button below.
  2. Wait until the download has finished, then open it.
  3. On your Android device, download and install the application.
  4. Follow all of the steps outlined within.
  5. Start the app, and watch as it starts up and greets you with its colorful interface.

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How to Download and Install Happn Premium for PC?

It is simple to install the Happn Premium APK on a PC. To do so, use either Bluestacks or NOX player. Here is how to go about it.

  1. To begin, download and install the Bluestacks player on your computer, which is an android emulator that may run any mobile program.
  2. To install Android 9.0 Pie on your phone, you’ll need to download and install the emulator from our website.
  3. After downloading, double-click the file or choose “Import From Windows” if you want to install it.
  4. When you’ve finished the installation, click the start button to begin.

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This is a lengthy article about this game, and we hope you’ll enjoy playing it on our website. Leave a remark if you have any questions.

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