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Shadow Wartime is a one-of-a-kind, mobile tactical 2.5D online shooter with survival elements and an emphasis on realism. The action of the game unfolds within the abandoned city of Shadov and its environs. In the territory of Shadov there is fighting between several warring factions, which seek to seize as much land as possible to increase the power and influence of their group in the region. Chaos and anarchy in the vicinity of the city has attracted many looters, bandits and thrill seekers. Also the conflict did not ignore the mercenaries, who despite the dangerous status of the territory and the war between the groups rushed into the depths of Shadov for their own profit. You have to be in the role of a mercenary and test yourself in order to get rich and, above all, to survive. In addition, you are faced with the choice of joining one of the territorial factions or try your luck alone. Can a mercenary sacrifice a lot, for the sake of money or does he have an entirely different goal?
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Mar 24, 2023
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Do you want to join the fierce fight for resources in Escape from Shadow Mod Apk, an exciting action game that mixes shooting elements? The battles in this action game follow the narrative. You take on the role of a mercenary in these fights. Dangerous combats are ahead of you. It happens at night in a location with no illumination. Missions for natural resources are also included. You must battle to defend yourself; only destroying your adversary may ensure your survival.

The game will only be available for a limited time. Once its supply has run out, you’ll have the option to sell or trade your items for gold. You may earn money thanks to the collected resources. The new game was published by the publisher on the mobile gaming market, according to him. All of the features, however, are still incomplete. There may be bugs or minor faults in gameplay from time to time, causing problems.

About Escape from Shadow Mod Apk

Escape from Shadow Mod Apk has always won for us. This new strategy game is benefitting greatly from the players, especially in terms of new gameplay. Players must be able to utilize the skills they already have and build an army that is strong. More precisely, it would assist if you could ensure that we had a way to take advantage of our strengths in order to develop an effective attack strategy. With the ability to capture territory with resources on it, be continuously the most powerful power.

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Strategy development

We must now develop a strong force. This army will make completing the challenge a breeze for you, especially if you have the ability and bravery to participate in all of the major challenges. Escape from Shadow requires that you lead your troops on the correct path so that they may quickly gain more victories.

When you have confidence in your position, it’s time to create a clear plan. Both sides are two formidable forces that no one can overpower. As a result, we must devise a solid strategy to counter the opposing army. To combat the most powerful, players must marshal all of their resources and develop sophisticated weapons.

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Mystery area

In an abandoned area on the ground, the tale of Escape from Shadow Mod Apk begins. There is no light in this location; everything is pitch black. However, it contains a significant amount of uncommon resources. This has provided many entities with opportunities to develop their own. The two most powerful nations have laid claim to this enigmatic region.

Sparking a war to break out. Despite the risk in the midst of the world’s two greatest powers’ fight. There are still a number of forces at work. Mercenary teams funded by the major nations started operating. In order to gain access to valuable resources in the newly discovered region, opponents must be destroyed.

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Complete the quests

You play as a mercenary in Escape from Shadow Mod Apk. A member of one of the two major powers’ fighting forces. There is a mission to participate in the war in the dark zone and gather resources. At the same time, this is also an arena battle. Mercenaries can spring out of nowhere from the shadows. You must drive off the opponent to ensure that no more people emerge from hiding. By eliminating everyone who appears

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This is a topic that is underrepresented. Everything takes place in the dark. A certain distance can be determined using the laser light on the gun. After eliminating all opponents and gathering resources, you must discover the glowing door to leave. The mission will be completed after you pass through it; you may now begin another conflict.

escape from shadow mod apk all unlocked

Various weapon systems

The main improvement is that the character in Escape from Shadow Mod Apk has a variety of different sorts of goods. Helmet, armor, headset, backpack, major weapon, and secondary weapon are all included. It’s possible to obtain the needed equipment through either crafting or purchasing it on the black market. Increasing one’s health and combat ability is also an option after that.

The character’s looks, on the other hand, were altered. Furthermore, the game has a wide range of weapons. With a variety of firearms to select from. Coins acquired or completed resource gathering missions may be used to buy weapons. Many distinctive guns can be unlocked by equipping the figure.

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Download Escape from Shadow Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) at With this, you can buy anything you want in the game. Craft or purchase the best equipment to help you survive and escape from the shadow now.

What's new

Item parameter changes and bug fixes

• Innovations
- Added new weapons
(PPK-42, PLC, IZH-43 Shotgun, VSSK Exhaust, VSSM, AK-104)
- Added new magazines for TOZ-106
- Bots have learned to use weapons loaded from packs of cartridges
- The supply does not disappear if the place in the inventory has run out


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