Boom Beach Frontlines MOD APK
Huge 9v9 Battles in the Boomuda Triangle!
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Nov 23, 2022
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Boom Beach Frontlines MOD APK, you’re able to team up with nine other players and shoot your way through the enemy lines. The game focuses on tactics, vehicles, and teammates typical of this genre. Stop waiting and create a team so that you can explore space and participate in interstellar battles! As soon as you can, try to upgrade HQ and unlock new armies with bigger payloads.

Introduce Boom Beach Frontlines MOD APK

Boom Beach Frontlines MOD APK is an action-packed adventure game from Space Ape Studios and Supercell. In the game, you play as a gang leader trying to protect your gang while fighting off a rival group of enemies. The gameplay is similar to Brawl Stars and Clash Royale, with packed battles that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Boom Beach Frontlines MOD APK is a game set in the previous Boom Beach that Supercell released many years ago. It still has thousands of players today because of its great graphics and engaging gameplay. The new features in this installment are a refreshing change of pace and the controls during battle are much simpler.

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Boom Beach Frontlines MOD APK

Highligt features of Boom Beach Frontlines MOD APK

Form a 9-member team to fight together

Boom Beach Frontlines MOD APK is your chance to experience the terrifying battles held in real time. Before starting the wars, form a 9-member army and participate in regular 9v9 battles. They happen in real-time and never end. Each time you go further than each level, the pace and difficulty of each fight will increase gradually.

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9v9 battles in Boomuda’s Triangle

Space Ape Games and Supercell have outdone themselves with this all-new multiplayer 9v9 strategy action game! You can team up with your friends or go solo. Drive a Tank into an enemy Base or sneak in with a Sniper to take control of your Troops and Vehicles! Set up your Defenses quickly in fast-paced tactical, team-play, and strategic battles!

Boom Beach Frontlines MOD

Massive team battles!

Collaborate with your team to develop a strategy that’ll ensure you come out on top! Leave the competition in the dust and claim victory!

Unlock and upgrade

Choose your army wisely and upgrade your troops, vehicles, power-ups, and defenses to create the ultimate fighting force!

Explore the Mysterious Islands

Build your base on one of the islands in the Bermuda Triangle, and then travel to the other islands to solve their puzzles.

Dynamic battlefield

There are 20 unique maps to battle on, so you’ll never get bored! You’ll face off against dangerous volcanoes, ice storms and Dr. T’s minions, so you always have to be careful! Use your enemies’ own forces against them to ensure victory!

Beach Pass

With a Seafaring Pass upgrade, receive new content monthly!

Be a hero!

Rank higher than your friends in Boomuda’s Global Leaderboard!

Use powerful weapons and strategic combinations to win the battle

Boom Beach: Frontlines is not only an action-packed game, but it also requires strategic thinking, making it the perfect game to help you develop both physically and intellectually. If you want to show off your skills as a sniper, now’s your chance. Before any big or small war commences, players must choose weapons and delegate them to their army. Make sure they’re durable and have great attack power so that you’ll be more likely to win the battle. Having a foolproof strategy is also key!

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Download Boom Beach Frontlines MOD

Unlock, and collect a lot of equipment, a powerful army

There are many factors that make this game so popular among gamers. When it provides you with multiple opportunities to participate in battles and develop your skills, you will need to collect and unlock various chest boxes during the battle. These chests can contain many surprises, such as unique gifts like protective equipment, weapons, new troops, or other powerful items… they can also be vehicles like tanks that you will control and use on the battlefields.

Combine with friends and other games to destroy other armies

Why wait any longer? Search for and invite your friends and other gamers to join your team in this game. In order to win, you must form an army large enough to compete and participate in the matches. Then, you can sweep away all other competition. When creating various playgroups, it is essential to remember that each member of your team has unique strengths and skills. They can help and combine strength together when needed, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

With your power, fight and progress to the top of the leaderboard

In addition to the teams that are already set up in the levels, players can also compete against each other in many different events in Boom Beach: Frontlines. Whether it’s a personal war or one on the battlefield, you should always present yourself as a strong and experienced warrior. Climb to the top of the ranks by defeating all your enemies on the field with your own strength.

Main features of the game

  • Forge an impenetrable force by enlisting up to 9 fellow warriors to fight alongside you in intense battles that occur in real-time.
  • This game is the perfect combination of shooter and strategy genres; players need to calculate the best moves quickly and efficiently.
  • Collect a variety of rare, powerful items and vehicles by taking advantage of this opportunity.
  • With continuously refreshed maps every 4 hours, you’ll be able to triumph in any battle location.
  • Join forces with friends and gamers worldwide to create the most powerful army and win all big and small battles.

What's new

Available October, 2022

- Performance improvements - overall, load times should be faster!
- 4 New Player Levels with new Cards to unlock
- New Balance changes and other tweaks and fixes



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