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Play 5v5 quick action matches for 5-7 minutes, upgrade weapons and equipment, arrange shooters, use tactical grenades and try to survive. Learn all the game maps and they will become your weapon in the world of the game engulfed in protests and critical confrontation of different fractions.
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Jun 17, 2023
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Fire Strike Mod Apk is the perfect battle game for those who want to feel like a superhero! You will be tasked with protecting your beloved city from strange attackers, and you must do so by chasing and engaging them in combat. The best part? You’ll get access to some of the most advanced weapons and vehicles available today giving you an edge against your opponents as you join this intense match!

About Fire Strike Mod Apk

Unleash your inner marksman and demonstrate what you’re truly capable of at Fire Strike. Select from an expansive arsenal, traverse through intense battlegrounds, and complete vital missions to show the world who’s boss! Prove that you possess both passion and commitment with each shot fired because those are the two most essential traits a sharp shooter needs to succeed in this game.

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Fire Strike is a classic shooter game that packs all the essential elements. Its realistic 3D graphics are on par with industry leading titles, while its audio of gunfire and environment scales to another level. But most importantly, it introduces diverse gameplay modes which make the experience truly unique! You’ll be blown away once you dive into this excellent title there’s no way Fire Strike won’t meet your expectations!


Unexpectedly, our city has been infiltrated with dangerous strangers carrying guns that have caused the innocent demise of many citizens. Their goal: to take possession and reign over our beloved city. However, if we come together and act without delay, they will not be successful in their mission!

The heroes of the city must now unite to defend this tranquil place from harm. To reduce casualties, players should strive to identify an achievable objective and then take decisive action. Showcasing your most proficient shooting skills is critical in order to vanquish those who have attacked innocent bystanders in the locale; nothing less than complete victory will suffice!

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Features of Fire Strike Mod Apk

Perform mission

Splitting your objectives and way of acting among your team members is essential for comprehension. Everyone must understand the guns to use in combat to be successful; Fire Strike eagerly awaits if you want different weapons or ammunition. The game can also upgrade any weapon available so that it reaches its peak potential, enabling you to take down even the toughest adversaries with ease.

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As I take on the combat in a modern first-person perspective, I must quickly adjust my aim to hit the enemy. Every fight can become tough if they are powerful or if obstacles obstruct my vision. By utilizing the game’s unique terrain map, however, I am able to identify where they are hiding and formulate an effective strategy for victory. With this knowledge of all terrains across the cityscape at hand, it is only inevitable that triumph belongs to me!

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Various types of guns

Fire Strike stocks a variety of powerful weapons, such as the USP, Glock, and Desert Eagle pistols. Additionally, you can choose from rifles like M4A1s and AK-47s that pack major punch or compact SMGs including MP-5s and Uzis. Whether you’re familiar with these gun lines or not doesn’t matter Fire Strike has it all so that your arsenal is prepared for any mission!

Perhaps most importantly, sniper rifles like the AWM Barret can one-shot kill. Each type of gun comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages in battle; it’s important to become accustomed to these differences so that you can utilize them to your advantage.


To optimize your firearm’s performance, you need to incorporate useful attachments. This will include a scope for enhanced vision and accuracy in combats, as well as a recoil reduction barrel that allows the projectile to shoot out more precisely. Additionally, adding a stock will give you greater stability while discharging the gun; plus it comes with an extra magazine too!

The magazine is a must-have upgrade to increase your combat effectiveness, granting you the ability to fire more bullets. To unlock and purchase additional ammunition accessories, you’ll need to level up your guns. Plus, with enough experience points under your belt, you can equip superior armor and hats that will protect against incoming attacks! Make sure you find all of these upgrades if want maximum safety while in battle.

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Multiplayer modes

Fire Strike provides much-needed diversity to players with its attractive game modes. Currently, there are four games available and more will be coming soon. Team battle is the classic mode that pits two teams against each other in an effort to destroy one another and gain points. This exciting competition sets up a brilliant gaming experience for any player who wishes to join!

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Survival Mode is a thrilling game where you must confront all enemies. Terrorists and police alike will battle for control in the Bomb Mode, with the cops attempting to protect civilians from enemy attacks while terrorists try to plant bombs. Lastly, Arms Race mode allows players to upgrade their firearms as they make progress throughout the game. To spice things up even further and hone your skillset, why not switch styles of play?

FAQ Fire Strike Mod Apk

What is Fire Strike Mod Apk?

Fire Strike Mod Apk is a fast-paced shooting action game with great graphics. The game features three different modes to keep players engaged – Survival, Bomb, and Arms Race. Players can compete in team battles or free-for-all matches to rack up points and experience for their character.

Where can I download Fire Strike Mod Apk?

You can download Fire Strike Mod Apk from UpToMods.

Is Fire Strike available on PC?

Yes, Fire Strike is also available on PC via Steam.

What types of weapons are available in Fire Strike?

Players have access to an array of firearms such as assault rifles, shotguns, handguns and sniper rifles. In addition to these, Fire Strike also offers a wide array of special weapons and explosives.

What are the objectives in Fire Strike?

The primary objective of Fire Strike is to eliminate all enemies on the map while completing various missions such as collecting items or rescuing hostages. Fire Strike also features a variety of team-based game modes where players must work together to complete their tasks.


Fire Strike Mod Apk is an amazing shooting game that offers something for everyone and will keep you entertained for hours. With exciting 3D graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and thrilling challenges, Fire Strike has all the right ingredients to become one of your favorite games! So don’t miss out on this opportunity to prove yourself as the ultimate Fire Strike master! Get ready to join the fight now!

What's new

Upcoming update on March 23:
- New Season 8
- New knife Butterfly
- New assault rifle Kriss Vector
- Gamepad support (Beta)
- Subscription
- Small bug fixes


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