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Apr 27, 2023
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Email Aqua Mail is an innovative and highly secure application that helps you manage your email accounts. This is the perfect program for you if you want to keep track of all information in emails thoroughly and clearly. You’ll have the ability to connect and link email messages quickly and routinely with this software. Do not wait any longer to discover how useful and appealing it is.

  • Email Aqua Mail Mod Apk

We guarantee the privacy and security of all our users.

Aqua Mail will help and satisfy all users in keeping their critical private information safe. Anytime you use an app, it’s important to be aware of how private your information is. That is why this program is ready to serve you and ensure that all data or information are in your email. Furthermore, it also changes the gun and provides users with a few of the most recent encryption protocols. In particular, literature or files that are unable to be accessed by anyone except you because it has a password needing several authentication steps for viewing purposes.Email Aqua Mail free android

Easily manage your account and settings.

Email Aqua Mail makes it easy for you to manage and understand each message in your account, so you can save time.      You will have great control over your messages with our user-friendly management interface. You can easily edit, delete, or add new messages and conversations as you see fit. This way, you can stay on top of all your communication in the most efficient way possible!

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The maker of Email Aqua Mail has designed a simple and gentle user interface with two or three colors combined, essentially conveying the key information. Users will be able to read and comprehend all information more easily and quickly than ever before. Furthermore, you may modify them with a few easy swipes, because all the data may be selected and sent with a single click. This saves you a lot of work and time.Email Aqua Mail mod apk free android


You have the right to change and resend your text if it’s too small, feeble, or hard to read at Email Aqua Mail. Furthermore, you pick a pleasant color for it. You are free to choose and color correct the text in order to make it complete and impress many people based on each person’s design style and thinking.

There is also an attachment section, where you may attach a link, an image, or any other type of lesson file to send along with the message. Furthermore, writing emails correctly is considered a soft skill that must be learnt. It’s critical to have many subjects and clear, logical sentences in your email when communicating with someone.Email Aqua Mail mod free android


Manage as many accounts as you like

S/MIME certificates allow you to send and receive encrypted or signed emails, which prevents data leaks and phishing threats.

Push for Exchange ensures that your corporate email is delivered immediately.

With this email service, you can use as many aliases as you want.

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Move messages from one folder to another.

EML files can be opened and saved using the Open & Save command.

You may set the priority of a notification at any time.

Delete any unnecessary folders to clear up space on your computer.

Remove the Aqua Mail promotional signature in outgoing emails

Warranty is not applicable.Email Aqua Mail free android app


  • The Smart Folder feature allows you to see all messages from your different accounts in one place, organized based on category, time, or date. You can also specify which message parts (for example, account and folder names) should be visible.
  • Contacts and calendar synchronization for Exchange and Office 365 is compatible with any Calendar app or widgets.
  • Home screen widgets are handy features that provide quick access to your most important emails. Quickly check your most essential emails with Text to voice, Message counter, Simple write, and Quick write.
  • The integration of Android Wear smartwatch makes it possible to read and respond to emails right from your wrist.
  • Emails can be saved as PDF files or printed from the phone.
  • It is also possible to create threads with each email account using a single signature.
  • Using a file or popular cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive
  • If you want to save your battery, consider using night or weekend mode.

What's new

• This Aqua Mail version is fully adapted to work with Android 13



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