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Fancy Clean is a fast, light & powerful Android antivirus, junk cleaner, and app manager. It can remove viruses, remove similar photos, and clean storage space with simply one tap.
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Jun 15, 2023
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Fancy Cleaner, a new program from the creators of Search My Computer, scans data for bits and bytes to help users quickly identify useless or duplicated files for years. The device not only comes with many intense stimulation functions, but is also able to work at a high level of productivity. This makes it ideal for gaming or other strenuous tasks. It’s also equipped with integrated virus detectors, which promise to shield people from hidden dangers lurking deep in the system or stop any harmful activity caused by numerous external files.Fancy Cleaner

To make the system more efficient, clean the trash

The first and most notable feature of Fancy Cleaner is to clear away the garbage heaps that develop in the system, allowing it to be more agile. The user has the option to select which areas they would like to focus on, or clean their system entirely of any unneeded files. To avoid data loss, search results will favor files that appear randomly or have a strange structure and never touch critical data like games, media, and the like.Fancy Cleaner Mod Free

Check your memory for extra space.

Users can also examine the entire system and device memory to discover huge data, which isn’t sufficient by itself. That helps them meticulously stabilize or interact with every file, even detecting large files for more efficient processing. Outstanding performance and extra storage space is easy to achieve with our optimizer system, which comes in a variety of formats distinguished by eye-catching colors.Fancy Cleaner Mod Apk

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Improve your gaming experience by increasing comfort.

Fancy Cleaner isn’t only an application to clean memory or junk, but it can also stimulate the system for your device to work more productively. Gaming becomes smoother and more comfortable for the user, without losing speed. This also applies to tasks, applications, as well as multi-tasking. The booster feature can be freely customized to either prolong the working time or maximize the system, rather than having to constantly switch it on and off in a cumbersome way that causes long-term harm to the device.Fancy Cleaner Apk Free

The best protection from viruses

Not only are the device features better, but the built-in anti-virus protection is amazing. It has a lot of great features for complete user safety. A full system scan, for example, will check to see if the computer is clean of any malware and will remove it. Users will never have to worry about reconnecting their VPN when they’re on public WiFi again. It also operates in the background while people use the internet, automatically shutting down if it detects potentially dangerous sites or downloads.Fancy Cleaner free App

Keep your apps locked for optimal privacy and security.

Users who constantly get access to folders or storage to see personal information will be able to use the function of blocking or restricting access. This may pertain to almost everything on the system, including material, folders, and games that they don’t want found. Users can also change the security system and apply different passwords to all content so that personal information is always secure and never leaked.

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Manage your apps on the go with ease.

The application provides users with the best user experience by using complete and perfect interface designs. However, it can manage all applications with extremely high efficiency by eliminating or uninstalling fixed applications that the system cannot interfere with. It also aids them in shutting or stopping applications that are running in the background to maximize system performance and get the best results when applying several processing approaches to many apps.

Fancy Cleaner is an innovative application with many useful features which streamlines everyone’s experience and new potential. The most amazing and thrilling aspect is the multitasking capabilities, which allow customers to freely operate without worry of unanticipated assaults.

key features

It’s a good tool for cleaning out all of the trash files in less than a minute and focusing on the unprocessed files that have been sitting around for an extended period of time.
This device analyzes your memory usage and then executes certain actions with large files that take up a lot of space.
The best gaming laptops will have an abundance of faster RAM. -> To improve the entire system and overload its performance,
This program prevents users from visiting dangerous sites and removing infected files.
Lock the apps to increase security and manage the files with interactions that are both easy and fun, Keep your device clean and uncluttered.

What's new

New feature of Wi-Fi Security

1. 👍 Fewer Ads
2. More powerful Antivirus
3. Clean more junk


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